Ninja vs Vitamix: The Champion of Blenders

Are all blenders created equal?  Well, that is what I set out to discover when I decided I wanted to make healthy breakfast options for my baby.  He loves having yogurt blended with fresh fruits and I love making enough so that he can share some with me.  I needed a blender that would be fast and efficient for our hectic morning schedule so that I can throw all ingredients in and go; that way I can start preparing school lunch for my daughter and get her out the door on time.  I decided I would compare two models (Ninja vs Vitamix) to see which fit my budget and my needs.

Ninja Professional blender specs:

      • 900 watts
      • 72 ounce pitcher with a pour spout
      • Crushes ice and whole fruits and vegetables
      • BPA free
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Frozen blending option

    Vitamix 7500 specs:

    • 2 HP motor
    • Low profile 64 ounce pitcher
    • Pulse feature
    • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system


The Ninja gets the job done and is very easy to use.  I love that I can throw whole ingredients into the blender and have a healthy, creamy breakfast in seconds.  An added bonus is the way the ninja turns ice intoninja-blender snow so easily.  Once I have the baby’s breakfast made I can take some out of the container, throw some ice in and voila – a smoothie for my daughter’s breakfast.

Power blending

The Ninja is so powerful that as well as ice it can handle frozen fruits with no effort.  This is a bonus in the winter when fresh fruits are more expensive and harder to come by.


The Ninja is very easy to clean as you do not have to disassemble it.  It is easy to remove from the base and can go straight to the dishwasher.

Ninja vs Vitamix Downfalls

It is difficult to blend ingredients to a smooth consistency.  Fruits stay a little chunky so smoothies are more like drinks with small fruit chunks in them.


The Vitamix is definitely a heavy duty blender that can do anything you want it to do; from smoothies to food prep to batter and dough it is a “do all” machine.  There are 10 settings on this machine so you can set
; it for whatever job you want.

Power blendingvitamix

The blade technology in the Vitamix allows for very smooth blending of all ingredients.  From fresh to frozen you will get a smooth blend every time.


This machine is self-cleaning in three easy steps –

  1. Add water and a little soap to the container
  2. Put the container on the base and turn the dial from the lowest setting to the highest where the power of the blender removes all residue from around the blades
  3. Pour out the water and rinse the container well

Vitamix vs Ninja Downfalls

The Vitamix is the Cadillac of blenders and is very pricey compared to some other models.  It also comes with a plastic container and if you are going to use it for soups and other meal prep a tempered glass container would be preferable to a plastic one.

Ninja vs Vitamix overall winner

For me, I am happy with a Ninja.  I am a mom who is in a hurry and my “extra” money right now goes toward my children’s extra-curricular activities as opposed to kitchen appliances.  The Ninja does the job I need it to do and since I only really use a blender for baby food and smoothies right now, I do not need a Cadillac.  The Ninja will easily make purees and smoothies with ingredients I like to use and foods that both of my children will eat.  It is quick and easy and clean-up is also simple.  Will I ever upgrade to a Vitamix?  Perhaps if I decide to use it for heavy duty jobs, when my kids move out and I have money to spend on me, or if I win the lottery!  For now, we will use the Ninja – the machine itself is more economical for a young family and we can make healthy and economical purees and smoothies rather than buying pre-made breakfast foods in the grocery stores.



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Ninja vs Vitamix: The Champion of Blenders

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