Garmin Vs. TomTom: Who Gets You There Better?

Let’s face it: no one enjoys getting lost. Between rising gas prices, busy schedules, and the constant risk of an accident, no one wants to deal with the stress of navigating your way through the city when you have somewhere to be. The world has come a long way since the days of asking the guy at the gas station for directions. Nowadays there are as many navigational tools on the market as there are roads to navigate. But when it comes to getting the best product that the market has to offer, it all comes down to Garmin vs. TomTom.

Both companies have released a variety of GPS devices over the years. So to make things simple, this article is going to review and compare what each company considers to be their “top of the line” product. Garmin’s DriveAssist 50 NA LMT and the TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS.

Garmin vs Tomtom The Breakdown


For most shoppers, the first thing that catches their eye will be DriveAssists’s price tag. $300 is a lot to ask on most people’s budgets. But do the DriveAssist’s features make up for bigger price tag?garmins-driveassist-50-na-lmt

The Garmin product is unique in that their device comes equipped with a built in dash cam that works with the finely tuned GPS tracker to warn the driver of possible collisions, notifies them when the cars ahead of them are about to start moving, and probably the most helpful of all, will actually switch to camera mode when the driver is near their destination and will highlight the address. No more driving around the neighborhood for those hidden building numbers.  As an added bonus, the built in dash cam is constantly recording during the drive; and in the unfortunate case of a collision, the footage is saved so that the driver’s insurance company or the police can review the recording to help determine who was at fault.

Garmin’s DriveAssist also comes with a voice­activated mode which allows the driver to find a new address without having pull­over or risk an accident by taking their hands off the wheel.

Also, if you’re just exploring a new neighborhood, the DriveAssist is automatically collected to the Foursquare app. Helping you find all the best spots for dining and recreation around town.

Most reviews say that Garmin’s product is incredibly user friendly and it currently has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.


Unlike it’s counterpart, the TomTom GO 600 comes in at a modest $200. Which certainly sounds more reasonable considering that the TomTom company presents it as their “best GPS device” right on their

On the downside, saving a cool hundred does come with a little extra effort attached. In order to stay up to date with current roadmaps, TomTom’s GPS device has to be connected to your home computer once tomtom-startevery three months to download the latest update from TomTom. Failure to do so can result in poor navigation. And if your GPS doesn’t give you the right directions, you won’t care how much money you saved.

When it is up to date however, the G0 600 is able to give the driver real­time traffic updates via crowdsourcing. Simply connect the device to your smartphone and the TomTom GO will stay in constant with the other three hundred ­fifty million drivers in the system; ensuring that you know precisely where traffic is about to slow down or speed up, giving you ample time to redirect your trip.

TomTom also claims that their GPS system covers more available routes than any of their competitors. While other companies may only cover major highways and residential roads, TomTom claims that their devices help you navigate through 99.9% available traffic systems.

TomTom’s navigation satellites are so in depth that they even create a 3D picture of your surroundings right on the screen. So if you find that it’s easier to get around via landmarks as opposed to street signs, the GO 600 might be right for you.

Final Results Garmin vs Tomtom :

You get what you pay for. Both the Garmin and TomTom options make for an excellent GPS system. So if you’re only concern is finding your way around and you’d prefer to save some money, get the TomTom GO 600. But if you like all the features that come along with the DriveAssist 50 NA LMT  and you’re willing to spend an extra $100, then Garmin is the way to go.



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Garmin Vs. TomTom: Who Gets You There Better?

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