Makita vs. Dewalt Drill/Driver Showdown

The battle to decide which is the best Drill for your needs.

Many homeowners, working professionals, and hobby builders are often faced with the unbelievably difficult decision of what type of drill/driver they should buy. A simple choice at first glance turns out to be a crippling decision for many who want the best drill they can buy at an affordable price. In order to help make that decision a little easier we’ve set up the ultimate showdown of Makita vs. Dewalt, two of the biggest brands in the drill game.

Both the Makita XPH012 Cordless driver-drill kit and the Dewalt DC970K-2 Compact drill kit are great options at an affordable price that will meet any of your day to day needs. Ultimately the decision between each of these drill/driver sets is the right one for you is a personal choice. We are going to just make the decision a little easier with a breakdown of both.

The Battle of the Drills: Makita vs. Dewalt

When talking about the Makita and Dewalt brands, the first thing to keep in mind is that you will be getting a quality drill set no matter what you choose. While each brand comes with their own unique perks such as Makita’s 3 year warranty or Dewalt’s legendary battery life you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a quality tool no matter what. The XPH012 and DC970K-2 are the best that each company has to offer, each one packing unique qualities to help you get the job done right the first time.


One of the oldest brands in the power tool business Makita has always been known for their high quality compact drills, a tradition the XPH012 easily continues. What immediately will stand out to craftsman or homeowner about this drill is its size. Few other drill/drivers come in such a compact easy to use size, weighing in at just 4lbs, the XPH012 was designed to reduce operator fatigue while ensuring the they can get into any space with ease. It may not come with all the bells and whistles that the Dewalt DC970K-2 does but it more than makes up for it with dependability. Crafted with the same care that has gone into all of their other drill options Makita is certain this tool will last for years without a problem. That confidence is the reason for the 3-year warranty on the drill itself and the 1-year warranty offered for the battery. When you go with Makita you can be certain that even if you do run into problems with your drill you can get it fixed quickly.



Another powerhouse name in the world of tools Dewalt has long been the favorite of professional craftsman who choose drills like the DC970K-2 for the quality that’s put into making them. Equally important to craftsman and homeowners alike is the long lasting batteries that come with a Dewalt drill. In the case of the DC970K-2, two batteries come packaged with a one hour charger that makes finishing a job of any size a breeze. This drill also manages to stand out from the crowd with the double ended screwdriver bit, kit box, and contractor bag that come packaged with it.

Makita vs Dewalt dewalt-drill


Makita vs Dewalt The Bottom Line

At the end of the day the winner of the Makita vs Dewalt battle will be decided by you, the craftsman, the hobbyist, or homeowner who can see the drill that fits their needs best. It maybe that the Makita’s compact no-fuss design is too hard to pass up or that Dewalt contractor would look too good on your tool bench. The best thing any consumer can do is carefully examine what each drill/driver has to offer deciding which of these two top quality kits fit the needs of their next major project.



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Makita vs. Dewalt Drill/Driver Showdown

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