Fitbit Alta HR Vs Charge 2 Which Gets Your Heart Racing?

Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge 2: Which is Best For You?

Fitbit has become a large known brand. Along with a collection of fitness trackers to their credits, making the choice between the Alta HR and Charge 2 is a simple task. These two devices share quite a lot in aesthetic values, which make the selection tougher. Both devices can serve well if you’re looking for a full-time fitness tracker device. However, you’re here to discover which device you really want to settle for. Below is our comparison of both devices, which should help you make a smarter choice.

Choosing between Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge 2

What we considered:

There are quite a number of factors we put together to compare these two products. These factors include the price, design, and features of the two products. Fitbit Alta HR vs Charger 2 article can serve as a buying guide for you.

Aesthetics and Design

Both designs are beautifully finished and share similar features. Both devices offer a stylish black and white OLED display and a silver body finish. The beautiful elastomer straps come in a variety of colors. Feel free to pick what color suits your style and personality. Nonetheless, there are still a number of design features that separate these two devices. Let us look at these two separately to see their similarities and differences.

Fitbit Alta HR

The slimmer design is just 15mm wide and very fashionable. This device closely resembles a bracelet and can go well with any outfit. Fitbit Alta HR is certainly one that ladies will love—this doesn’t mean the men won’t love it. The Alta HR comes with no operational buttons. Just tap the screen to operate the device—sounds simple right? Touch screen response is not so swift which might not go down well with everyone.

The straps can be changed for a cheekier or a more masculine look. There are a variety of colors available to select from:

  • Black
  • Black gunmetal
  • Blue/grey
  • Coral
  • Fuchsia
  • Pink Rose Gold

Fitbit Charge 2

Features a slim design though a bit larger than the Fit bit Alta HR. The size of the screen makes it a more preferred choice for some people. It utilizes the black and white OLED digital display which is very easy to read. Charge 2 utilizes the combination of the touch screen and a single side button. It provides an easy way to skip between the menu options. This button can also be used to activate certain functions.

There are a variety of colors to make your choice for this device. Colors include the:

  • Lavender Rose Gold
  • Plum silver
  • Blue silver
  • Teal silver
  • Black
  • A special edition Gunmetal color available for those who love to stand out. This color comes with the Fitbit Charge 2 special edition.

The Lavender Rose Gold, however, has remained the preferred choice by customers.

 For an extra price, you can purchase the fancy leather straps for this device. The bands are very easy to swap. However, some effort is needed to get them properly attached. This device is a bit thick too and less compact than the Alta HR.

With both devices, you can enjoy some level of water resistance. Kindly take them off when going into the shower. They are not designed for that level of resistance.

Fitbit Charge 2 Vs Alta HR: Comparing the Features

Both devices offer quite a number of features. However, when you compare both, Alta HR offers fewer features. Depending on what features you’re interested in, both devices can be a perfect deal. The two devices share almost similar functions. The question of Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge 2 is hugely a question of functions vs forms.


Fitbit Charge 2

This device comes with a GPS feature that connects better with your phone. You get accurate data sent back to your phone even when you’re not with it. Another smart feature of this device is the workout and Relax mode. This feature utilizes the HR sensor for guided breathing exercise tracking. The Relax mode also teaches you how to control your breathing. It utilizes 2-5 minutes of breathing periods. The aim is to help you learn how to sync your breathing and heartbeats.

Another great feature that this device offers a sleep tracker. This helps to track the heart rate when you are asleep. This means you can wear your device to bed for effective tracking. This device keys into the Fitbit ecosystem and utilizes the Fitbit app to function well. Some of the features of the Fitbit ecosystem includes graphs, leader board, and dashboards. You can also enjoy new features such as adventure challenges.

The snapshot cardio feature provides you with snapshots of fitness levels. It utilizes your profile data, heart rates, and exercise data to provide your VO2Max level. This feature is very useful for weight loss programs.

The Fitbit Charge 2 offers you the opportunity to get notifications from your social media. Receive notifications as clipped messages from third-party apps directly on your device. This device also allows you to see who’s calling at the go without checking your phone.

By default, Charge 2 comes with 10,000 steps daily target. However, you can adjust the target to your chosen target.

This device can sync with Android4.4, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac OS 10.6.

With this device, you enjoy hourly move reminders throughout the day. An active reminder to stay healthy all day round. This device is easily the more preferred when you compare the features.

Fitbit Alta HR

Some of the features on the Charge 2 are missing on this device. It does not offer a GPS tracking system which is a huge disadvantage to this device. There workout and Relax modes are also not available on the device. However, the Alta HR updated version comes with a Cardio fitness score.

Like the Charger 2, this device also features a heart rate sensor. This device also provides you with sleep tracking abilities. Like the Charge 2, you can also view notifications from third-party apps. There is however, there is a difference in the display mode. This device displays its message on a slant form instead of as clip messages. It also enables you to see whose calling on the phone.

