Ideapad vs Thinkpad But Which Lenovo Product To Go With?

Lenovo Ideapad Vs Thinkpad ! Which Laptop Should You Consider Buying?

Lenovo are great, but IdeaPad Vs ThinkPad reveals the one we think is the greatest.

Buying a laptop is a long term investment, so you don’t need to be hasty about it. Before purchase, consider several factors because not all brands will suit your needs. I noticed that laptop models made by the same company excel in different areas. Recently, I used two Lenovo systems. Their slight differences made me wonder – “If there was a Lenovo Ideapad vs. Thinkpad face-off, which would win?”

Lenovo manufactures some of the best laptops in the market. They make computers for different purposes – a device could focus on design, the business market, or affordability.

From Lenovo laptop reviews, you can guess which system would be more suitable. However, after using the Ideapad S340 15.6″ FHD touchscreen and the Thinkpad P53s, only one came out as number one. Relating my hands-on experience will help you with your choice. Then you can buy the laptop that gives you the most bang for your bucks.

What Features Do You Expect From An Ideal Laptop?

Before purchase, it’s essential to pick a laptop brand that meets your expectation and excels in the features you require. Besides that, there are a few requirements every laptop should meet. Let me show you what to look for:


The performance of any laptop is vital. You might want a device that is fast with high transfer speed. You could also consider a high processor speed.

Depending on what you want to use the laptop for, pick the specs wisely. If you have a heavy workload or multitask with your system, purchase a high-feature laptop. High-quality CPU, RAM, HDD, and SSD will dramatically increase the performance.


Compared to desktops, laptops are fragile. However, I try to balance portability and durability. While you may want to pick a computer designed to feel small, thin, and light, consider how long it would last? Will the device last for several years without needing repairs?

Some brands are reliable and sustainable. Consider purchasing a laptop that will serve you for several years.


The specifications of your laptop should depend on your workload. If you’d be processing a massive amount of data, then you would want suitable specifications. The processor, memory, and graphics should be well-balanced and compatible. Otherwise, it may hamper the computer’s overall functionality.


Who doesn’t want to have high screen quality and color accuracy? But high-definition or high-resolution display means more battery drainage. Some people only need a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080. However, if you use your device for graphics, rendering, and animation, high-quality LEDs and LCDs are vital.

You might also want a touchscreen device. Touchscreens make tasks easier, but they can cause glossiness, which leads to reflections. The reflections could negatively affect video and image editing and gaming.


A laptop with a sleek design looks trendy. It also ensures that your device is lightweight and not bulky. The overall design and material vastly impact the cooling function. A thermodynamically designed casing would be a better option.

Universal Compatibility:

Thanks to modern technology, we can wirelessly connect to all our devices via the same network. We can simultaneously perform a task from different computers. So, your laptop should have improved Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Having USB ports that transfer data at a considerable rate is also vital.

Size and Weight:

The size of your device isn’t like its RAM or ROM; you can’t upgrade it later. Therefore, it’s vital to pick a size that’s the right fit. Laptop sizes range from 11.6 to 17.3 inches. The standard sizes most manufacturers produce are13.3, 15.6, and 17.3 inches.

Also, consider the weight of the laptop you’re about to buy. Lightweight devices are convenient to carry, but some people prioritize other features.


Finally, the product should provide the right value for money. If you’re on a budget or only need to check mail and watch movies, you can buy a cheap laptop. But you’ll have to forego some high-quality features. If, however, you require the device for work, consider purchasing a premium laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad S340 15.6 Inches FHD Touchscreen Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad is a customer-oriented laptop manufactured with a focus to provide better aesthetics at a reasonable price. The company aimed the device at the mainstream market with the motto – “Quality Laptops at the Grasp of Every People.” The product line was a massive success.

The Lenovo Ideapad series offer explicit performance and sleek designs at an affordable price. They can carry out fundamental to moderate tasks without any difficulty. With their processor and big RAM size, you could have an excellent gaming experience. If you require a personal laptop for light surfing and easy tasking, they’re also a reasonable choice.

