Do Dryer Balls Work And Reduce Drying Time?

How Do Dryer Balls Work And Are They Effective?

While laundry might be the last thing you enjoy doing on a weekend, there are several laundry hacks and products that can help make the chore a bit more bearable. Dry balls are definitely on one of them. Made from either wool or plastic, these balls are marketed as an effective and chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets. But the question is, do they really work?

Fluffier, softer and wrinkle-free fabrics, sounds great? So why not make it happen?

In this article, we are going to talk about different types of dryer balls, the difference between dryer balls and dryer sheets, as well as how you can tell if these balls are truly working on your clothes. Let’s get started.

To begin with, what are dryer balls?

Dryer balls are little balls that help soften clothes, reduce static, and shorten drying time. They also smoothen out wrinkles and creases, often eliminating the need to iron your clothing.  There are two types of dryer balls: Wool dryer balls and the plastic variants.

While they both get the job done, wool balls are the most popular and the better of the two options since they are more eco-friendly and don’t produce as much noise as the plastic ones.

What is the difference between dryer sheets and dryer balls?

If you are not sure how dryer balls can help with your laundry, we suggest that you give them a try. They can minimize lint and static cling, and will even remove pet hair.

Dryer balls are better than dryer sheets when it comes to separating clothes. So, they allow for more even distribution of hot air throughout the load, reducing drying time. In fact, thanks to the ability of the wool to soak up moisture, wool dryer balls can cut drying time by approximately 10-25%. Note that over-drying can also increase static and damage your clothes. Therefore, it’s good to use lower temperature settings when using clothes dryer balls.

How to know if dryer balls are working your clothes

Shorter drying time is the main thing that shows dryer balls are working.  If your clothes dry quicker than they usually do, then these balls are working.  Additionally, they should help reduce wrinkles and static.  Note that synthetic clothing, such as workout clothes, tend to produce a lot of static, so we recommend that you hang-dry them to greatly reduce static.

do dryer balls work

If you have been making use of dryer balls for some time, you will know that they usually last 2 to 3 years or 1000 loads of laundry.  As a tip, you can stick safety pins through each dryer ball to help reduce static in clothes. If you like fresh fragrance, you can also dab some drops of essential oils, like lavender, lemon, tea tree, etc., on the balls before using them.

If you have tried many popular laundry products, from fabric defuzzer to portable steamer, maybe it’s time you join the dryer ball bandwagon as well. Here are some best-selling dryer balls you can try:

  1. Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls

Boasting plenty of 5-star reviews, this set of natural wool dryer balls is well-received by customers. Reviewers say that the balls last more than 1000 loads of laundry and are available in various fun colors, including pink, grey, and purple.

  1. Branch Basics Dryer Balls

These eco-friendly dryer balls are produced in the United States. They are 100% free of chemicals and pesticides and do not leave any residue on your clothes like a fabric softener, or dryer sheet might do.

  1. Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Smart sheep wool dryer balls are one of the best-selling laundry products out there. They are made in Nepal using 100% wool sourced from New Zealand. Although they may pill after a while, they are guaranteed to keep softening clothes. Also, continue reducing wrinkles without the added harmful chemicals of dryer sheets.


Final Thoughts

With the modern family doing a washload 4-5 times a week on average, that’s a lot of laundries. To help speed up the process, dryer sheets, fabric conditioner, and now dryer balls are all popular. The wool balls can last as long as 4 boxes of dryer sheets. So they are more affordable and give great value for money. Yes, these balls help prevent laundry from clumping in the dryer, so they do actually work!

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Do Dryer Balls Work And Reduce Drying Time?

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