White Gorilla Tape Vs Duct Tape – Which Comes Unstuck?

White Gorilla Tape

False economy is when you buy a cheap item to do a job and it fails. You then need to buy the original item you’d looked at, but decided against, based on price. We are all guilty of it at some point in our lives, although sometimes it is due to what is available at the time, I guess.

Why white, you may ask? I needed to patch up a joint on some aluminium, on a joint. There’s nothing worse than seeing black tape around white pipes is the basic answer to this. It looks a mess, it looks nasty. So after we needed a quick repair, we made the mistake of hopping in the car, down to the local store and buying some cheap unbranded duct tape. Patched up the job, but after it rained a couple of times we noticed this cheap tape was coming off easily. So I decided I needed to up my game and I ordered online a roll of Gorilla. I replaced the cheap stuff with this and it’s still intact.

You’re able to cut to size, as with any tape. What I really liked about this brand is you can also tear it by hand. This surprised me, considering how strong the tape is.

White Gorilla Tape

The problem with many adhesive tapes is that they won’t work on uneven or rough surfaces. As these tend to crop up during a large variety of construction tasks and DIY projects, Gorilla tape has been particularly developed to stick the “unstickable”. In a comparison of Gorilla tape vs duct tape, the duct tape works well on smoother surfaces and is quite water resistant. Gorilla tape is more appropriate for irregular exteriors, offering an extremely tough and durable seal. We also found the Gorilla to be better resistant to moisture.  As well as developing highly regarded tape, the manufacturer also designs and markets a good range of other Gorilla products, including Gorilla tools.

Gorilla Tape vs Duct Tape – Both Available Here

If you are looking for high performance Gorilla products, quickly delivered and reasonably priced, then here where they will be delighted to supply you. With stocks of thousands of items from the big names in the world of construction. All retailing at heavily discounted prices. Use the search facility to narrow down your choice of Gorilla hand tools or other products. Browse the pages to see the wide selection of products that are provided. The options are available to connect either through your tablet, smartphone, or on your computer. Now you can start shopping for all your DIY needs and much more.

Free Delivery of Gorilla Tape Via Prime

Provided that you purchase using the Prime option, you’ll get your delivery free! Yes, this means you are not having to pay to get your order delivered to your door. Doesn’t matter if it’s your home, your workshop or wherever you need your tape. If you don’t need or want White Gorilla Tape, then you can also get Black. Want more choice try an eye catching his viz ‘Blaze Orange’. I’ve also bought some double sided tape which works exceptionally well.

I’ve found that Gorilla Tape will last a lot longer than regular duct tapes when it comes in contact with moisture. Great news, which means I am not having to replace it. This saves me money in the long run too.

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White Gorilla Tape Vs Duct Tape – Which Comes Unstuck?

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