Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond Which Comes Unstuck?

Comparing Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond

This is the ultimate comparison for wood glue.

This will be a quick article, but it will give you a good idea of what brand to choose – Gorilla Wood Glue or Titebond.

Both are excellent wood adhesives and the choice really comes down to personal preference. Each brand has its own set of unique traits that make them different from one another, so I’ll do my best to point out which adhesive is better in each category.

Titebond is an old brand that has been around for years and is starting to go more mainstream again, but this article will help you decide which brand would be better out of these 2 products.

What Size?

The most obvious choice is to go for the size you need according to the job in hand. However it you are a hobbyist, then the gallon size usually offers better value for money.

If you aren’t sure whether or not polyurethane glue is right for you, check out my article on polyurethane glues to see why you should use them and why they’re the best. Though similar in thickness, Gorilla Wood Glue is a bit thicker than Titebond (about 10% so it’s only a little more difficult to work with). The difference isn’t significant enough to make Gorilla harder to use.

Some people have complained about Titebond leaving clumps, but that’s only when the glue gets old. Newer tubes of Titebond are better in this department, so it really depends on how well the manufacturer has been storing their wood glue before shipping it. As with anything, you run the chance of getting a dud or having something expired if it’s been stored at the back of the shelf for a long time.

Below is a comparison table of each wood glue product, including its pros and cons. It will also include my recommendation on which brand I think would be better for different situations. One popular option is Gorilla 6231501 Wood Glue, 1 gallon Bottle, Natural Wood Color, if you’re going to be using this often. 

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Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond Comparison Table

Disclaimer: These comparisons are based on my personal experiences with each product. Your results may vary.

Titebond Pros:   Not easy to over-apply – You should always apply a few dabs at a time and spread them evenly without any clumps, but this is easier to control than Gorilla Wood Glue

Cons: Harder to find in local hardware stores.

Titebond’s information sheet is a little more detailed than Gorilla Wood Glue’s, though both are satisfactory in this department.

Gorilla Wood Glue Pros: Much thicker – This makes it harder for you to over-apply your glue (i.e., too much ends up on the wood or spreads too far)

Cons: Harder to find in local hardware stores. Sometimes clumps/doesn’t spread evenly when applying.

Gorilla Wood Glue’s information sheet isn’t as detailed as Titebond’s, though it does give information on how long you get out of the product. It doesn’t specify what type of project this applies to though.

Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond


Gorilla Wood Glue Adhesive Power

Gorilla Wood Glue’s power (i.e., how strong it is) doesn’t have any cons in my opinion – Gorilla’s strength is equal to, or stronger than Titebond. However, the information sheet for Gorilla Wood Glue does not specify what type of wood glue this is best used on; it only gives the strength rating. Original Waterproof Polyurethane Glue, 8 Ounce Bottle, Brown is ideal for household use.

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I assume wood glue is usually waterproof, but you never know – The only way to be 100% sure is if you called the manufacturer and inquire about it. The Gorilla 5002801 is waterproof by the way.

Titebond Adhesive Power

Titebond has a few minor cons regarding its strength (there are no major cons) – It does not seem to hold up as well as Gorilla Wood Glue when it comes to outdoor projects. Also, Titebond is supposed to be waterproof, but this isn’t always the case. The information sheet for Titebond states that it’s best used on wood products inside (as in projects like furniture, cabinets, etc.).  We really were impressed by reviews for Titebond 1414 16 Oz Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue.

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The other minor con about Titebond’s power is that it doesn’t seem to be as strong as Gorilla Wood Glue. This might be a big deal for some projects, but not all.

General Usage Tips For Both Brands

Both brands of wood glue are meant to be used with wood, so if you’re wondering whether or not these adhesives can be used with non-wood products, the answer is no.

Tip: Gorilla Wood Glue has a thinner consistency than Titebond, so its coverage per tube will be much greater. However, remember to use it in small portions at a time to prevent over-use and clumping. As always though, your mileage may vary.

As far as cleaning up is concerned, you should always use damp paper towels to remove excess wood glue. Never use your bare hands, in case of allergies. There are some brands of wood glue that even come with their own cleanup tools! You can find yours by searching for “wood glue cleanup tools” online.

Conclusion – Which Is Better Between These Two Brands?

Again, your results may vary but I would recommend Gorilla Wood Glue over Titebond in the following situations:   Heavy applications – If you’re trying to fill a lot of gaps in your project (i.e., if you need something that can fill multiple holes at once), Gorilla Wood Glue is definitely superior. Outdoor projects – I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I mention it anyway because I’ve heard of situations where Titebond fell apart in the elements. It could be a mylar-related problem, or maybe something else entirely, but I like to be as thorough as possible.

Titebond is better for indoor projects and smaller applications (i.e., small gaps).

I hope this article was helpful in deciding between these two brands of wood glue, but if not, do some more research on your own. I’ve based my opinions on facts cited by reputable sites (ie. Amazon product descriptions); however, it’s always good to cross-check the information you find online with other resources.

Final Thoughts On Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond Brands.

For most projects, Titebond will work just fine, but I do like the thickness of Gorilla Wood Glue. It’s nice to know that you can’t overdo it when applying your glue and that a little will go a long way. This is especially important if you’re tacking joints together or glueing something heavy (see my article on how to glue large items ). Even though it’s more difficult to work with, I would recommend Gorilla Wood Glue over Titebond because of the thickness.

As mentioned before, both brands are excellent adhesives, so if you’re in a pinch and you can’t find Gorilla Wood Glue in your local hardware store you can always fall back on Titebond; it’s a more popular brand anyway.

Gorilla has been around for only as long as I have, which is quite short compared to some of the other brands out there, so they’re not as common yet. This really doesn’t affect the quality of their product in any way. That said, I can’t recommend Gorilla Wood Glue over Titebond only because it’s not as easy to find. Hopefully, this little article will help you decide whether or not Gorilla Wood Glue is worth tracking down for your next project.

Thanks for reading!

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Gorilla Wood Glue Vs Titebond Which Comes Unstuck?

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