Logitech C930e vs C920 Starring in Webcam Wars

Logitech C930e VS C920: Which is The Best Webcam?

Webcams are essential to online communication. They were once items for casual conversation but have become tools for business communications. They facilitate face-to-face conversations irrespective of location. In case you’re looking out for a webcam, we’ll compare Logitech C930e VS C920 to aid your purchasing decision.

Whether you’re interviewing for a job, creating video content, or chatting with friends, webcams can visually illustrate things. They may have a more significant impact than sending emails or text. The ability to monitor the body language and expressions of who you’re communicating with is an advantage.

These devices make online conferences and seminars with multiple people easier. They are essential to vloggers, remote workers, online tutors, and other people. Besides making videos, you can use a webcam to take pictures and as a security device to monitor your room or as a nanny cam.

Although many laptops and phones already have built-in webcams, there are certain features you might not get on them. If your job entails regular video conferencing, for instance, your built-in webcam may not have sufficient resolution. You might then need to get an external webcam.

Also, all external webcams are not equal, and you may want to consider certain features before purchase. We believe these 2 are at the top of the leader board, but which one? Let’s look at Logitech C930e vs C920 in more detail.

Webcam Features to Consider Before Purchase

#1 Resolution

Resolution is vital as it determines the quality of the resulting pictures from a webcam. There are two types of resolutions: standard definition and high definition. The standard definition has a resolution of (640 x 480), i.e., 480p. With the high definition resolution, there are (1280x 720) HD and (1290 x 1080) full HD.

There are some webcams as high as 4k HD, known as ultra HD. Consider going for a webcam as high as 720p and above if you want good quality. However, if you don’t care about HD quality, consider buying one with a standard resolution, which might be cheaper.

#2 Frame Rate

The frame rate of a webcam is vital too, and the higher the frame rate, the better the quality. The framework determines how many images will display per second (fps). It helps to control video quality and smoothness.

There are webcams with 15, 30, and 60 frames per second. Webcams with low frame rates produce images that freeze on the screen. You’ll need a webcam above 15 fps to stream videos.

#3 Type Of Lens

The lens is the eye of the webcam. Some webcams have plastic lenses that produce grainy images and perform poorly in low-light. Others have glass lenses that provide superior quality images and videos. Glass lenses may cost more money, but they’re worth it.

#4 Auto-focusing and Adjustability

If you use a webcam with fixed-focus, you’ll have to be within a specific range of distance. The auto-focus feature ensures that the webcam will adjust even when you are not close. It keeps you as the primary focus without diverting to other movements within the camera’s view.

Some webcams also provide some kind of adjustability to tilt up and down. You can pan tilt and zoom in without loss of image quality.

#5 Light Sensitivity

If you’re video conferencing in a low light environment, you’ll need a webcam that optimizes in poor light conditions. A webcam with light sensitivity, will adjust and be clear when you need to use it at night.

#6 Compatibility

Not all webcams are suitable for your PC. Some webcams offer plug-in and play features, while others require precise specifications from your PC before they can function. For instance, some webcams are not compatible with all browsers and OS.

You might need to check for compatibility before buying a webcam. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a good webcam that you can’t use.

#7 Design

There are two designs of webcams: the clip-on and the free-standing. The clipper webcams will fit comfortably at the top of your monitor while the free-standing webcam stays on a desk.

#8 Sound Quality

Audio is just as crucial as video or even more. Most webcams have features that improve sound quality, with a few having stereo capabilities. If you want to be able to hear around audio, make sure your webcam has a built-in microphone or a headphone.

Some webcams have omnidirectional mics that can record from every direction around the camera. Advanced microphone features include noise filters and sound detection.

#9 Connection Type

Most webcams will hook into a computer with a USB cable, but there are some with a wireless connection. The connection type you choose may depend on your interest. If you don’t want to sacrifice one USB port for a webcam, you may wish to purchase one with a wireless connection.

Reviewing Two Powerful Webcams: C920 VS C930e

Logitech c930e vs c920

Logitech C930e Review

Product Details

  • Maximum Resolution: 1080p full HD
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • The angle of view: 90°
  • Design: Clip-on
  • Connection Type: USB port 2.0
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces (with clip and cable)
  • Dimension: 1.7 x 3.7 x 2.8 inches (with clip)
  • Colour: Black and silver
  • Warranty: 3 years

Resolution and Frame Rate

The Logitech C930 is a business-grade webcam, offering pictures at 30 frames per second. It has a resolution of 1080p full HD, which delivers clear videos, but it can also record at 720p.

It offers a 90 degree extended field of view to capture a large part of your environment. So, if you have a team of people video conferencing with you, it can catch them. It can also pick a whiteboard in the background.

Although it has a high resolution, it wasn’t precise in color reproduction. The images came out brighter and more vivid than they looked in reality.

Auto-focus and Adjustability

This webcam has an auto-focus feature that emphasizes on you even when you’re far. With the 1080p resolution, you can zoom in and pan out up to four times. The premium image sensor will still deliver HD quality without blurs irrespective of how far you zoom.

