Blue Vs Copper Metal Our Quip Toothbrush Reviews

You ever travelled, hopped on the plane with your toiletries in the case in the hold? I made sure that my Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries was securely packed away. Then landed at the destination airport to discover that your case isn’t with you?

So this was what happened with me recently. The airline informed me they’d lost the case, instead of it landing with me in Atlanta, it was actually on route to Thailand. I have travel insurance, the airline were good and told me to buy what I needed, gave me an average budget for the essentials. This wasn’t going to cover my beloved OralB toothbrush, so I looked for an alternative.

Quip Electric Toothbrush – Blue Color – Electric Brush and Travel Cover Mount – Frustration Free Packaging

In case you live in a cave and haven’t seen Quip ads plastered all over your social media platforms, it’s a sleek electric toothbrush that’s somehow made oral hygiene cool. Sounds simple enough. The first time I saw it featured on my Twitter feed, I was weirdly drawn to its minimalist aesthetic and simplified routine. The company works on a subscription-based model, delivering toothpaste refills and new brush heads to you every three months, which is about when dentists suggest swapping your brush out for a new one. Here are three more reasons I’m never going back to a regular toothbrush again.

1. It’s affordable.

I’ve always bought a good quality electric toothbrush before for an easier and better clean. My current model is the Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries. Hey, this wasn’t the cheapest, but it does the business for me. I bought it a while back and paid just over $100. Now as I wasn’t offered that amount to replace my Pro 6000, I looked for a cheaper option, to get me by. I saw the Quip advertised, the price looked fine.  In fact this one I liked was around half of what I’d paid before. What I also liked here was you got a travel cover mount.

2. It’s travel-friendly.

Most, if not all, electric toothbrushes are typically bulky and not something you’d pack for trips or slip into your purse. The Quip brush is slim and sleek, and although it surprisingly has some weight to it, its travel wall mount makes taking it on the go so easy. It doubles as a toothbrush stand/wall mount that attaches to glossy surfaces like a suction cup and as a travel cover. Stick the mount onto your mirror or shower tile (it’s waterproof!), and simply peel off and cap your brush whenever you want to take it with you. This was one reason behind our quip toothbrush reviews here, it came about due to travel.

3. It works.

Quip is small but mighty. Creator Simon Enever spoke with dentists and learned that oral hygiene professionals suggest using electric toothbrushes over manual brushes, as well as the common mistakes most patients make when brushing their teeth. From there, he designed Quip to fit all those needs: a small head (for tight spaces), round-tipped bristles (softer on gums), and soft, flat bristles (most people brush too hard). One of the main issues he found was that most people don’t brush long enough, so a two-minute timer was built in, which pulses every 30 seconds to let the user know to switch sides. The delivery-service model also helps you get the most out of your brush; you’re not brushing effectively after three months of wear. After each use, my teeth feel and look significantly cleaner than they would from manual brushing.

quip toothbrush review on VS Guides

Don’t judge me, I’ve never been the most proficient brusher of teeth. I get up, brush my teeth. Just before bed, I brush my teeth. I’m not saying it’s a chore, but…. However, because Quip makes brushing so easy and fun — or as fun as brushing can get — Quip overrules my laziness and leaves me without any excuses to bypass this routine.

Quip Toothbrush Reviews Final Thoughts

As much as I liked this product, by the way I bought the metal blue one. It’s not as good as my Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries. Then again, it’s half the price to what I paid for my trusted Oral-B. What I’m considering doing is using this as my travel toothbrush, as the Quip really is easy to travel with. If you’re wanting to use the Quip as your main brush, they have a subscription service. The basic plan is a replacement head every 3 months & includes a new battery. I hope you enjoyed reading our brief quip toothbrush review, keep smiling!

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Blue Vs Copper Metal Our Quip Toothbrush Reviews

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