Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker Presto Vs. Zavor, What’s Cooking?

Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker Presto vs. Zavor, what’s your preference?


Which is the best stovetop pressure cooker? Is it Presto or Zavor. I need the answer to this question because you see, I am presently shopping for a small pressure cooker that I can use in my kitchen. I love cooking, and as a career person, I need to cook fast yet conveniently sometimes. So, you can understand why I cannot go out there are buy the first cooker I come across.  So here I am, trying to get the best deal money can buy.


I need a stovetop pressure cooker because they are fast, convenient, and able to cook various food options. Also, I will need an 8-quart model because it is the option that will be able to handle sufficient food for my 6-member family. After conducting extensive research, I now have to choose between two quality options; the Zavor EZLock 8 Quart Dual-Setting Pressure Cooker and the Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

Battle Of The 8 Quart Giants

To ensure the results were not skewed, I chose as near to each product. This meant for each brand, 8 Quart variants were tested. I decided to further research the two cookers to discover the option that best meets my needs and requirements, and these are my findings. I’m ticking all the boxes as I go along.


Zavor EZLock 8 Quart Dual-Setting Pressure Cooker Specs

    • Pressure regulator that features two pressure settings; a ‘clean’ setting and a ‘release’ setting.
    • Universal locking system which enables users to close and lock the cooker’s pot’s lid at all positions.
    • Features a stainless steel trivet and steamer basket.
    • 8-quart capacity which is sufficient to serve 6 people.
    • Max-full line.
    • Compatibility with all kinds of stoves.
    • High pressure of 15psi and low pressure of 8psi.
    • Short side handles.
    • A booklet that offers 50 amazing recipes.


Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Specs

  • A tri-clad base that features an aluminum layer that is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers, to ensure that heating is even all around.
  • A steam release and pressure regulator valve which offers a ‘quick cool’ option that is effortless.
  • A steaming basket also made of stainless steel to enable the cooking of varying foods simultaneously and without any mingling or intermingling of the varying flavors.
  • Automatic maintenance of the most appropriate pressure.
  • Quick-cooking.
  • Cover lock indicator that prevents users from opening the pressure cooker until it is completely safe to do so.
  • A booklet that offers 75 amazing recipes.
  • Works on induction, smooth-top, and regular ranges and features a stainless steel body for easy cleaning and long-lasting beauty.


Zavor EZLock 8 Quart Dual-Setting Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is designed with the most trending innovation – a universal self-locking mechanism that operates automatically, which helps to ensure the highest ease of use. The lid does not require any alignment as it can be locked into place at all positions on the pot of the pressure cooker. Complete with two varying pressure settings (low and high), this cooker offers the flexibility for cooking even the most delicate of dishes.


Fit For Any Meal

The EZLock stovetop pressure cooker is quite capable of producing dishes for all diet types as well as all meal types. Whether it is a fast breakfast that is required or a vegetarian dinner, this quality cooker is truly capable of handling it all. It’s safe.


Much Faster Than Conventional Cookers

This pressure cooker prepares meals three-times faster than all other cooking tools and equipment. It saves one significant energy and time in the kitchen and also produces meals that are a lot more nutritious and much more flavorful. It’s quick cooking!


Unmatchable Safety Features

The pressure cooker’s name, ‘EZLock’, says it all. Its lid locks into place quite easily with a simple turn of the knob. It clamps onto the pot and – if pressure has been built in the pot – will never unlock on its own. Its silicone gasket helps in ensuring that the pressure remains within the pot while a user is cooking.

Zavor EZLock 8 Quart Dual-Setting Pressure Cooker

Cannot Be Any Easier

Utilizing this pressure cooker demands just a couple of simple steps. Put all required ingredients into the pot, get the lid closed and locked, have the pressure set and get on with the cooking. That is all it takes to get a fully prepared wonderful meal within just a couple of minutes. It’s as simple as 1..2..3


Reliable and Versatile

The two varying pressure settings; low pressure at 8psi and high pressure at 15psi offer much-needed flexibility. The flexibility makes it truly possible to cook even the most delicate dishes without losing anything.


Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

It is very simple to use this pressure cooker and yet it’s truly great for cooking large meal portions. It features a sturdy metallic body and lid which is excellent at handling pressure, heat, acids, and oil. Its excellent craftsmanship provides users with a truly pleasant experience by serving dishes that are 100% excellent in color, tenderness, texture, as well as context. Some of its most valuable features include;


Perfect Structure and Size

The stovetop pressure cooker is produced from stainless steel metal and features a tri-clad base too. The bottom features an aluminum disc that’s enclosed between two stainless steel layers. This construction gives it equal distribution of heat and significantly more heat conductivity. With this construction and base, you are offered significantly more flexibility to utilize, carry, as well as clean. The 8-quart feature enables the cooker to be capable of cooking lots of varying dishes. You can cook a whole chicken, ¾ racks or ribs, or even a big pot roast quite easily.


Safety Features

Compared to lots of other conventional cooker models, this one features some excellent enhancements which are reflected even at first sight. Its lid features two short handles. These handles give much better control when taking it off the cooktop or when pouring its liquid content into another container. The lid features a pressure regulator, vent lock, and an overpressure plug. As it features only one pressure level (15psi), this enables one to manually adjust the duration of cooking to effectively use the pressure level as varying foods demand varying pressure levels to cook most appropriately.

Cleanup Is Just a Breeze

This cooker is suitable for use in dishwashers. Should anything get burnt, one just needs to pour hot water into it and allow to rest for twenty minutes. Liquid soap and a normal scrubber can then be used to scrub it out.



This cooker is excellent for multiple cooking. Its stainless steel steam cooking basket makes this possible. Thus, one can also be preparing some dumplings as well as seafood while simultaneously preparing stew.


The Verdict On The Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Both of these tabletop pressure cookers feature lots of positives and virtually no negatives. The most trending cooker innovations is a feature that is common to both of them. But for me, I am truly delighted to go for the Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. This is because it makes my meals healthier, cooks much faster so I have time to do other things around the house, and it features lots of in-built safety features that protect me and my family.  I might as well, just get them both!

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Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker Presto Vs. Zavor, What’s Cooking?

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