There is an optimal camera setting for control of pan, tilt, and zoom. However, there are no options to zoom optically, leaving you on digital zoom.

Light Sensitivity and Lens

It offers Rightlight 2 Technology and a precision lens for clarity in different lighting environments. I sometimes use it at night, and it’s bright enough to make out the wall behind me and even the artwork I hung. The lens is a Carl Zeiss glass lens, which is a dominant feature on its silver panel.


The C930 is a clip-on style webcam. You can mount it easily on your LCD or CRT monitor or a tabletop using the adjustable clip. The clip has three hinges and a padded rubber bottom. You can also mount it on a tripod stand.

It has a rubber-like removable shade that flips up down to offer your privacy when not in use. You won’t need to worry if someone remotely gains access to your system and enables the video feed. This external privacy shutter also protects the lens from scratches.

Sound Quality

This Logitech webcam has two omnidirectional microphones on both sides, with excellent sound quality. You can record from different directions around the webcam, and your recipients will hear you. Its microphone also blocks ambient or background noise, while focusing on your voice.


This webcam doesn’t use some of Logitech’s software because of its different drivers and codecs. Instead, it uses plug-ins for other video chat platforms like Skype for Business and Google Hangouts. You can plug it into your device and connect with these other apps.

It supports H.264 video compression and UVC 1.5 encoding, which minimizes its dependence on the computer and networks. Instead, it puts the video processing in the camera and frees up bandwidth to deliver a smoother video stream.

This webcam works on devices with 2GB RAM and above.  It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 versions and on Mac OS version 10.7 or higher. You can use it with the Chrome version 29.0.1547.70 and higher.


  • Wide field of view
  • External privacy shutter
  • 4x zooming capacity
  • Good sound quality


  • No optical zoom
  • Inaccuracy with color reproduction
  • Not budget-friendly

Logitech C920 review

Product Details

  • Maximum Resolution: 1080p full HD
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • The angle of view: 78°
  • Design: Clip-on
  • Connection Type: USB port 2.0
  • Weight: 0.60 pounds
  • Dimension: 1.7 x 3.7 x 2.8 inches (with clip)
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 2 years

Resolution and Frame Rate

The Logitech webcam 920 has resolutions of 720p and 1080p with a frame rate of 30 fps. It’s a consumer webcam, offering clear details and good quality pictures.

I noticed that its color accuracy was better than the c930 webcam. However, at 78°, it has a lesser view angle. This angle can fit two people or even a projector. You can also narrow the degrees if you want to focus on yourself.

Auto-focus And Adjustability

It has a precisely timed auto-focus ability that projects you in precise details. Despite throttling around my room while using it, it still kept me in focus.

Light Sensitivity and Lens

It doesn’t matter the environment you’re in, this webcam will fine-tune to the lighting condition. So if you’re in a dim setting, you’ll get bright images. Its lens is full HD glass, which captures clear images. When this webcam was first released, it featured the Carl Zeiss lens. However, it doesn’t feature it in recent productions.

Sound Quality

It has two built-in stereo microphones on either side of the camera. The mics can catch your voice from any angle and make it sound clear to a listener. It doesn’t have a background noise cancellation feature, and it’s best to use it in quiet places.


It’s a clip-on webcam, easy to fit on your laptop or LCD monitor. If you’d rather not have it on your monitor, you can mount it on a tripod. A hinge adjusts the webcam’s arm length, and a rubber foot holds it in place. The clip doubles as a stand if you need to use it on a desk.


It works with the Logitech webcam software for Windows. Besides using video chatting platforms, you can independently capture photos and videos with the software. You might love this feature if you previously don’t have any camera software. I like that the software allows me to zoom in and pan.

One other fantastic feature is the motion detection mode that’ll enable you to use it as a security camera. I did experience some freezing and hanging with the software, however.

The webcam works in UVC mode with platforms like Skype, Hangouts, and FaceTime. Although it only streams videos at 720p on FaceTime. It uses the same H.264 coding compression you’ll use for HD video calls on Skype. It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista, Mac OS 10.10 and higher, and Android V5.0 and above.


  • 264 compression technology
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Accuracy with color reproduction


  • No noise cancellation feature
  • Instability when used with Logitech software


Logitech C930e vs C920 Here’s The Verdict

Comparing Logitech C920 VS C930e revealed two great webcams, but we can only pick one. Both have HD resolutions of 720p and 1080p with a frame rate of 30 fps. These features mean you’ll get high-quality images and videos on either.

With the C920, you’ll get a webcam with a better representation of image colors. You’ll also save more when buying. The Logitech software only works with its consumer webcams. Since it crashes at intervals anyway, you may not enjoy using it on this webcam for long.

Certain features on the C930e makes it a better choice. I’ll choose this webcam for its broader field of view, noise cancellation feature, and four times more zoom capacity. Although it’s very vivid in representing images brighter than the way they are, its other features are appropriate for my kind of work.

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Logitech C930e vs C920 Starring in Webcam Wars

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