Best Whole House Water Filter – Apec Vs iSpring WGB21B

Which Is The Best Whole House Water Filter?

Water’s essential, there is no disputing that. Clean water is important, especially for drinking. This is why we used a filter pitcher we got down the local store. Then I read a great article on this site about how the water you wash, shower and bath in needs to be clean too. When I read that water can contain 10 million bacteria, I decided to invest in a RO system. My conclusion, I needed to get a whole house system. But which and why?

Why A Whole House Water Filtration System?

Ever heard about a whole house water filter? If you haven’t, you’re totally missing out! Water these days comes to your home straight from plants where it is treated to make for safe for consumption. Apart from better taste and quality, when adding a filter to your home, you’ll be able to enjoy healthier skin, hair, nails and teeth thanks to filtering out heavy metals. While this is a necessary protective measure, it can leave behind a metallic taste and a strange odor. Adding a filtration system to your home prevents these smells and tastes, taking out things like dirt and sand that may still be left behind.

Each water filtration system comes with a unique setup and is designed differently, some with the need for special filters that have to be replaced often and others that don’t. Some come with multiple stages that water must pass through to get to its final destination, some coming with higher pressure and holding capacity than others.

If you’re on the hunt for a system to add to your home, look no further. Here, we have two top of the line systems, taking a deeper look into their features and seeing how they compare to one another. At the end, though it was tough, we chose the one that caught our attention, with a little insight on why.


iSpring WGB21B Water Filtering System


This is a great option for your next domestic water filter if you’ve got limited space to work with. The setup and design make it so that every drop of water in the home can pass through each stage, where large minerals composites will be filtered out to improve purity, quality and taste.

A few of the more specific features included in this WGB21B setup are:

  • Filter capacity up to 15 gallons per minute
  • Two stages of filtration, each designed to filter out elements that cause bad tastes, odors and contaminates
  • Replaceable filters
  • 50,000 gallons between cartridge changes
  • Enhanced carbon blocker
  • Satisfaction or your money back (1 year)
  • 15 GPM of water pressure


APEC 3-stage Water Filtering System


For a whole house water filtration system that knocks out all the bad stuff, this is your dream. A three-stage system works with all water in the home to create the cleanest and purest tasting and smelling water. This system is optimized to remove even the smallest specks of debris including sand, dirt, silt, rust and other contaminates.

The APEC whole house water filter comes with a huge water holding capacity, for continued use up to one year without the need to change filters.

Features include:

  • Main water line installation for use all over the house
  • 3 stages for maximum filtration
  • 20’ BB filters for all three stages
  • Pre-assembled for easy install
  • Up to 100,000 gallons between cartridge changes


Battle of the Water Filter System


Comparing how the APEC and iSpring whole house filter setups stand up to one another, you might find it difficult to choose. This is because both systems are great, each one suiting the needs of some families more than others. For example, the iSpring whole house water filter has a smaller holding capacity, which makes for an overall use that is half than that of the APEC. Other key differences include:


  • Stages: iSpring comes loaded with 2 system whereas APEC has 3. This 3rd stage acts as a super captive net that gets all the small and pesky debris out for an enhanced taste. This added step in the system creates purer and cleaner water at the end, capturing small particles that may still be left behind.


  • Holding capacity: iSpring is smaller and therefore comes with fewer gallons per minute. iSpring comes with 15 total and APEC clocks in at 30. Though this might not be so important for individual use, a small family will benefit from the added capacity.


  • Durability: The APEC system claims that you will not have to replace the filter often, allowing for 1-year or 100,000 gallons before a new filter is necessary. iSpring comes in at half, at 50,000 capacity per filtration per year. Every family usage is different but, on average, you won’t have to change either system.


  • Price: While both fall around average for the features that they offer, the obvious higher priced is the APEC as it comes with more capacity, features, and is longer lasting. iSpring is half the price but, also holds half the capacity.

best whole house water filter

Our Pick


This one was a bit tricky, in all honesty. Partly because it can be difficult to estimate the amount of water that is truly used throughout the year. Plus, some families may be just fine with a 2-stage system. This is as most of the larger debris and carbon filter are both included. While one is more economical and gets part of the job done, the 3-stage system of the APEC stole our hearts. Here’s the reason why.


The larger water pressure is an excellent feature. Plus the ability to enjoy a years’ worth of water for an entire family without replacing the filter. Plus, the added stage that helps in filtering out things like dirt and sand before passing through carbon was what caught our attention. There is an obvious taste difference. Where this water tastes and smells clean and pure without the presence of heavy elements that alter its composition. Plus, the APEC promise to purchase and manufacture materials that go toward the assembly in the US. This promotes the company’s vision of durable and sustainable products. This filter is built to last, designed with quality in mind.


Adding a water filter to your home will make a lot of differences in many things. You’ll be able to enjoy clean and pure water without metallic tastes and free of odors. You’ll notice the difference in quality that will improve you and your family from the inside out. This is all thanks to a handy dandy filtration system that is compact and easy to set up.

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Best Whole House Water Filter – Apec Vs iSpring WGB21B

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