Pressurized Growler Reviews GrowlerWerks uKeg Vs NutriChef

Which Is The Best Pressurized Growler For Your Beer?


Most long-time beer drinkers have a glass growler as a sort of souvenir from their favorite brewery, including myself. But, as far as practical use is concerned, glass growlers leave a lot to be desired.


Sure, they’re reusable and can last forever (unless you drop one), however, regular growlers can’t stop your beer from tasting flat and warm after a while. So if you’re sitting down in front of the tv to watch sport and want a beer, here’s our 2 suggestions.


Thankfully, beer-lovers can find salvation in the form of a pressurized growler. These wonderful mobiles kegs can not only help you transform your homebrewed beer into a carbonated delight, but they’re also insulated – which means you can always look forward to a cold glass of beer.


That’s why I’ve decided to do a GrowlWerks uKeg Vs. NutriChef Mini Keg review – for all my fellow beer fans out there – to see which pressurized beer growler comes out on top.

What To Look For In A Pressurized Beer Growler

If you’re a newbie to the world of kegerators, then you’re going to want to pay attention to this section. Selecting the best pressurized growler to suits your needs isn’t rocket science, but there are a few ins and outs you should be aware of before you go browsing for one.


Here’s what you should watch out for particularly:

●      Holding Capacity/Size

Beer growlers have been around since the 1800s, and like all things that have stood the test of time – they’ve evolved.


This means when you go out to purchase a mini-keg, you’re going to find yourself spoiled for choice. But, to get your hands on the keg of your dreams, you need to be clear about your requirements.


Once upon a time, the 64-ounce keg was the standard size for growlers. But, when the pressurized growlers came around, demand for large growlers grew. So, you can easily find a mini-keg in various sizes.


All you have to do is consider mobility and space restrictions. Are you looking for a keg you can take with you on camping trips, or do you want a keg to throw a beer bust? Not to mention, you’ll want to consider where you want to place the keg – on a table or counter, or do you want to store the keg in the basement?

●      Construction

Most beer growlers nowadays are constructed from three different materials – stainless steel, porcelain, and glass.


Glass growlers are still pretty common, but they’re not pressurized. However, if you want, you can purchase a pressurization kit for your glass growler to enjoy carbonated beer. Though, you’ll still have to struggle with maintaining the temperature of your beer because of lack of insulation.


Porcelain growlers are a lot like glass growlers and there are kits available to fit on these types of kegs as well.


Stainless steel growlers are a favorite of mine because they offer the benefits of carbonation, insulation, and they’re very durable too.

●      Faucet Type

When it comes to faucet types, you may have to choose between the party tap or the regular beer faucet.


A party tap comes along with a beer line and the tap is generally easier to grab and operate. But, if you don’t mind the foam, then you may want to give this tap a miss.


On the other hand, beer faucets are easier to maintain, and can generally be detached to clean. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the beer line of any residue with these things. Also, you’ll find beer faucets last longer than party taps, which you have to replace over time.

●      Price Range

When it comes to consumer products, the caveat is – more features equal a higher price range, and pressurized beer growlers are no different.


That’s why you should be pretty clear about the amount you’re willing to spend on a mini-keg. It’s not like economical beer growlers won’t get the job done, but the more high-priced pressurized mini-kegs will offer you better features that can prolong the life and quality of beer.

Comparing The Growlwerks uKeg With The NutriChef Mini-Keg

Alright, people – this is where the fun begins. I only hope you have as much fun reading this review as much as I have testing out these products.


I’ve decided to review the uKeg and the Mini-Keg side-by-side based on different features to make things easier for my readers. So let’s get on with it without wasting any more time.

Appearance & Construction

●    GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

There’s no doubt that the uKeg is an attractive piece of equipment. It’s available in three colors: black chrome, stainless steel, and copper. While the pressurized growler looks great in all three color options, my favorite is the copper with its old-school vibes.


The Growlerwerks keg not only looks stylish, but it’s also extremely compact – which makes it super-easy to transport. The product is approximately 12 inches in height and weighs just about 6.75 lbs.


