Emerson Ceiling Fan Vs Bamboo Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fan Vs Tropical Ceiling Fans

There are several differences between tropical ceiling fans and standard ceiling fans. Tropical ceiling fans have wider blades than typical fans. A large number of tropical ceiling fans are made for outdoor use. Tropical ceiling fans look different from normal fans in that they have a more natural, and woody appearance.

Tropical Ceiling Fans vs Standard Ceiling Fans

The main thing that sets tropical ceiling fans apart is their blades. Tropical fans have wider blades than standard ceiling fans. The blades are a similar length to standard blades, but just wider. Part of the reason for this is for their appearance. The wide blades give the fans a unique look that is perfect for many settings, both indoors and outdoors. As the name implies, these fans give rooms a tropical sort of look. They look especially good in rooms that contain wooden furniture. More traditional products can range from ultra modern looking to antique in style. These ranges mean you can choose a fan to blend in with your minimalistic decor or your older, traditional style.


Tropical ceiling fans can make a room look like it is on the beach. While tropical ceiling fans may look great, the main reason they have wide blades is to improve airflow. The wide blades catch and push more air than narrower blades. These fans were originally to provide relief from hot and humid weather. There are also more modern heat fans, which are ideal year round. These are a popular option instead of aircon units. Emerson HF1160WW Heat Fan, is one such product, to consider.

A large number of tropical ceiling fans are made for outdoor use. Since they are made to provide greater airflow than normal ceiling fans, it makes sense that they are particularly useful in hot and muggy outdoor weather. Tropical ceiling fans can be a great addition to any porch, deck, or gazebo.

Tropical ceiling fans have a distinctive appearance. Aside from their unique blades, tropical fans often have a more organic look than standard fans. They often look like they are made of wicker or plants.

Tropical fans are perfect for hot and humid environments. They provide a high airflow and have a unique and appealing look that can give any room the appearance that it is overlooking the ocean.

Bamboo Fans

Bamboo Ceiling Fans

Bamboo fans come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some of the available types of bamboo fans include bamboo ceiling fans, mini bamboo fans, and Japanese fans. Each of these bamboo fans has its own unique design purposes.

The first type of bamboo fans that we will look at is bamboo ceiling fans. Bamboo ceiling fans can be found in most department stores, lighting stores, and home improvement stores. Their designs run the spectrum from tropical to contemporary.

The second type of bamboo fans that we will look at is rattan ceiling fans. While rattan is often commonly confused with bamboo, it is actually a type of palm. Rattan ceiling fans also tend to be designed primarily as tropical looking fans as opposed to more sophisticated design styles.

The third type of bamboo fans that we will look at are mini bamboo fans. These types of fans are usually used as a wedding favor or party favor. They are simply a smaller version of a full sized bamboo frame. The bamboo in these fans is generally just the ribbing, however, in some cases, bamboo paper is also used in the construction of the fan.

The final type of bamboo fans that we will look at are Japanese fans. Japanese fans utilize bamboo as their support system. Then paper is stretched across the bamboo ribs and painted with a traditional Japanese design. These fans are designed to bring good luck to the user as well as help keep them cool.


Did You Know?

Bamboo, a vital building tool that grows 10 times faster than trees, is an increasingly popular choice of furniture in America’s home.

Emerson ceiling fan

Emerson Ceiling Fan

If you are thinking of adding a ceiling fan to your home for energy efficiency as well as adding good looks and style to your home, you need look no further than an Emerson ceiling fan. Emerson company has been hard at work manufacturing high quality, innovative designs that can stand the test of time since 1895. The Emerson Ceiling Fans CF804SORB is a popular choice. Available in 42inch and 52 inch blade size options.

The Emerson ceiling fan division is a part of Emerson, which is a $17 billion corporation. Emerson is one of the leaders in the engineering and technological market today. As a brand, they have never lost sight of the fact that their top quality ceiling fans and motors started the whole ball of wax in motion.

It was in 1890 when Emerson built the first motor that ran on alternating current. It wasn’t until 1895 that Emerson introduced the first ceiling fan that was powered by A/C. Since 1895 Emerson has been the longest running manufacturer of ceiling fans worldwide.

With over 110 years behind them and hundreds of patents later, Emerson ceiling fan is still devoting all their energies into designing and manufacturing the best ceiling fan you can find available on the market. Emerson has more than 150 different styles and models of ceiling fans. That range from timeless classics to the most modern and trendiest designs for you to choose from to suit any room décor in your home.

Quality & Style

You can be assured that each Emerson ceiling fan has been made with careful workmanship and the best materials that are available. Your Emerson ceiling fan will be guaranteed by the strongest warranties that the industry can provide.

Enjoy a vast array of Emerson ceiling fans to choose from along with a full line of accessories that will bring your room together. There are exclusive finishes and unique light fixtures you can only find when you browse options for your home.



This was a slightly different review, as we were comparing a couple of different styles of product. Our personal preference is that the Emerson range offers a more modern option. The bamboo and tropical style ones are not probably ideal in a New York apartment. It’s down to your own taste and decor, but any style will enhance your home.


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Emerson Ceiling Fan Vs Bamboo Fans

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