City LEGO Advent Calendar Vs Harry Potter!

LEGO Advent Calendar Ideas

It’s that time of the year once again. People are looking for gifts for Christmas, but also for the run in prior to the festivities.

A LEGO Advent Calendar can be a life saver. Once December hits the madness begins, as people in search for the perfect (last-minute) gifts. The holiday is about family; a time to celebrate tradition and spend time together. Advent calendars are nothing new, promoting family togetherness and building excitement as Christmas morning gets closer and closer. Those of the past featured candy or prizes that could be punched out of a foil material featuring Christmas décor.

Today, there are many creative products that will certainly suit every family, no matter how ‘different’ the tradition. The genius creators at LEGO have constructed a LEGO advent calendar allowing families to be creative while discovering new pieces daily to add to backdrops full of Christmas cheer. Below we have 2 of our top picks, each version featuring their own special touches. We will give a detailed explanation and also offer our 2 cents on which is the perfect buy.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Relive all your favorite Harry Potter moments with this saga themed advent calendar for 2019. As each day passes by, build up the excitement and anticipation with the help of the most loved Harry Potter characters. Expert designers at LEGO have constructed the perfect pieces and backdrops to create Christmas themed movie scenes and countdown the days until you’re running down the stairs and ripping open your presents. This LEGO advent calendar features 305 total pieces, including mini figures of Harry Potter himself along with friends Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Dumbledore, Flitwick, and Hedwig.
A miniature Hogwarts Express train is one of many fixtures featured to create a Christmas dinner frenzy and scenic recreation of the movies own event. Each piece is carefully crafted and detailed with intricately placed details and color schemes that bring holiday cheer. Snowmen with witch hats and Christmas trees are part of the set adding special touches to Hogwarts halls. As the anticipation builds for the big day, a LEGO toy can be collected for all 24 days leading up to Christmas morning.

What’s In The Box?

This set not only features themed pieces from the movie but all of the bricks and pieces to construct creative LEGO worlds and let your imagination run free.  This set is recommended for children 7 and up (and children at heart too!), and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to replace missing broken or misshapen pieces. LEGO always guarantees to deliver the best of their products promising your money back in the case the set is not suited to your satisfaction. This set falls in mid-range, priced perfectly for all budgets. With this set Harry Potter fans of all ages will be delighted to share special moments and count down the 24 days until Christmas morning alongside all of the most loved wizard friends.


LEGO City Advent Calendar

A beautiful snowy Christmas themed backdrop is featured in the LEGO advent calendar. Including a total of 234 pieces, this set comes with everything needed to construct a Christmas paradise. 7 minifigures including a smiling snowman and jolly ol’ St. Nick greet you as you count down the days until Christmas morning. As the days pass and figures are revealed, integrate them into the town building community miracles and cheer. All pieces are crafted to perfection featuring jolly faces bundled in winter gear, winter vehicles like bulldozers and sleighs, and all holiday staples like presents, Christmas trees, and snowflakes.
This set is recommended for ages 5 and up, as there are small pieces that could cause a hazard. Apart from the figures, several small blocks are included promoting creativity and allowing the designer within some time to be free. Like always with LEGO, the sky is the limit allowing fans to combine and fit pieces from other sets easily. Apart from several satisfied customers, this set has ranked #9 in the top 100 Toys and Games and has been globally enjoyed by all.

What’s Good About This Set

Apart from 234 pieces, we like that this builds out as an eyecatching set. If Harry Potter isn’t your cup of tea, this is worth considering!

LEGO manufacture’s warranty promises that all pieces will come perfectly constructed and as promised, guaranteeing replacement if it is not up to par. Missing pieces are also replaced in case of this event. Suitable for a large range of budgets, this set is perfect for families wanting to add more anticipation and cheer to the holidays. Reveal the pieces day by day with 24 spaces to open as each one passes. This set makes a perfect activity for the entire family as anticipation builds for the big day. Bringing the cheer of LEGO into the home during a special time of year is the perfect idea to create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 60235 Building Kit,

Which One to Buy?


Both of the sets mentioned are unique in their own way. Falling around the same price range and both featuring the high-quality design and construction LEGO is known for, the better of the two is a difficult choice. In reality one is not better than the other we think if comes down to personal preference. Each set has its own setup and custom Christmas themed pieces and each set offers a 24-day countdown. While many people around the world are Harry Potter fans; not everyone has partaken in the global phenomenon making the LEGO city advent calendar set a more universal choice. Instead of Harry Potter characters, you will find holiday staples and cheerful LEGO city citizens.

The Harry Potter advent calendar comes with more pieces, especially because of the dinner theme and dining hall set but the extra pieces shouldn’t be a reason to purchase one over the other. So, if your family has read the saga, watched the movies a million times and enjoy the entire story of the young wizard, you’ll want to go with the movie themed set. Each one comes with connecting blocks and universal pieces that can be combined with original LEGO sets giving families a chance to build creative designs together adding to the homely feelings that only the holidays can produce. Both of these advent calendars are a perfect addition to holiday traditions bringing out the kid in even the oldest and grumpiest of people.

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City LEGO Advent Calendar Vs Harry Potter!

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