iPhone XR vs Samsung S10 – Which Smartphone Should You Pick?

We Look At iPhone XR vs Samsung S10 Phones

You can call them cell phones, mobiles, smartphones, or anything else that Millenials come up with – the undisputed truth remains the same. People just can’t live without cell phones anymore. Here we look at a couple of must have products, as we compare the iPhone XR vs Samsung S10 phones.

Be it surfing the web, hosting a live stream, or just plain ole gossiping – many of us depend on our mobiles to lead normal lives. Though considering the kind of apps and software cell phones offer, nowadays, that’s hardly surprising.


From counting calories to holding conferences, smartphones can do it all. It’s no wonder people spend so much time trying to pick the right phone. And, we all know that when it comes to cell phones, two brands are always head to head. Of course, we’re talking about Apple and Samsung.


Speaking of competition, the latest buzz in the cellular world has to do with the S10 and the XR. If you’re looking to trade in your old phone, then reading about the Samsung S10 vs iPhone XR can do you a world of good. Who knows, maybe your next phone is one of the two.

Smartphone Features To Keep In Mind When You Go Shopping

Right, so you’ve up your mind, and you boldly step out into the world to get your hands on your new smartphone – only to be faced with aisles upon aisles of phones. The worst thing about trying to purchase a smartphone is the amount of research you have to put in to get one that’s right for you.


But, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we’re about to break down all that you need to know when you go hunting for a new phone. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.


Being economical is great, but unfortunately, when it comes to smartphones going cheap can mean sacrificing key features, like storage capacity.


Memory capacity decides how many apps you can add to your phone to personalize it. This means you need at least a certain amount of free space to be able to do things like watch movies, or listen to songs, etc.


That’s why we recommend you select a phone that offers at least 64GB of storage, or you can go higher if you want. However, if you want, you can purchase a microSD card to increase your phone’s memory capacity because now most smartphones have microSD slots.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important aspect you should consider when looking for a new phone. If you think about it, a majority of our time is spent on the move, and naturally, you’d like a phone that could keep with you.


There’s no easy way to find out which phone offers the most when it comes to battery life. You need to do your research, talk to friends or family, and even read reviews.


It may take time to do all this, but trust us, it’s better than selecting a phone that needs to be a power source all the time – now that can be time consuming.


Sure, there are ways of dealing with phones that don’t have top-notch scores when it comes to power consumption. You can buy an extra battery, keep a charger in your car, or even carry a power bank. But, keep in mind, all these alternatives will cost you more money.

iphone xr vs samsung s10

Camera Quality

We live in an age where communication is no longer limited by space. Not to mention, selfies aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Our point is that a smartphone’s camera quality matters quite a lot these days.


You need a good camera on your smartphone, and it could be for professional or frivolous reasons. The fact remains, you’re going to want the kind of camera that performs.


But, here’s the problem – it’s common for the really good cameras to be found in high-end type phones. Budget phones don’t have a lot of megapixels to offer.


What Can The iPhone XR Offer You?

The first iPhone came out on the 29th of June 2007, and Apple hasn’t stopped making them since. There’s a reason for that – almost everyone wants to get an iPhone. There’s a really good deal if you are on Cricket Wireless Carrier provider!


The story is no different with the iPhone XR – it came, it saw, it sold. It’s a rather popular phone to this day, and you’re about to find out why.

Physical Features And Display

Let’s start with the XR’s looks. It’s available in six bright and fun-loving colors, and it has a 6.1-inch LCD-display – which happens to be the largest LCD screen when it comes to iPhones.


Apart from that, this iPhone comes equipped with Liquid Retina Display – which allows the screen to stretch to the corners. Apple’s True Tech provides the XR with calibration that can match the color temperature around you. That means you won’t have to strain your eyes when you use the phone in the dark.

If the price is a huge factor, there is the renewed option open.


The iPhone XR’s AI capability provides users with Face ID – Apple’s face recognition technology, which can map your facial features in a jiffy.


Additionally, the XR is also water-resistant, though it’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage. Honestly speaking, the iPhone XR reminds us a little of Samsung’s S10 because of the Retina Display.


