Sennheiser Are They The Best Audiophile Headphones On The Market?


 Sennheiser HD 660 S VS LyxPro OEH-10: Which One is The Best Audiophile Headphones Brand?


If you are obsessive about high-quality sound reproduction and if good acoustics is very important to you, I am sure you are an audiophile like me.

Only a true-blue audiophile understands the real value of best quality audiophile headphones. Good sound quality matters to all music buffs, but it is the high fidelity or HiFi audio that sets apart the audiophile headphones from all of the other headphones available on the market.

A good quality audiophile headphone is the epitome of an incredible sound clarity without the most minor treble spikes or bass roll-offs. Like most other audiophiles, I prefer to use Hi-Fi headphones.

Unlike all other headphones, these headphones provide every tiny sound detail and sometimes also help accentuate it. As a self-proclaimed audiophile, I think of my headphones as a sound room around my ears. All I find in this space is my sound and me, nothing else.

LyxPro OEH-10 best audiophile headphones

LyxPro OEH-10 best audiophile headphones or not?

What to look for while buying audiophile headphones?


If you are considering investing in an audiophile headphone, the first and quintessential preference for all audiophiles is the sound clarity and noise reduction.


That said, it is equally important to consider comfort and proper fit. What is the use of buying the best audiophile headphone if you are going to feel uncomfortable wearing them for long hours?


Also, consider your usage type at the time of buying an audiophile headphone.


For instance, are you looking for an audiophile headphone for home use or portable use? Are you going to use it while you are relaxing or are you looking for a headphone which you can use while you work out in the gym?


The two very popular headphones among audiophiles are the Sennheiser HD 660 S and the LyxPro OEH-10. Let’s find out more about each of these headphones.


Sennheiser HD 660 S Review:


Made with cutting edge Sennheiser technology, the Sennheiser HD 660 S succeeds its popular predecessor HD 650. Like all Sennheiser headphones, the Sennheiser HD 660 S  is every audiophile’s fantasy.  If you ask me, “Is Sennheiser a good brand headphone?” I would say, “Undoubtedly, YES!”


The Sennheiser HD 660 S is an open-back headphone. They are perfect for indoor activities like listening to music and watching TV without any external disturbance. They are lightweight and perfect for wearing for long durations. I simply love their elliptical shaped ear cups that fit perfectly to the contours of my ears. And the thick ear cup padding and headband ensures that I can comfortably wear them for hours together without even a hint of discomfort.

If you are as passionate about music clarity as I am, you are sure to fall in love with Sennheiser HD 660 S, thanks to its 150Ω sound impedance. It is the just the right audiophile headphone with its perfect bass effects coupled with natural treble clarity.


With its powerful sound effect, I can simply lose my self in the world of music. Did you know that it comes with hand-selected transducers that ensure unrivaled accuracy and sound effects?


Another great feature of the Sennheiser HD 660 S is its added adaptability feature. It comes loaded with two connection cables, a 6.35 mm (with 3.5 mm adaptor) stereo plug which is perfect for use with my tablet, smartphone and laptop and another 4.4 mm stereo plug (Pentaconn balanced) which works great with my professional system.


I really value the beauty of my headphones. For me, attractive looks of my headphone are as important as its functionality. And I simply love their open-back design that offers a sneak peek into its driver mountings through the grille at the rear side of the ear cup.


They really are an incredible pair of headphones to own. I only wish they were a little more affordable.


LyxPro OEH-10 Review:

LyxPro OEH-10 are considered great value for money, for the quality of the Hi-Fi headphone set. This gem is every audiophile’s dream come true. I think they are just perfect for the hi-fidelity sound experience that audiophiles like me wish for.

Though they provide a sound impedance of only 54ohms, the sound clarity is unreal. The open-air design coupled with 90° rotating ear cups provides for not only natural sounds but also a transparent and crisp sound experience. For a headphone set that has a 45mm aperture and a frequency range of 15-30KHz is very suitable for the audiophile in me.

I simply love the high fidelity sound experience on my LyxPro OEH-10. Though it doesn’t offer complete sealing of outside noise, I like the experience of the minuscule ambient noise seeping through it for a more realistic feel. At times, it feels as if I am listening to a live music performance.

I really rank it high on the comfort quotient. It is lightweight, measuring less than 0.9 lbs and comes with first-class cushioned leather ear pads.

I also like its adjustable headband with leather cushions which makes it suitable for wearing for long hours. It also offers interchangeable foam for ear-pads for better durability and comfort.

The LyxPro OEH-10 affords me portability and movement. I can easily move around with the help of its 8 feet cable. It’s perhaps mention-worthy that both the 3.5 mm and ¼” variant is gold-plated for added durability. With the help of their carrying case, I can store them safely while traveling.

The LyxPro OEH-10 is both pretty and durable. I’ve often met people who mistake them for $250 headphones. With its super affordable pricing, I think all-in-all they are a great buy for audiophile beginners.


The only downbeat to this great audiophile headphone is its fixed cable. I would also have preferred a detachable cable for greater portability.

Sennheiser Are they the best audiophile headphones on the market?

Sennheiser Are they the best audiophile headphones on the market?


Choosing between the Sennheiser HD660S and LyxProx OEH-10: Final Word


If my buying budget permits me, I would definitely pick the Sennheiser HD 660S over the LyxPro OEH-10. Due to its cutting edge German technology, the Sennheiser is the best headphone brand for audiophiles.

Though it can burn a hole through your pocket, there is no comparing the sound experience that the Sennheiser HD660S offers to its users. Every time I put on my  Sennheiser HD660S, I find myself gliding through the magical world of music.

I would rather own one good headphone than having many ordinary ones. And that good one is definitely my Sennheiser HD660S. yes I like this brand, I covered this here comparing Sennheiser vs Bose.

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Sennheiser Are They The Best Audiophile Headphones On The Market?

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