Product Specifications

  • CPU model: Intel
  • CPU speed: 1.30 GHz
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Memory Size: 20gb
  • RAM type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Display technology: LED
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Dimension: 14.10 x 9.60 x 0.70 inches
  • Hard disk size: 2 TB
  • Processor count: 4
  • Wireless comm: Bluetooth

Special Features That Make the Lenovo Ideapad Stand Out


Lenovo Ideapad S340 has a 10th Generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 with a 1.30GHz CPU speed. It has moderate speed and accurate responsiveness, even with a heap of work.


With a RAM of 20gb (DDR4), the Ideapad is ideal for multitasking. Its 2TB Solid State Drive (SSD) facilitates faster data access and start-up time.

I like gaming, and this device has enough cache memory capability for me to run the games. Though I’m not particular about ultra-prime graphics requirements, this device gives me a satisfactory gaming experience.

Battery Life

The S340 has a 3-Cell 36WHr Lithium-Polymer battery, which provides a moderate battery life. Its flash-based SSD draws less power from the battery. Because of its low processor speed, the battery will provide up to 8.5 hours of backup power.

Experience the Next Level Entertainment

Lenovo S340 features Dolby Audio speakers, which will give you theater-like sound quality with no distortions.

Thanks to its LED-Backlit FHD resolution, thin bezels, HD picture quality, and color combination, you can enjoy a lot more. Lenovo Ideapad reviews claim that you can also experience a great real-time video chatting experience with its integrated 720P privacy-enabled webcam.


Lenovo S340 utility apps provide better functionality. I love its privacy camera shutter that places you in charge of what your webcam sees. The backlit keyboard provides visibility in low-light situations. These features give you an uncluttered and more secure PC experience.

Smart Connectivity

Ideapad S340 has 802.11ac Wireless LAN port, Bluetooth v4.2, and 3.1 USB port that gives you an ultimate data transfer experience. With just a click of a button, it will connect you to other devices.

I use an optical mouse and keyboard. The strong Bluetooth connection allows me to use my peripheral devices from a certain distance. The S340 has a utility manager, which controls wireless communication configuration and keeps the drivers up to date. It comes with a USB external cord and HDMI cord.

Touchscreen Facility

The S340’s touchscreen lets you have more control over your device. You can now slide the pages or operate the system just by using your fingers. This user-friendly feature makes tasks easier to handle.

Drawbacks of the Lenovo s340

CPU and Memory Bottleneck

Although this laptop has excellent capabilities, it emphasizes some features at the expense of others. The 20gb RAM and 1.3 GHz processor don’t work together effectively. As a result, there’s a bottleneck, and the overall system operation slows down.

No External Graphics

The Lenovo S340 doesn’t have external graphics. It only has an Integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics, which lets you enjoy the low-to-moderate level display. But it cannot process high-quality graphical data or give you a high-clarity display.

I used the Ideapad for editing high-resolution images on Photoshop, but it was slow. So the graphics card integrated with this device is not up to the mark.

No Proper Security

You may store documents and media on your laptop. But without proper security, sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands. Modern laptops feature dual or triple layer security with facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, Lenovo IdeaPad S340 provides a conventional, old-fashioned security option.


The laptop is heavy and can become burdensome when you carry it for a long time.


IdeaPad vs. ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad P53s Laptop

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P53s is one of the most popular brands available in the market. ThinkPads are traditionally designed, business-oriented laptops with a wide assortment of configurations. They are progressive, compact, and convenient.

ThinkPad is the only laptop that the International Space Station affirmed for usage. The laptop gained its popularity because it’s durable, has a high-end performance, and possesses powerful hardware.

