Best Treadmills Under 1000

Top 5 Best Treadmills Under 1000

Who says that getting in shape should cost an arm and a leg? Below are our top 5 picks for treadmills for under $1,000. Foldable, programmable, with monitors, without monitors. Our best treadmills under 1000 US$ selections offer something for everyone:

Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

With its wide running surface, easy to read console and motorized incline, the LifeSpan TR1200i is one of the highest rated treadmills on the market. Dial up the intensity with its 2.5HP motor and 15-level adjustable incline. Featuring 22 programmable workouts, training can be customized. This treadmill provides a comfortable experience with its strong deck suspension system. This is all for just under $1,000.

What does it offer?

  • Multi-color LCD monitor to easily track your distance, calories, and time
  • 22 programmable workouts designed for weight loss, health and heart training
  • The intelli-step feature that counts your steps
  • Easy to grip handles
  • MP3 compatible
  • Supports weight up to 300 pound
  • Folds up easily to save space
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 3-year warranty on parts, 1 year warranty on labor

Best Features?

  • Users have given high marks for its adjustability and durability
  • One of the best the warranties around
  • Patented Intelli-Guard feature automatically pauses the belt after 20 seconds without motion.

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Known to be easy to assemble and easy to use, the Horizon Fitness T101-04 makes our top treadmills list under $1,000. With a 2.25 CHP motor, 55” running board, and 10-level incline, it offers a solid workout. Although it is the lightest treadmill weighing at 165 pounds, it can still support up to 300 pounds without missing a beat.

What does it offer?

  • 30 program options, including interval, calorie, distance, and step workouts
  • 5” green-backlit LCD screen
  • Pulse Grip Heart Rate Monitoring
  • MP3 Compatibility
  • Sonic Surround Speakers
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 1 year parts and labor

Best Features?

  • Lightweight, Easy to Use, Easy to Assemble. The Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill is Bluetooth connected and has 10-speed keys & 10 incline keys, quick program keys.


ProForm Performance 600i

  • The Pro-Form Performance 600i treadmill has 2.5 HP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor and 10-level incline, offering a good workout for around $900. Complete with iFit enabled 10 inch full color capacitive touch display. With plenty of cushioning throughout its deck area, it provides a comfortable run.

What does it offer?

  • EKG heart rate monitor built into its handlebars
  • 0 – 10 MPH digital Quick Speed
  • 50 preset workouts
  • MP3 and iPod compatible
  • Supports weight up to  capacity 300 lb
  • Folds up easily to save space
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, 25 year warranty on the motor, 1 year parts and labor

Best Features?

  • This is a solid workout for a good price. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to iFit compatibility. iFit allows you to compete online with other iFit members throughout the world, train for races and to get customized workouts from Jillian Michaels.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 Folding Treadmill

For just under $400 RRP, the SF-T4400 Folding Treadmill delivers a good workout at a good price. With a 2.2HP Continuous Drive motor, it is built to run with minimal noise. It can reach a speed of up to 10mph, has a running deck of 15.75”x48.8”, and manually inclines to three positions. While not as robust as some of the previous models above, it still packs a quality walking or light-run experience.

What does it offer?

  • 3 –position manual incline
  • 9 programmed workouts to lose weight and burn fat
  • Handrail controls that control speed
  • Supports weight up to 220 pounds
  • Compact size
  • Folds up easily to save space
  • 1 year warranty for frame, 90 day warranty parts

Best Features?

  • Amazon users frequently gave positive reviews on the ease of setup and use. Price is another huge bonus, for the SF-T4400 Folding Treadmill as it offers outstanding value for money.


Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

Are you on a tight budget? For under $400, the Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill provides a quality walking or light-run experience. This basic model is equipped with a 2.25 CHP Motor and 50” walking belt The space saving design is ideal for apartments. There’s also the 2 position adjustable incline to consider.

What does it offer?

  • 2 –position manual incline
  • 6 programmed workouts
  • Supports weight up to 275 pounds
  • Folds up easily to save space
  • 90 day warranty for motor, parts, and labor are included.

Best Features?

Affordability is its best feature. This treadmill offers a good workout at a sound price. Comfort Cell Cushioning; Reduce impact on your joints for a more comfortable workout and faster recovery time between workouts.

Best Treadmills Under 1000 Final Word

For those of us on a budget, there are several quality treadmills on the market today. Whether you are a hard-core runner or just starting an exercise plan, a quality treadmill can be purchased for under $1,000. Fancy different choices? Then read our Weslo vs Gold’s Gym Treadmill guide here.

Not found what you’re looking for above? Then check these models below.

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Best Treadmills Under 1000

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