However, the bezel framing of the XR sets it apart from its predecessors. Apart from that, the XR has the signature iPhone look – which is a trademark in itself.


Anyone familiar with an iPhone will find the XR pretty easy to use. The Apple iOS 13 is user-friendly and has plenty of apps and options to offer. Oh, and the XR also has a Dark Mode and a brand new app for photos.

Camera Quality And Power Consumption

It’s a well-known fact that Apple does not go stingy when it comes to cameras, and the XR is no different. The smartphone has a camera that boasts of 12MP, and a wide-angle lens on the rear.


The camera also has a fantastic 5x digital zoom, Smart HDR feature,  portrait mode, and it’s pictures are clear, crisp, and true to real-life colors. To help protect the camera and phone, the Amuoc iPhone XR Case is a must have item!


The XR also has a 2942 mAH battery along with a chipset that’s supposed to offer efficient power consumption. The iPhone XR also supports wireless charging.

What Does the Samsung S10 Bring To The Table?

Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate, and just so you understand how big the company is – its affiliates produce around a fifth of South Korea’s total exports. That’s huge!


However, we’re more interested in exactly what Samsung’s S10 can offer you and whether Samsung is better than iPhone. Here’s what we discovered…

Display And Aesthetics

Honestly, the Samsung S10 is great to look at. It’s dimensions, shape, and overall look go together perfectly, to create a modern masterpiece.


It’s available in Prism Blue, White, and Black – but that doesn’t take away from the aesthetics at all. And, don’t even get us started on the 6.1-inch AMOLED screen, which is slightly higher in resolution than the iPhone XR. The point is, the AMOLED panel doesn’t disappoint at all – from sharp contrast, to view angles and color accuracy.


Did we mention that the S10 has the HDR10+ screen for 4K definition? 4K in a smartphone – where do we sign up?


Now, let’s move on to the S10’s special attributes. Aside from that fact, it looks like a mini gleaming structure of glass and aluminum – it’s jam-packed with some great features.


For instance, the S10 has both a facial recognition feature and a fingerprint sensor – which means anyone trying to break into your S10 will have a tough time.


The phone is also water-resistant like the iPhone XR, but its user-interface is particularly inspiring. The XR is easy to operate, has a bunch of special apps, and a voice assistant named Bixby.


Lastly, the Galaxy S10 can connect with up to 5 devices at the same time via Bluetooth or WiFi – and you can easily transfer files of any size.

Battery Life and Camera Details

To compare an iPhone and Samsung is no easy task. Still, it must be done if we’re to discover which smartphone can offer you the most benefits.


Which brings us to the S10’s battery life. The Galaxy phone does have a more powerful 3400 mAh battery when compared to the iPhone XR. The downside is that the AMOLED screen does tend to eat up a lot of power.


Although, we think Samsung tried to balance this disadvantage by introducing the Wireless Power Share feature which you can use to share or charge your phone’s battery.


When we talk about comparing the XR to S10 in terms of camera quality – then the S10 wins hands down. It has a 10MP selfie camera, along with three rear cameras that range from 12 to 16MP.


There’s absolutely no contest in this category because the S10 has a total of 4 cameras. You read that right, my friend. And, just in case you were wondering – the S10 selfie camera captures 4K videos.

And The Winner Of The iPhone XR vs Samsung S10 Is…

We started off trying to find an answer to the question: iPhone XR or Samsung S10 – which is better? And, if you ask us the answer is undeniable and crystal clear.


If you’d asked us – is Samsung better than iPhone – before we tried out the phones ourselves and did our research, we’d have said no. But, as far as the S10 is concerned, it’s a tough to beat smartphone.


Not only is it armed to the proverbial teeth with features, it also looks sleek, has three cameras, and costs almost the same as the iPhone XR. Put it like this, if you could afford a hamburger and a Michelin star meal for the same price – which would you choose?


And, on that note, we’ll take our leave and wish you the best of luck in your shopping endeavors.

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iPhone XR vs Samsung S10 – Which Smartphone Should You Pick?

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