While both devices feature smartwatch functions, they are strictly not smartwatches.


Fitbit Charge 2 Vs Alta: Tracking your Activities

Again, there are similarities in how these two devices track your daily activities. Notwithstanding, we also noticed some slight differences between the two devices. Fitness fanatics love the Fitbit products. Let us compare the two and see which is more preferable.


Fitbit Charge 2

This device keeps an accurate day to day tracking of your activities. Its SmartTrack functions enable the device to automatically track different activities. It can identify different activities like biking, walking, running elliptical and others. You also get a log of your daily activities on your dashboard.

You can also track other activities such as steps, distance and calories burned. It actively displays your stats to encourage you to put in more effort. Some users have complained of slight inaccuracies in the step count and stair climbing counts. However, when related to other devices, it’s precise enough to be beneficial.

Tracking resting heart rates have never been better. The PurePulse sensor is a great innovative addition to this device. Steady runs HR data from this device is very much useable. However, when it comes to HIIT workouts, the heart rate observation is not dependable.


Fitbit Alta HR

Offers almost the same features as the Charge 2. Steps counting can also appear slightly high or accurate most of the times. It appears more accurate if the legs are lifted a bit high above the ground. The daily resting heart rate is usually accurate and will serve well for casual uses.

It does not offer a workout start-up like Charge 2. But it does come with the SmartTrack that can also perform the task. The heartbeat during runs typically falls within 5bpm of your chest strap. The reliability of this device decreases as the intensity of activity increases.

Alta HR vs Charge 2: Tracking the Sleep Cycle

Both devices find it a bit difficult to track the wake-up time. Nonetheless, the Charge 2 proves slightly more accurate than the Alta HR. Both trackers also track sleep stages using accelerometer and heart rate sensor. This process helps to improve the accuracy of detecting each sleep stage. The three sleep stages which these devices can detect are:

  • The light sleep stage
  • The deep sleep stage
  • The REM sleep.

These devices both work with the app to give you insights on your sleep quality.

Fitbit Alta Vs Charge 2: Battery Performance

When judging by paper values, Charge 2 is estimated to last for 5 days. This means with all the functions turned on. The Alta HR is given a 7-day estimate. However, we had different results from testing the devices.

Fitbit Charge 2

During testing, the Charge 2 lasted up to six days at full functions. This includes notifications, for both sleep tracking rates and heartbeat rates. It 1-2 hours to get a full charge on the 5 volts battery.

Fitbit Alta HR

We also got six days for this device as well with all functions turned on. However, this device might just be able to last up to 7 days. This heavily depends on user habit.

Generally, we call this a tie when it comes to battery performance.

The differentiating factor for these two devices when it comes to battery durability is insignificant. This may not count so much as a factor for determining your final choice.

Fitbit Alta vs Charge 2: Comparing the Prices

When it comes to pricing, the two products are not very far apart. Depending on the color you’re after the prices do differ a little. These are the best deals you can get for each product.

Fitbit Charge 2

Alta HR vs Charge 2: Our Final Verdict

Drawing a final verdict for these two devices is a bit difficult one. They both exhibit similar functions and the closeness in their prices makes it even trickier. With a fully updated Alta HR, you don’t lose out on many features. The only missing feature would be the GPS and workout modes. The Alta HR hides under the pretense of a friendly device for workout enthusiasts. It offers the best performance when it comes to lifestyle tracking. It creates the awareness of heart health, sleeps quality and steps.

On the other hand, it also looks great to wear the device. However, when it comes to functions, the Charge 2 deserves the win. It allows you to access different sports modes. With the Charge2, you have a real-time experience of your stats. It is a more accurate representation of your activities. In addition, it keeps track of how many floors you’ve climbed. Charge 2 offers high flexibility and offers all the inspirations required daily to progress.

fitbit alta hr vs

However, for those who are infrequent when it comes to fitness tracking, Charge 2 is the ideal device for you. For more serious athletes, the Alta HR will certainly remain their best choice. The Alta HR can help you to easily push your exercise routine to the next stage. The SmartTrack feature is a very powerful tool that gives this device some advantages. No matter the activity, it ensures your stats are properly tracked. Alta HR also provides a more detailed analysis of your sleep patterns. This makes it a better device for those who want to check overall health results. In addition to call and social media notification, the Alta HR offers calendar notifications.


Both devices have excellent reviews and each one can make a good choice. However, we totally give it to Charge 2 for its variety of functions. You can decide what works best for you. Check how comfortable you are with a device before settling for it. In the long run, it boils down to being happy with your choices.

If after reading our Fitbit Alta hr vs Charge 2 comparison you’re still not sure, don’t forget there’s a ton more Fitbit products out there.

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Fitbit Alta HR Vs Charge 2 Which Gets Your Heart Racing?

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