Bosch vs DeWalt: Finding Your Right-Hand Handyman

Bosch vs DeWalt: Bosch GSB18V-535CB15 Takes On The DeWalt DCD791D2


When looking for an all-inclusive tool that will stand by your side during your tough jobs, where do you even begin? With a market full of this and that all claiming to be the best, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a jumble. But don’t worry, you have us, and we have done our homework narrowing it down to two of the best but; how do they stand up to one another? We are talking of course about the battle between Bosch vs DeWalt.  We’ve already done the Makita vs. Dewalt Drill/Driver Showdown, which you can read here.


Both have been deemed some of the best cordless tools by the top hardware gurus around. When deciding, however, between Bosch vs DeWalt drill, you’ll realize that there are a few specifics that set them apart which may make one a better fit for your fixing needs. First of all, let’s take a look at some of the specifics that each one is packing to start getting your mind jogging.


We will start off by taking a look at Bosch (not because of preference but for the sake of alphabetical order). When choosing a drill, a side by side comparison of the specs should do you a lot of good to help you see which features can be used to your advantage and which are just extras. This is a quick list of their top features we will get into more details a little further down.


Bosch 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver


Coming in at under 3 pounds, this is a power packed drill with some advanced tech specs to make your jobs easier and hassle free. This is truly a new and technologically advanced system that comes with an optional app to get to know its performance for possible optimization. Some of the key specs that set this drill apart are:


  • Bluetooth technology (with optional tool Module app)
  • CORE 18V Li-ion battery
  • Kickback control
  • Ec Brushless Motor

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit


A 3.5-pound overall weight and brushless motor work together along with high transmission to help you get your jobs done. Made for long term drilling with two battery packs included plus a motor for increased run time. The pack comes with two batteries included for a quick charge in between to keep on going no matter how long the job takes. Some of the key specs to keep your eyes on are:


  • Brushless Motor
  • XR Li-ion batteries
  • LED Lights
  • High Speed Transmission


You may be able to take a glance and see which is better for you based on the main specs but, we have a more in-depth look for you coming up. We will take a look at how the two compare not only in specs but also pricing and overall setup that comes along with each tool. We will then finish up with which drill stole our hearts and gets our recommendation.


Digging in Deeper: Bosch vs DeWalt


One of the most important things to look for when choosing a cordless drill is the lifespan. You want a drill that will last maintaining its power to keep you working and focused without interruption. As far as the rest of the factors, well, they will just depend on the work you need it for. Are you searching for a power tool for your honey do list or do you have an entire renovation in mind? We will leave you to ponder that on your own but for now, on to the drills.



Bosch: Top of the Line

Bosch is a top of the line brand that is known for their groundbreaking and advanced innovations. Their new 18v cordless drill features a cutting edge technology which gives you a whole new look at the duration and overall power and lifespan of your tool. The app connects directly to a Bluetooth system that is embedded in the drill, where you can better control and manage your tool time and use for more efficient working.

bosch vs dewalt GSB18V535CB15

An ergonomically sound set up with non-slip grip and padded backing for comfort keep your hands happy. You won’t have to worry too much about the extra weight in your hands, with its seemingly weightless feel that comes with an impressive 535 pounds of torque. As you power through your projects, you’ll find that the cooling system kicks in to keep your product safe and kickback control is programmed when the going starts to get tougher.


The entire setup as a while comes with a convenient bag which holds a charger for the battery, a clip for easy on the job handling and a bit set to get your started. All materials are sturdy and feel like quality to the touch. All of this plus a warranty that will guarantee your product stays in working shape for one entire year for a price that will please even the tightest of shoppers, not such a bad deal.


DeWalt: Bang for your Buck

This is the perfect product if you’re doing more than just your average job. This 20v cordless drill comes with two batteries and a brushless motor that gives the device much more run time. The speeds are customizable, with two settings that you can choose from depending on the type of job you’re doing.


The total weight of the device is a bit heavier, falling over 3 lbs. The outer layer comes with a non-slip grip to keep your hands in place while the drill does its job along with the help of a 1/2“ratcheting chuck. Use this tool to help you reach all the hard to find places with the power of 3 spot LED lights and precision pinpoint drilling.


DeWalt tools come with a solid three-year limited warranty where the company vows to replace parts or the entire setup in the event of a plausible cause. This all comes packed into the typical black and yellow company brand with a sharp and sophisticated yet classic feel for a pretty good deal if you ask us.


So, after an in-depth look comparing both the Bosch vs DeWalt cordless drill, we of course had to come to a decision. Both companies are in our hearts because they have always been some of the best in the tool industry. Though it was tough, there was one that caught our eye and stayed imprinted in our memory and we will tell you why.


Bosch vs DeWalt: Who’s the Winner?


For us, the best drill driver combo needs to last. We are not only talking about in job but also as a staple tool in your collection. While both products come from solid companies that have been in the business of power tools for some time now, there is one that captured our attention from the get go. Not only for its appearance but for its performance and efficiency.


First of all, let us tell you one thing, we are not usually keen on deciding by the outer appearance alone. We like to take an all-around look of what these tools have packing both inside and out. We are not in the habit of being easily impressed by shiny things and like our products of choice to be backed by our word, genuinely. Enough about us, which tool is it that we thought took the cake?


We are all about the Bosch Hammer Drill/Driver. We are aware that it comes with less of a warranty but, Bosch has been in the business for some time now and their quality is possibly their most noteworthy feature. Not only does the setup look sophisticated and sharp but it is made to complement any handyman, from those who are working around the house or across the country.


Between the two, this is the more technologically advanced giving you the ability to see first-hand how your tool is standing up and how you can increase its productivity. It is lighter in weight and comes with a solid kickback control to power through just about anything. There is only one battery but, with the help of built in Bluetooth, you can learn how to optimize your tool using time. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as the battery alone comes with an impressive lifespan.


It is true that the Bosch drill is a bit heavier in price compared to the DeWalt but not enough to make up for the difference. An all in one compact and mobile tool that fits in hand and by your side perfectly without getting in the way is what we like to see. While DeWalt is a good name in the tool industry and their products always stand up to the test, for us, we just couldn’t get enough of Bosch.


DeWalt does come with a few more extras in the bag and a longer warranty for a steeper price but, we were not too fond of the torque capacity or the material. It is also on the heavier side and for us seemed a bit bulky during use. We are a fan of the look and appeal but we just couldn’t get away from the Bosch drill which made a powerful first impression from first use.


This was from our perspective but as we mentioned, it just depends on the power and the lifespan you need for your tools. Think about the duration of the job making sure to consider battery life and weight. Then, you can go for the less serious stuff like the overall look. We hope this helps, and that you are sure and confident about which setup is going to be the next addition to your tool collection. Happy Drilling!


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Bosch vs DeWalt: Finding Your Right-Hand Handyman

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