Dual Core vs Quad Core. Is a Dual core better than a Quad Core?

Dual Core vs Quad Core What’s The Difference?

So I was in the market for a new laptop. Wandered into a local store and the sales guy there was offering me several options of different quad core laptops. I tested a couple to see how the keyboards felt and then left. Visiting a different store, the young guy there offered me a dual core laptop. So I asked him the best one and why. He was kinda stumped and said, price is a factor. He offered no other value or reason. Anyhow, I made my choice after trying a couple in the store. I liked one in particular, the keypad felt nice to the touch. The machine had the specification for what I needed. The store wouldn’t budge on price though, so I returned home and ordered online. The delivery arrived very quickly and I’m happy with my purchase. What did I buy? I’ll reveal at the bottom of this page.

compare dual core and quad core


Computers have become one of the most integral parts of today’s fast life. In today’s tech life, working is now consumed by these electronic devices in the form of mobile phones, tabs, laptops, etc., a fast and reactive way to compete with the latest tech trends. That’s where a processor portrays its part. A laptop or desktop? Deciding what you should purchase? It can be the hardest part to figure out between dual-core vs quad-core.

It is often a complex task for a naive person to choose a computer, mobile or other electronic devices based on a processor. The person can get the basic idea of the processing speed but he/she will not be able to understand the functioning and in-depth working of a computer. Well, this is not a problem now, because this article provides you all the compulsions and essentials required to understand a processor to make a better choice.

What Is A Processor?

A processor is a term that is often used interchangeably with the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It is a significant component that controls the major functioning of a computer. All the input, output, and processing commands pass through the processor.

Since the processor has a key role in the successful execution of a computer, it is given a lot of consideration. It is an Integrated Circuit (IC) which is made of small silicon chip that consists of two major units namely Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU). ALU performs the arithmetic and logical calculations while CU handles memory operations and executes programming instructions of all the Softwares. Currently, two popular computer processors are Intel and AMD that are ruling this field.

dual core processor vs quad core processor


A processor is divided into parts called core. A single core runs a single operation at a time called clock speed. This speed is measured in Hertz. With multiple core processors, several tasks can be run simultaneously, increasing the speed or decreasing the time. Therefore, a computer with a higher number of the processor is preferred by tech experts.

In simple terms, a core is like a road for traffic to pass. The number of cores means a wider road from which much more traffic can pass easily. Purchase decisions are never rational. There are extraordinary fast computers but it depends upon an individual’s working needs and usage that drives his/her intentions to make a decision.

Dual-Core Processor

A Dual Core Processor is separated into two parts, dividing the work into two sections. Although both of these cores are deployed on the same IC chip, they have their independent memory and control. Both of these processors can pass each other instructions reducing the load on the other. Intel Core Duo and AMD X2 are the most popular examples of Dual Core processors.


  • Performs 64-bit instruction in a single clock tick.
  • It takes less time than a single-core processor.
  • Smooth Multitasking.


A computer installed with a single core could only run a single application if high speed was required. This problem was solved by Dual Core Processors which have the advantage of multitasking. This means that multiple applications can run at a time.

Quad-Core Processor

As the name reflects, quad-core processors have four paths for the data and instructions to flow concurrently.  They are a product of the market for quite long, however, mobiles and other electronic devices are now embracing this technology. The four core processing, capability seems like a solid all-rounder.  Keep in mind though, not every application software can tackle these multicore capabilities effectively. These new quad-core processors have some disadvantages as well, like hardware overheating and cache splitting.


  • Performs 128-bit instruction in a single clock tick.
  • It takes less time to perform any task than a dual-core processor.
  • Multitasking.


The prominent benefit of a quad-core processor is the increase in performance and efficiency. The performance of a Quad core is not measured in terms of speed, rather it’s measured by the ability of the processor to perform multiple tasks at once without any hurdles. Such multiple task handling abilities if performed on a single-core processor can hardly manage numerous programs at such a fast rate. When quad-core processors were first launched for consumers (around a decade ago), only a few programs were properly used. Whereas now, almost every heavy application is optimized for multiple processing cores. These quad-core processors support the latest versions of almost all the apps and supported programs bring out the best use of software and applications on both laptops and mobile phones.

Dual Core Processor vs Quad Core Processor: Which One Is Better?

If we compare dual-core and quad-core than we can have an idea from the above statements that Dual Core lacks two cores as compared to Quad Core that decreases its execution speed. Although from the technical perspective, Quad Core is faster than Dual Core in the end, it all depends upon the software. The latest and updated applications design a system to use more cores for faster working such as gaming apps and productivity apps.

Subsequently, simple apps that do not require complex instruction execution can work efficiently even on a single core. The higher number of cores, the more applications you can run simultaneously without making your device slow. Consider setting your reminders while watching a video, messaging someone and creating a document at the same time. You can perform all of these tasks at once with a dual-core as well as a quad core. However its better to use a quad-core processor because each task is individually assigned to one core at a time. The burden becomes less. Moreover, for your routine tasks and daily multitasking, you can consider buying a dual-core processor over a quad-core one if you don’t want to run any heavy software. I can plug in my headphones and enjoy some music while I work.

Informed Suggestion to which is better

What kind of processor you should purchase? It depends upon the type of work you want to take from it. If you want to work on daily tasks and use basic software at a regular pace and do not want to invest much, you can go for a dual core processor. However, if you want to multitask, run several heavier applications/ software simultaneously and want your tasks done at a faster speed, then we suggest you invest in a quad-core processor that will accommodate your uses better and save your time as well.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section below. Oh, in case you wondered which model I bought? I went with the 2020 Lenovo ThinkBook 13s 13.3″ FHD Business Laptop Computer/ 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U up to 3.9GHz/ 16GB DDR4 RAM/ 1TB PCIe SSD/ Backlit KB/ Windows 10 Pro + EST 500GB External Hard Drive.

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Dual Core vs Quad Core. Is a Dual core better than a Quad Core?

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