Porter Cable Vs DeWalt Drill Driver Wars

Porter Cable vs DeWalt Which Is the Better Drill Driver?

The right drill can make all the difference in your work. You not only need something that will get the job done but, also something that will help keep you comfortable even during long and pesky jobs. Cordless drills can provide this comfort and power, especially when designed by the top companies in the industry. So let’s compare Porter Cable Vs DeWalt and make a call on the better option.

Not all drills are created equal just like all jobs aren’t. While any old drill would do the job for small things around the house, a good drill kit comes with the power to build bigger and better using any type of material. Two big names in the business are Porter Cable and DeWalt, both with drills that create stiff competition. Before letting you in on our pick, we will take a look at specific features of each drill and see how they compare to one another. First up, let’s take a look at DeWalt.

DeWalt Compact 20V Max XR Brushless Drill/Driver

The DeWalt cordless drill comes with three total speed settings, each one helping to power through all kinds of jobs including wood and metal works. Super lightweight and compact, this DeWalt DCK299P2 was created to fit in all the tight spaces, embedded with grips to reduce kickback or tiring due to extended use. Included in the kit is an extra DeWalt 20v battery change, with a lithium ion charger so that there is always a charged battery ready and waiting for you.

Some more specific features include:

– 1,825 pounds of torque total
– 1.4” impact driver
– LED lighting with three intensities
– Wide range BRM from 0 to over 38,000
– Cordless and compact, designed for durability that will last

Porter Cable 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Drill Driver

The Porter Cable PCCK619L2 is a brushless driver with an extremely powerful motor. Enhanced for the toughest jobs, 1400 pounds in total torque are accompanied by 2700 RPMs to get the job done fast. Bit changes are easy with the added Quick-Change feature plus the compact and contoured design were created with users in mind, helping them to avoid fatigue and remain comfortable. Plus, the Porter Cable 20v battery comes with a charger and one extra to charge to keep the job going no matter how long it takes.


Other notable features of the Porter Cable 20v include:

– Lightweight setup
– Enhanced run time even through the toughest jobs
– Equipped with two speeds
– Two lithium ion batteries plus charger to keep the job going
– Comfortable cushioned hand grips with added comfort in mind.

Head to Head

Each of them sound great on their own but, is there one that rises above the other? In a comparison, there are a few differences that could help you in making your final decision between the two. To really get a good look at both and how they compare among the most important features, we’ve included a head to head on more specific features below.

Both are made with plastic and both include rubber fixtures for enhanced grip and comfort. The Porter Cable comes in at only 3.2 pounds while the DeWalt weighs in at 4.7 pounds.

The added weight to the DeWalt means added power, where it can provide up to 3,240 RPM. The max speed From the Porter Cable comes in at 2700. When looking at setting and possible speed options, the DeWalt comes with three total settings, where work with all kinds of materials is optimized. Porter Cable comes with two settings, one low and high.

Porter Cable Vs DeWalt

Run Time
Each kit comes with 2 batteries both of which are made from sustainable and long-lasting lithium ion material. Each is also combined with a charger for these batteries, to keep the charging and working going. Run time per battery will depend on the workload for which DeWalt has a larger range.

Price & Warranty

These drills each come from reputable companies that have been in the business for years. Both are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have added manufacturers warranties in the case of any mishaps or missing pieces. The DeWalt 20v drill setup is backed by a three-year limited warranty, which will replace missing or malfunctioning pieces or certain damages to the drill. Porter Cable comes with a limited warranty as well, however only for two years.

Last but most certainly not least is the price. Of the two drills, the DeWalt cordless drill 20v comes with a higher price, though both offer great value. Looking across the market, both kits fall in the average price range, making both great options depending on what types of jobs you’re using them for.

Dewalt DCK299P2

Our Pick Between Porter Cable Vs DeWalt

After our DeWalt and Porter Cable drill review we chose the one that stood out for us. While both are great, one is made for a wider range of jobs and has, on average, a longer run time than the other. For us, the Porter Cable drill combo came in close second to the DeWalt setup for a few reasons.

First of all, the three settings caught our attention as the number of uses are endless. Not to mention the added power that comes from the torque and speed that can power through just about anything. Plus, DeWalt 20v tools have a reputation for quality. One that is backed up by the company with a whopping three-year warranty. Apart from the technical stuff, the heavier setup was preferred, as it helped maintain a better grip when powering through sturdier materials to prevent kickback. All of these preferred features for a price slightly above the competition made it a pretty easy choice for us, especially if you’re used to using tools for all kinds of different jobs.

A good drill is like your right-hand man, always there in the nick of time. When you find a good one, the opportunities are endless, providing you with hours on end of power packed drilling abilities that can get any job done in no time.

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Porter Cable Vs DeWalt Drill Driver Wars

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