Pur vs Brita Which Is Better For Great Water?

Pur vs Brita — Which of them offers better quality drinking water for your home?

My mom has imbibed in me the importance of clean drinking water since I was a child. She would take enormous efforts to ensure we got clean drinking water. I’ve grown up with an equal obsession for good quality drinking water.

Water filter pitchers or carafes are an easy solution for better quality drinking water at home. They help remove pollutants, chemicals, and disease-causing bacteria without requiring tedious time-consuming filtration processes.

I usually rely on water carafes like Pur or Brita for healthy drinking water. And it’s quite a challenge to decide which one to use. The battle of Pur Vs. Brita is pretty common in my home. We carried out a Brita & Pur water filter review, read on for the outcome.

What to look for while buying water filter jugs?


It can be quite tricky to buy a water filter jug.  Finding the best water purifier pitcher can be a challenge, as there are so many products. We check out 2 of the better-known products. These represent reliable brands.


Here are some parameters that need to be considered before buying a water filter jug:


  • Size and Capacity:

Compare the storage shelf of your refrigerator with the size of the pitcher. If the pitcher is too big to fit in your refrigerator shelf, it defeats the purpose of buying it.


  • Duration:

It is important to consider the time the pitcher takes to filter the water. You don’t want to end up with a carafe that takes forever to filter water.


  • Holding Capacity:

A regular pitcher works fine for a family of four, but you may need a larger one if you have more family members.


  • Filter Life:

Invest in long-lasting filters if you are looking for a cost-effective solution.


  • Replacement Indicator:

I prefer to buy water purifying jugs with an electronic replacement indicator that lets me know when I need to replace the filter.

Pur Vs. Brita PUR 11 Cup Ultimate Pitcher with LED & Lead Reduction Filter

PUR 11 Cup Ultimate Pitcher Review:


The Pur 11 Cup pitcher is great for removing lead content from the water. I was amazed to find out that Pur 11 Cup Pitchers come with a WQA certification specifying that it is capable of eliminating 99% lead content.


It has a superior quality Maxion Filter technology that removes harmful contaminants from seemingly clean looking water.


A Pur Pitcher uses a state-of-the-art combination of activated carbon and ion exchange to successfully remove contaminants like lead, and mercury. With a Pur Pitcher at home, I am not worried about the harmful effects of contaminated water on my family. Having good quality water purifying jug like the PUR pitcher protects my family from liver damage, kidney disease, and cancer.


It is quite easy to use as well.  All I need to do is soak the filter for about fifteen minutes, flush it well, and it is ready to be fitted to the pitcher. And with a capacity of approximately 30 gallons, I can easily use a single filter for about a couple of months without worrying about a replacement.


Also, I don’t need to worry about remembering to replace the filter. Its electronic filter indicator lights up the filter status notifying me that it needs a replacement. A Pur filter is not that heavy on the pocket like other water filters. With the rising cost of living, at least I don’t need to worry about the cost of water in my home.


I’ve also realized that PUR is great for removing chlorine and other odors that we usually find in the water. It has a perfectly designed spout cover that prevents smells and particles from entering the filtered water.

PUR water tastes great. It’s that satisfying taste that you get from fresh natural water, without any added chemicals.

My kids simply love the PUR pitcher. It has a comfort grip handle that makes it easy for them to handle the pitcher even when it is full.

The only drawback to this product is, at times, I feel it takes a little longer to carry out the filtration process.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review:

I’ve been using the Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher for a while. I am quite satisfied with the quality of water filtered from this BPA free pitcher. There’s also a considerable difference in the taste of Brita filtered water and regular water. With Brita, water tastes like spring water, without the irritating taste of chlorine.

I tested the impurities in our water and realized that Brita filters are really important for maintaining healthy RO standards in the water as they remove impurities like mercury, copper, cadmium, and other impurities from water.

The large 10-cup capacity is ideal for my family. The filter definitely lasts for a little over two months, which is just about standard. There is a sticker filter indicator that shows me when to have the filter replaced.

It is quite easy to fill the pitcher. I like the locking lid that makes it really convenient to refill the pitcher. It’s smart looking and easily fits into the side compartment of my refrigerator.

Overall, the Brita is a great water purifying jug. The only flipside to the Brita is the carbon residue that can be found in the filter after the first few times of use.

Brita vs Pur - Brita Grand

Pur Vs. Brita: Final Word 

I was so annoyed at the Pur Vs. Brita debate in my household, that I decided to put an end to this daily drama.  I researched several Pur vs Brita consumer reports to answer the question that everyone asks, “Is Brita better than Pur?”

Well, according to me and most of the Pur vs Brita consumer reports that I researched, Pur is better than Brita.

Pur uses a three-tier filtration process and is able to remove even the tiniest of impurities. It has an edge over Brita at removing chemicals, pollutants, and pharmaceutical waste. Even the taste of Pur is marginally better than Brita. Since Pur has an additional filtration process, it takes a little bit more time in water refilling. Both fared equally well on the replacement cost and interval. And a great thing about Pur is that all models come equipped with an electronic replacement indicator, while some Brita models have only a sticker indicator.

And best of all, my mom also loves the Pur ultimate water pitcher!

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Pur vs Brita Which Is Better For Great Water?

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