Note 8 Vs. Note 9: Which is Better?

Note 8 Vs. Note 9 Let’s See Which Comes Out On Top

It’s easy to see that Note 8 and Note 9 share a lot of features. The design and specs are mostly at the same core level. It makes sense if you’re a real Samsung enthusiast who follows its update cadence annually. However, Note 9 has some advantages over its predecessor when the question on which is better? We look at the Samsung Galaxy Note8 N950U 64GB and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4″ Screen and 128GB

Galaxy Note 9 has a leg up in these areas:

A slightly larger screen of 6.4 inches compared to Note 8’s 6.3 inches.

A bigger battery size which results in improved battery life. (4,000 mAh vs. 3,300 mAh)

Double storage that of Galaxy Note 8 at 128GB, meaning more music, videos, and pictures while worrying less about space.

A Bluetooth-enabled S Pen that allows remote control of the phone.

AI camera features enabling better captions compared to Note 8.

Faster processor and more RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Let’s dive into the details.

Design and Display

At first glance, it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. Even though Note 9 has a slightly bigger screen size at 6.4 inches vs. Note 8 at 6.3 inches, they have the same Infinity Display. The display is admittedly more beautiful and magnificent on Note 9 as compared to Note 8.

Moreover, Note 9 can produce an sRGB color gamut of 224 % as compared to Note 8’s 204%. Note 9, therefore, has a better resolution and more real captions!

There is no large disparity in their sizes. At 6.4 x 3 x 0.34 inches, Galaxy Note 9 is slightly larger than Galaxy Note 8 at 6.3 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches. Note 9 is also heavier by 0.2 ounces though you may never notice.

You will see the difference between Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 8 when you hold them in your hand. Note 9 is flat and feels more comfortable to carry as compared to Galaxy Note 8 that has a rounded body.

Note 8 vs Note 9: Battery Life

Samsung Note 9 battery has a larger battery size at 4000 mAh compared to its predecessor, Samsung Note 8 battery at 3300mAh. It dramatically translates into an improved battery life in Note 9, allowing you to go all day all night.

If you’re having issues with Samsung Note 8 battery, then battery life will be your main reason for upgrading to Note 9. It will be your savior!

Battery performance is dependent on typical use. Factors that may define battery life include the features selected in the phone, data, frequency of voice calls, among many other things.

Note 9 Vs Note 8: Storage

Note 9 beats Samsung Note 8 once again in the Storage feature by doubling its storage space at 128 GB. Note 8 comes with a storage space of 64 GB, which is not a bad option for those who love streaming and downloading just a few clips they find interesting.

Note 9’s storage space will make you excited. Its internal storage may go as much as 512GB allowing you to store as many videos and games as you can if you aren’t a fan of streaming. There is undoubtedly infinite room for storing anything you want!


Like Note 8, Note 9 also sports the 12MP Dual Rear Sensors. Samsung Note 8 was the first in Samsung smartphone line up to introduce dual rear cameras.

Note 9 takes on a new level. It has a variable aperture feature that is similar to that of Samsung S9. It allows the Camera to switch between apertures f/1.5 and f/2.4 depending on the shooting conditions. It allows for great captions in low-lit areas.

Moreover, Note 9 cameras have an AI feature that allows them to recognize what’s in their frame and adjust things such as white balance and saturation to produce a magnificent picture.

Because of this feature, Note 9 beats its predecessor when it comes to taking photos in low-lit areas. The AI feature allows the Camera to identify over 20 scenes and adjust itself to bring out the best image possible.

The S Pen Powers: Why is Note 9 Better?

Note 9 S Pen trumps Note 8 with its Bluetooth connectivity feature. You can take a shot with one hand using the S Pen on Note 9. The S Pen can open the camera app and click the shutter remotely. How beautiful this is for the selfie lovers!

The S Pen also has capabilities such as controlling music playback or managing PowerPoint presentations from your phone remotely.

However, the S Pen remains unchanged when it comes to drawing and writing. Wireless connectivity is what brings the superiority of Note 9 S Pen over Samsung Note 8.

note 8 vs note 9

Note 9 defeats Note 8 in Performance

Note 9 has the Snapdragon 845 processor, which has a performance edge over Samsung Note 8 Snapdragon 835 processor. The 845 processor presents a 25% performance boost from the predecessor’s 835 processor. It also delivers a 30% improvement in graphics compared to the Note 8 processor.

Note 9 has a similar 6 GB of RAM like Note 8 in its standard configuration. Another version of Note 9 comes with a RAM of 8 GB even though it’s more expensive and better in performance compared to the standard version.


Samsung issues a one-year warranty for its products, including the device, the battery, and other accessories such as the S Pen. The warranty period begins from the day you buy the product and, in this case, Note 8 and Note 9.


Which is better Note 8 vs Note 9 ?

Note 9 has better features compared to Note 8. It has an improved battery life, AI-enabled Camera, an S Pen with wireless connectivity, which allows you to control apps and better performance remotely.

Note 9 also feels comfortable in hand because it’s flat while its predecessor has a rounded body.

Even though Samsung Note 8 has a similar RAM of 6 GB to the standard Note 9 RAM, its performance is still behind. It uses the Snapdragon 835 Processor, while Note 9 uses Snapdragon 845 processor.

Note 9 supersedes Note 8 in many ways. However, don’t make an upgrade expecting to notice a huge difference!








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Note 8 Vs. Note 9: Which is Better?

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