But, don’t let its size fool you because the uKeg has a holding capacity of one full-gallon – which adds up to around 16 glasses of beer. All in all, the growler with its tap handle and gauge looks rather classy and very well put-together.

●      NutriChef Mini-Keg

I’ve yet to get over the fact that NutriChef decided to make pressurized beer growlers – but I’m rather glad they did. There’s nothing vintage but the Mini-Keg with its streamlined look and matte powder-black coating. If there was ever a growler that screams ‘manly’, then this is pretty much it.


The NutriChef growler is around 17 inches in height – but that’s to be expected considering its elongated look. However, what truly surprised me was that the Mini-Keg has the same volume capacity as the uKeg, but weighs only 4.50 lbs. With its aluminum regulator and brass tap, the NutriChef growler is in a class of its own.

Features and Construction

●      Growlerwerks Pressurized Growler

The Growlerwerks pressurized keg has a bunch of excellent features, apart from its classic looks.


I mean, the keg may look like it belongs in the 18th century, but some of its specifications are definitely very 21st century indeed. For instance, the product boasts of an 18/8 stainless steel frame, along with double-wall construction.


Apart from that, it has an adjustable variable pressure regulation cap with an equally stunning gauge. And, let’s not forget the tube that lets you know the current holding volume, without the hassle of opening the top.


The uKeg can keep your beer effervescent and cool for up to two weeks, thanks to its durable double-wall insulation. Whereas, the locking dispenser cap helps keep spills to a minimum.


If you’re wondering about the CO2 supply, the uKeg’s pressure cap can house a 16-gram CO2 cartridge that you can control with a turn of your hand.


What I really like about the uKeg is the fact that you can swivel its faucet to the side when it’s not in use – which makes it easier to move around. On the whole, this brilliant pressurized growler is easy on the eyes, reliable, and very easy to operate.

●      The NutriChef PKBRTP110 Mini-Keg

The Mini-Keg’s compressed size may lead some to doubt its abilities – but NutriChef wasn’t kidding around when they decided to make this work of art.


I want to start off with the fact that the Mini-Keg can keep your beer fresh for up to 3 months. This product can give you a 90-day supply of fresh beer, which means, you could take this pressurized growler with you on a cross-country ride without any problems.


Another unique feature of the PKBRTP110 is its hexagonal cap. The hex cap is designed to keep your beer where it belongs with the added advantage of being easier to take off as opposed to a round cap. Round caps can be a little difficult to shake off under pressurized conditions.


If you’re a fan of Belgian or wheat beers, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that the regulator in the NutriChef Mini-Keg can go up to 30 PSI (which is the ideal CO2 volume for such beverages).


Oh, and did I mention that both the regulator and spout on this growler are detachable (under pressure). Talk about convenience. Once the regulator and spout are off, you can place this growler in your refrigerator to control the temperature when you’re at home or stick it an icebox while on the road.


Aside from all that, this product can work without a CO2 cartridge should you wish. A 16g cartridge of any brand will work with this growler. All you need to do for a CO2 supply is to screw on the cartridge into the regulator. There’s not much the NutriChef growler doesn’t have.

Pressurized Growler Final Judgement

If you’ve been with me so far, you’ll realize that both the uKeg and the Mini-Keg have a lot to recommend them. But, this isn’t the Kegerator showdown for nothing, which means – there can only be one winner.


You remember the caveat I mentioned earlier – about more features adding up to a higher price range? What if I told you that the winner of this showdown not only has more features than its counterpart but is also less pricey. Because that’s exactly what you can look forward to with the NutriChef Mini-Keg.


The NutriChef pressurized growler costs considerably less than the uKeg, but it offers quite a bit more. And, that’s exactly why the NutriChef Mini-Keg is the overall winner of this contest. Whether you’re a brewer or a beer enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this growler.

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Pressurized Growler Reviews GrowlerWerks uKeg Vs NutriChef

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