Best Trail Camera Reviews Our Top 5

Trail Camera Reviews

What’s the Best Trail Camera on the market? Here we are as we present our pick for the top five trail cameras. For this review we chose five brands known for quality trail cameras, showcasing a variety of options that are available. We included 5 different brands, a mix of price brackets and offers.

Finding The Best Trail Camera

At the number five spot is the, Amcrest digital game camera chosen not only for its features but also because of its budget-friendly price tag Amcrest has a hugely loyal following thanks to its quality camera systems most of which are designed specifically with your ultimate safety in mind it’s digital game camera can be triggered by the slightest movement of game in its 100 degree wide PIR field whether during the day or in low ambient light it features an LCD screen to view images as well as infrared LED night vision further it’s detachable laser remote offers greater convenience for you but while this camera does have lots of noteworthy features it doesn’t have the fastest trigger speed we’ve seen.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera

Next on our list at number four is the Bushnell trophy cam trail camera. This Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera is not the cheapest, so there’s that to consider.  Bushnell has made hunting more enjoyable thanks to his line of trail cameras which are built on 65 years of experience and with an eye for quality its trophy cam trail camera is made to withstand even the harshest of weather with an aggressive design strength and cable lock and settings you can adjust along with its quality build it offers great night and day photos fast trigger speed and outstanding battery life did we mention it’s affordable we love its top-notch features but we will admit that it’s video trigger is one the best. We really liked the 0.3-second trigger speed which enables us to captures 12MP high-quality images or 720P HD video with audio .

Moultrie A-40i Game Camera 14MP

The next product in our list was chosen because it is a great choice for people who are looking for a trail camera with lots of bells and whistles, at number three we have the Moultrie panoramic game camera. This Moultrie A-40i Game Camera ticks plenty of boxes and some more. Moultrie has a loyal following of hunting enthusiasts which is no surprise considering its wide range of quality and smartly designed hunting products.

Moultrie A-40i Game Camera

Boasting unmatched functionality and performance its panoramic trail camera is certainly the camera to go for if you want to capture more without being seen. It features fixed lenses along with a fast picture detection and great battery life to top it off. We like that it even offers you invisible infrared illumination. Yes, the features of this camera are truly high-quality and worthy of acknowledgment but do keep in mind that it has slow video detection. Another thumbs up for 14-Megapixel resolution for crisp pictures. Add to this the fact you get an illume-night sensor for the brightest and clearest nighttime images possible and it’s a winner.

Browning Strike Force PRO Trail Game Camera 18MP

When choosing the right trail camera for your needs, we know that budget can be an important consideration. So our number two pick the Browning Strike force elite trail camera takes the spot for the best value. The features here though are worth that little extra.  Capture 18 MP images and 1296 x 720 HD video, impressive or what?

Since 1878 Browning trail cameras have been at the forefront when it comes to hunting gear due to its unwillingness to stop growing and striving for top-notch status. Now you can enjoy crisp clear images and fast trigger speed with its Strikeforce elite trail camera which offers 0.3-second trigger speed and 0.6-second recovery for capturing good quality images. Granted, the Browning Strike Force PRO Trail Game Camera w/ 1.5″ Color Viewer isn’t cheap but the quality is there. Finally, long battery life is another plus. Slight downside, but when you purchase this camera you’ll also have to purchase your own SD card as it’s not included.

Best Trail Camera STC-DS4K Camera in action

The world’s first 4K digital trail camera, STC-DS4K Camera

So We Come To Our Top Pick.

Introducing the Stealth Cam Dual Sensor STC-DS4K Camera 30 Megapixel/4K Ultra HD Video. The STC-DS4K Camera made it to our top choice position because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price. Stealth cam has outdone itself when it comes to game cameras, creating products of only the finest quality while offering incredible customer service. It’s no gloat trail game camera employs reflex technology that allows the camera to capture images lightning-fast speeds while allowing you to set your preferred resolution. Furthermore, it offers a great detection range, super long battery life and is suitable for even harsh weather.  All of this paired with crisp clear images but sadly you may not have much room to store your perfect photos as it has limited memory storage. Stealth Cam Dual Sensor STC-DS4K Camera 30 Megapixel/4K Ultra HD Video. Imagine being able to shoot in 4K Ultra HD video or capture using the awesome 30 MP Ultra Hi-res performance camera. Now this is never going to be the cheapest selection, but we feel for sure it’s the best.

If you want to treat yourself, or a friend, to the world’s first 4K digital trail camera, now you can. With an RRP of $299.00, it’s not the cheapest product. We enjoy reviewing cameras, partly because we get to go outdoors and take some great shots ourselves.

These are our top five trail cameras we hope you enjoyed our review until next time, Take Care, and Happy Hunting!

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Best Trail Camera Reviews Our Top 5

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