Marantz Vs Denon Which Is Music To Your Ears?

Marantz vs Denon But Which Do You Invest In?


Ever gotten lost in sound? Pieces of music hold scores of fluctuating sounds and rhythms that are like candy to the ears, leaving them satisfied yet, craving more. If you’re used to getting your ear sugar fix on just any old sound system, one that is enhanced for a broad range of sounds could heighten your entire experience. Sound systems these days are enhanced for listening pleasure, especially when teamed up with receivers, whether deeply immersed in a compelling classical piece or entertaining guests, a crisp, clear and solid sound has the power to take your experience to the next level.

The market today is surely flooded with options, and some good ones at that. This makes the decision difficult, requiring that you do some digging before choosing the receiver that works best for you and your sound system. We are here to attempt to make that decision a bit easier by highlighting two top notch receivers on the market.  We are talking Denon or Marantz, pointing out the features of each, comparing them, and finishing up with our pick.


Marantz 4K UHD AV Receiver SR6014 – 9.2 Channel


This digital surround sound system amplifier is a game changer. Made to enhance sounds from a wide range of sources including digital streaming, home theatres, and even vinyl, this amp is known to create elevated sound with high-resolution. Catch all the crisp undertones and rich and minuscule murmurs with the IMAX enhanced 110-Watt system.


Top features of this amp include:

  • 2 channels
  • Amazon Certified: Works with Alexa
  • 4K Ultra HD compatibility for video upscaling and pass-through.
  • Formats include IMAX, Dolby Atmos, HVT and DTS both X and Virtual X
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Compatible with top of the line voice recognition technologies like Alexa and Siri
  • Works well with streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix
  • Multiple room connectivity options with built in wireless HEOS



Denon AVR-X4500H Receiver – 9.2 Channel Amplifier


Denon is a superstar in the sound game well known for their innovative items. This system works extremely well with all of the top technologies of today including video, music, voice recognition devices and more. Create a unique experience all around the house thanks to wireless technology that allows for multiple connectivity. The Denon receiver is optimized for ease, coming with straightforward setup and user-friendly features.


Features of this piece include:

  • 2 channels each 125 Watt
  • 3D sound format integrations including IMAX, DTS:X, Auro-3D, and Dolby Atmos
  • 4:4:4 pure color sub-sampling for bright and clear picture
  • EQ calibration and advanced room measurement for the perfect sound in every room
  • Wi-Fi allows for streaming with all the latest programs including Alexa and Amazon
  • Seamless integration with other home automation systems



Denon Vs Marantz – The Battle

 Looking at these two side by side, it can be a bit difficult to tell the difference. Both have a sharp solid black display with sliver detailing and knobs along with a digital display screen. Even when you begin to dig in a little deeper and disassemble the device you will find similar features among both like the number of channels and the numerous compatibilities and integrations available. Each offers multiple room connectivity and each comes with advanced 3D audio formats. Included with each is also a manufactures warranty, where both will replace the item if any damage incurred out of the box or replace faulty functioning systems.


Denon is a bit on the lighter side when it comes to weight, and comes with a higher wattage than the Marantz SR6014.  Denon also comes with an easy to follow Setup Assistance extra that will walk you through step by step and help you learn how to get the best use from day one. Besides that, there is a slight price difference with the Marantz priced lower than the Denon. When looking at the rating across the web, those who bought electronics have rated the Denon higher, landing it several places ahead of the Marantz. Apart from these slight differences, they seem to be quite similar in both look and features.

Marantz Vs Denon Which Is Music To Your Ears?

Is there a Clear Winner between Marantz vs Denon brands?


Even with a head to head competition between the two, it can be difficult to spot a true winner. This is because each is so similar to one another, even if we’re talking solely about their looks. Most of the enhancements and capabilities are exactly the same and even the number of channels is the same, only with Denon coming with a slight increase in wattage. Though it was a bit tough we do have an ultimate winner, and we’ll let you in on why. For us, the Denon takes the cake, but for reasons that you might not expect.


The Marantz 4K UHD AV Receiver SR6014 is a great piece of technology and delivers all that it claims to. In all honesty, we like the look of it better than the Denon AVR. Mainly as it comes without the rounded digital display. However, the Denon and its integrated room monitoring technology is what blew us away. The smallest adjustments to sound make all the difference in your experience. The amp knows exactly what intensity to put out no matter the size of the room it’s in. Don’t get us wrong, they both sound great, but, for only a slight price difference you get a more advanced system with truly better sound.


Adding an amp to your home comes with a lot of advantages. You will never want to experience music or movies without the added boost of ear-tingling goodness. Music, movies, and streaming will never be quite the same, and your ears will thank you for adding a little something extra to make your experience that much better.


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Marantz Vs Denon Which Is Music To Your Ears?

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