Cool Backpacks for Men – We Put 4 Brands To The Test

Let’s Look At The Best Cool Backpacks for Men


You seek adventure. You want to hike the tallest mountains, kayak the fastest rapids and climb the steepest hills. To satisfy your inner adventurer, you’ll need the right gear including a backpack with lots of space for all those ‘just in case’ moments. When searching for a backpack, space is essential but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your swag for function. These cool backpacks for men are not only stylish but also come equipped with all you need for your next big adventure. Below, you will find a detailed comparison of 4 of the best backpacks for men along with our overall top pick for the coolest and top pick for best looking. Look cool and be prepared no matter where in the world your adventure takes you.

cool backpacks for men

Best Backpacks for Men


Here are our 4 top choices of backpacks for men. Each of these has a different and unique look and feature that sets them apart from the others. Coming in a wide range of prices and looks, choosing the backpack that is perfect for you should come without a problem. By the way, these are in no particular order, we will reveal our top choice toward the end. Let’s go!


Canvas VDSL-AUGUR Series Vintage Backpack

Rather you’re lugging around books for studies or off on your next adventure this backpack can withstand it all. Made up of sturdy canvas, the lifetime of this bag is seemingly endless stitched to perfection with genuine cow leather trim. There are 4 outside pockets located on the sides, front, and back and 5 inner pockets for easy organization. There is also a padded space on the inside to protect laptops or tablets. We really like the look of this backpack and the wide range of colors available making it perfect for the most stylish of men. And the best part, it comes with a price tag suitable for all budgets.


Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack

Load up everything including the kitchen sink with this sleek sack. Secret agent vibes spill out featuring a sharp appearance created by a mixture of solid black nylon and polyester creating a smooth effect with red and silver accents. The unmatched quality of Oakley lines the entire bag making transport of delicate objects like laptops and sunglasses a breeze. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the waterproof bottom can be used as an extra compartment for storage adding to its already spacious setup. Several pockets line the inside and outside for easy organization and a padded hidden side sleeve fits laptops or other technology equivalents perfectly. This backpack falls at the higher end of the price range but definitely an investment worth taking not only for usage but a stylish addition to any wardrobe.


Kinmac Bohemian Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Who says you can’t be both comfortable and stylish? This sack is equipped with massage cushion straps to support shoulders when carrying a full load across campus or up a mountain. Made from waterproof canvas material, this bag protects its contents in all types of climates and conditions. The inside is lined with protective cushioning for portable devices and a USB charging port makes it easy to get a charge while on the go or lost deep in the woods. We really like the design. Yes, it is a bit on the riskier side, especially for guys with more simplistic taste but, it can add some flavor to your daily get up and matches perfectly with the cool neutral tones of nature. This bag is super spacious with a mid-range price and lots of added comfort; need we say more?


SwissGear 1900 Scan Smart TSA Backpack

Nomads will enjoy this bag as it is specially made to travel with ease. The back-compartment unzips with Swiss Gear’s flat laying design making airport checks hassle free. These bags last forever, equipped with ballistic polyester that is durable; lasting through both wear and tear and weather. The design includes a ventilation system providing free movement of air through and out of the bag increasing comfort and support and easy grip material on both handle and straps for easy and comfortable transport. 2 outer mesh side pockets along with front and side zipper pockets add to its super spacious interior which comes with several small compartments to help keep track with even the smallest of travel accessories. Featuring a simplistic yet sophisticated look this SwissGear heather grey backpack is stitched to perfection with black accents, silver zippers, and the globally recognized red logo. For the quality and the look, it is perfectly priced, falling in the mid-range of its competitors. Comfort, durability, and style come together into one place deeming it the perfect companion for daily transport or worldwide travels.


All Things Considered…


Taking all things into consideration and choosing the coolest of cool backpacks for men, we feel like there is one that stands out a bit above the rest. Though all those mentioned above are perfect and suit a wide range of budgets and styles, we have to say that the SwissGear sack stole our heart. It sits right in the middle when it comes to price range, and we think for all that it features It is quite the steal.


We really like the look, the durable material and all of the space that comes with the backpack especially the flat laying design. Though most of the others come in a super close second, we like the color and are always fans of one of the best everlasting backpack brands; SwissGear. All of the padding included in the interior made for safe and secure transport of the most delicate items. In terms of space, price, durability, and looks this is our first choice.

Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack, stealthblack, One Size

For the choice of one of the best-looking backpacks for men, throwing all other things out of the window, we would have to go with the Oakley ‘Kitchen Sink’ backpack. It comes in at the high end of the price range (even though it is totally worth it!) which is the reason we chose the SwissGear sack as our top choice. The red and black display are super sharp and make every man look a little manlier. A mix of durable easy grip materials, metals, nylon and polyester create a classy look that can be hauled around all day.

We really like the accents that are added on the outside of the backpack creating a ‘ready for anything’ appearance rather it be climbing, hiking, or traveling. With this bag, looks is not all it has to offer, making its purchase a wise one not only looking cool but safely and securely transporting objects and keeping them safe, even offering a scratch free cushioned area for sunglasses.

We have introduced our winners but honestly, any of the 4 featured come in at the top of the coolest backpacks for men. Choose the perfect one based on your personal style with a wide range of looks and all coming with high-quality designs and functions. The next time you embark on an adventure, choose one of our top choices to go along with you, giving your look an added bit of edge and protecting you and your gear in the process. Happy choosing!

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Cool Backpacks for Men – We Put 4 Brands To The Test

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