Product Specifications

  • CPU model: Intel
  • CPU speed: 1.80 GHz
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
  • Memory Size: 16gb
  • RAM type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Weight: 3.90 pounds
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Hard disk size: 512gb
  • Dimension: 9.76 x 14.40 x 0.75 inches
  • Processor count: 4
  • Wireless comm: 802.11ac

Features That Make Thinkpad P53s Stand Out

Military-Grade Build Quality

Thinkpads are renowned for their rugged construction. This product line focuses on performance rather than look.

All Thinkpad Lenovo Series comply with military specifications, which imply they underwent twelve to fourteen thorough testing methods.  They’ve been inspected for extreme temperatures, humidity, elevated surface, sand test, mechanical stun test, and vibration test. I used this device in extreme conditions, and I am fully satisfied.

Optimal Security

When it comes to the safety and security of the laptop, the manufacturers made no tradeoff. Security was a prime consideration. Therefore, the P53s has built-in security features that shield sensitive information from getting hacked.

A discretionary embedded fingerprint sensor uses biometrics to log you in with just a touch. Rather than using the tiresome and lengthy password, I use the fingerprint option to log in. This two-step verification keeps my information more secure.

High-Quality Display and Sound

You can experience super-vibrant colors and enhanced contrasts with the Thinkpads FHD display. With the NVIDIA Quadro graphics, the pictures will become lively. Additionally, it provides an undistorted virtual surround sound experience. When I used Adobe Photoshop on this device, it was a seamless experience.

Battery Life

With its maximum 15 hours battery backup capacity, you will stay connected wherever you go. The battery supports me while I’m commuting or traveling.

Smooth Execution of Programs

The Quad-Core processor ensures maximum efficiency while providing an overall smooth experience. Though it has a slightly backdated 8th generation processor, it has comparably more clockwork speed (1.8 GHz).

Several Lenovo Thinkpad reviews confirm that the computer is fast and slim, and the keyboard is easy to use.


The ThinkPad P53s is a combination of power and performance. At 3.90 pounds, this commercial laptop provides heavy-duty service in a lightweight package.

Drawbacks of the Lenovo P53s


Who doesn’t want to have a cool gadget? But Thinkpad emphasizes durability and build over design. The laptop isn’t sleek, and it isn’t available in vivid, eye-catching colors.

Old Processor

The Thinkpad has a backdated 8th generation Quad-Core processor while the 10th generation is readily available in the market.

No Touchscreen

Most laptop models have a touchscreen or a version with the feature, but Thinkpad doesn’t. However, the product’s easy-to-use ergonomic keyboard could compensate for the lack of a touchscreen.


The Lenovo ThinkPad has a higher price compared to the IdeaPad. Paying more money might seem more difficult if you’re on a budget.

Comparison between IdeaPad vs. ThinkPad

The Ideapad S340 and Thinkpad P53s are similar. They have the same screen resolution – 1920 x1080 and 15.6-inch screen size. They also use the Intel CPU model.

Despite that, they differ. Thinkpad is superior in certain categories, while Ideapad is better in others. Each model has its strength and weakness.

Thinkpad P53s has higher program execution speed. The battery lasts almost seven hours longer than Ideapad. The laptop is also lightweight and more durable and secure, but you have to pay more for it. Besides, it doesn’t look sleek. At 512gb, the hard disk size is also smaller.

Ideapad S340 has a higher hard disk and memory capacity. It’s affordable, has a modern, sleek design, and gives you the option of a touchscreen. But it can get slow, and the battery doesn’t last as long. It’s also heavier than Thinkpad.

However, in an IdeaPad vs. ThinkPad battle, one device must win. I carry my laptop everywhere I go. Therefore, there are three vital features I look out for – weight, battery life, and durability.

Thinkpad wins in all three. It also has a higher CPU speed that lets me edit images and videos without any hassle. It might not look sleek or have a touchscreen, but it’s more durable than the S340. I don’t mind the higher price of P53s.

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Ideapad vs Thinkpad But Which Lenovo Product To Go With?

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