Vitamix 5200 vs 7500 Blenders Compared.

Vitamix 5200 vs 7500: Which is Best?


Let’s look at Vitamix 5200 vs 7500 blenders, because this brand rocks! When on the hunt for a blender for your home kitchen, you’ll need to do your research. Not only on the brands but, also within your own home, taking a look and realizing the majority of what you use it for. This is because some top of the line blenders can fall on the more expensive side, making you wonder if all of the added bells and whistles are worth the added hit to your wallet.


This is why we’ve selected two of the very best, though they come from the same brand. When you compare Vitamix models, it gets a little difficult. Each and every blender comes with the obvious quality that comes with each Vitamix product with a few unique features. We are talking about the 5200 and 7500, two blenders that come with a lot to brag about. Which one of these wins our pick and why? We will let you know. But, before that, we’ll take a look at each one and put them head to head to see which one is the clear front-runner and why.


Vitamix 5200 Blender


The Vitamix 5200 blender is a top of the line blender with a ton of power in the inside. Yet, on the outside, it doesn’t look intimidating and fits into any cabinet. It has a sleek design with a black base and silver fixings that add a sophisticated air and a durable plastic container. This blender is a great option for both home and restaurant kitchens, as it can be used for just about anything.

A few of the features that we’d like to spotlight are:


  • Speed controls that can be turned before and during blending
  • A plastic container with 64-ounce holding capacity
  • Intelligent cooling system with cooling fans to avoid overheating
  • Blades constructed from high-quality stainless steel
  • Blade heating feature that heats liquids fast
  • Easy self-cleaning system


Vitamix 7500 Blender


When you first lay eyes on this blender, you’ll probably be thinking it’s just like any other. It looks small, sleek and compact plus, fits into just about any space in your kitchen. But, once you see the features, you start to realize that this is far from ordinary, packed with power and the potential to blend up just about anything. From nutritious smoothies to homemade ice cream to steaming hot soups, this blender can do it all.


Key notable features include:


  • Ten total speeds to choose from
  • Pulse with 120V and 12 Amps creates a variety of textures
  • 64-ounce container perfect for large batches
  • Aircraft-grade blades crafted from stainless steel
  • The self-cleaning feature that takes just a few seconds


Battle of the Models


Obviously, each blender comes backed by the Vitamix name which says a lot. On top of that, there is an obvious quality that comes with each blender, especially since each comes backed by the Vitamix 7-year warranty. Apart from these commonalities, there are another few other features that are exactly the same. Both come with the super-fast heating blades made of stainless steel. Both have a self-cleaning system that takes only a few drops of soap and a few quick pulses. They even have the same holding capacity of 64 ounces.


Where we start to see the difference in features are things like speed variation of which the 7500 has ten. This version also has the pulse option, something that helps create all kinds of textures. These features are great to have in a blender and cause a difference in price. While each is priced around average, the 7500 is a little more than the 5200.


While it comes down to the type of blender you want and need in your kitchen, there is a difference in their rating also that could possibly be of better help when making your choice. When skimming through the Vitamix 7500 reviews, they landed number 40 in countertop blenders and 4.6 out of 5 stars on their overall ratings. Of course, the price was an area of debate, as some might not see the value in a few of the features. Others claim that it is worth the investment and are completely satisfied with the blender. The 5200 placed number 22 in countertop blenders and received 4.7 out of 5 stars. While there were some reviews about faulty parts and packaging, most of them claim to love this blender plus, it has a higher stance out of thousands of other countertop blenders.


What’s the Best Vitamix Model?


It is not tough to choose between other brands and Vitamix for the obvious quality that comes with each and every product. What is difficult is choosing between two different models that are top of the line. We did choose a winner but, we would like to make something clear; it depends on how you use it. For us, and we love the kitchen, we chose one blender over the other because it gave us all that we needed and a few added perks. The other, though it caught our attention, was a little too much blender for our uses, making the difference in price not worth it.


So, what’s our pick? It was none other than the 5200. It is a supercharged blender with amazing features that don’t come with a hike in price. It comes with the same exact warranty and materials as that of the 7500, which was the reason for our choice. That is not to say that we had a hard time not selecting the 7500. It is a hefty piece of machinery that has those few little extras that put a smile on your face. Still, for the same quantity of substance and the same high-quality materials, you can get a heck of a blender that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


A blender like the Vitamix should be seen as an investment piece. It is meant to become a part of your kitchen, there to help you make crafty culinary items that will have your guest oohing and awing. For that, the Vitamix 5200 is a great choice, and our pick for the best of the best.

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Vitamix 5200 vs 7500 Blenders Compared.

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