Danby DBC120BLS Review

Danby DBC120BLS 3.3 Cubic Feet Capacity Beverage Center

If you’re one of those who enjoy watching TV with your partner or friends at home, then you are probably someone who also wants to have a cold drink for such relaxing occasions. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a can of beer or even a cold Coca Cola, it’s something you likely consider a crucial ingredient for your complete enjoyment.

And we’re guessing you’re still trying to figure out which cooler to buy because you got to this page. Right? Let’s take a closer look at the Danby Beverage Center to find out if this is the kitchen appliance you should get.


Features of the Stainless Steel Danby Beverage Center

Dimensions: 33.7 inches high, 17.87 inches wide, and 19.75 inches deep

Weight: 68.9 pounds

  • It has a tempered glass door
  • The trim is stainless steel, giving it a sophisticated feel.
  • Inside the cooler, you will see an incandescent light to making viewing its contents easier.
  • Its door hinges are reversible. However, it also has an integrated lock which you can secure using a key.
  • It’s quite spacious. You get 3.3 cubic feet of storage allowing you to fit 120 cans of beer and even wine when laid flat.
  • You get removable shelves offering you flexibility in terms of what you can store inside the Danby DBC120BLS.
  • You can select from temperatures of 43F to 57F.

Danby DBC120BLS

Learn more about the Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

Danby Beverage Center Pros and Cons

One of the most key features of this cooler is its storage capacity. You can store as many as 120 cans of beer, and that means so you really won’t run out of drinks in case your friends show up all of sudden to watch the Superbowl with you.

The temperature range will work not only for chilling your beer but also for storing exotic beverages that need a specific range of temperature. You can age beers in temps of about 50F to 55F which is something this appliance can handle perfectly.

And as mentioned earlier, you get more flexibility on what you can store inside as well as how you want to arrange your beverages because of the removable shelves.

But it also has some drawbacks. For one, the lighting is not LED, it’s incandescent. And if you get the older version of this product, you may end up with flimsy shelves. Make sure to get the latest which is more durable.

Nevertheless, the Danby Beverage Center performance is very reliable and you get to cool your drinks fast. It can run properly for a long time and many of the Danby Beverage Center reviews can attest to this.

With the quality of this cooler, you really get more for your money.


Is the Danby DBC120BLS Worth Buying?

The answer would really depend on your needs. If you need a cooler for your drinks that can fit a LOT of beer, then this beverage cooler is hard to beat. It’s inexpensive and it works great. It can cool your drinks fast because the door shuts tightly. It also gives you flexibility on what you can put inside. But if you are looking for a cooler that can keep the internal temperature for much lower than 50F then there are other options out there or you can just get yourself a mini fridge.


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Danby DBC120BLS Review

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