Best Portable Cribs – Expectations Vs. Reality.

Deciding On A Great Portable Crib

Portable cribs are probably the most preferred portable beds for the little ones for many people. I have found them to be lighter than a regular full-size crib and have more efficiency in terms of storage and transportation. This type of crib can be packed up quickly and easily for transportation. In fact, we can shrink the crib to its minimum size and have it ready for transportation in a matter of seconds. This is the main reason why portable cribs are the best second bed option for babies, especially during vacation.
The majority of these cribs have a bassinet insert for the babies, so there’s no need to bend down low to put the little ones to sleep. Some of these come with extra features such as change tables or clip-on mobile. Portable cribs are most useful when traveling, visiting relatives, or grandparents.

I have reviewed two portable cribs in this post.

1.  MiClassic 2in1 Stationary & Rock Mode Bassinet.
This portable crib is very special for a number of reasons. Not many cribs have both stationary and rocking feature; this product has both. The 2 in 1 mode is undoubtedly a fantastic feature, and one can set the crib to rock mode to soothe the baby while awake and switch to stationary mode as soon as the baby falls asleep. Switching from rocking position to still position is pretty simple – just bring down the legs of the bassinet, and it will stop rocking.
The most interesting feature of this crib is that it can be folded in only a few seconds. The set up is straightforward yet practical; there are no complicated switches, levers, or handles. All you have to do is quickly pull it up, and the crib is ready to be packed for transportation or storage. The product can be folded and put in a carry bag which is included in the package.
The MiClassic travel portable crib has more to offer. As a safety measure, the side walls are made of high-quality mesh, so the chance of breathing problems is significantly reduced. This feature has other benefits too. Since the mesh is partly transparent, one can communicate and keep an eye on the baby. The unit is compact, so it’s not only a great second bed for the baby while traveling, but also great for small spaces.

Overall, I think this unit is excellent. Its rocking feature is a cool idea; the folding system is liked by many users. It’s effortless to transport, and it can be folded when not in use to save more space. This is especially useful for the ones living in a small apartment where space is quite limited. One might think that a folding unit might be unstable, but it is very stable. The one thing that the manufacturer failed to provide is a pocket. It does not have a single pocket, not even a small one that could hold a feeding bottle, which is a bit inconvenient.
• Excellent value for money.
• It is a budget-friendly product yet safety and quality are not compromised.
• Rock/stationary mode.
• Easy setup, quick folding option.
• Baby friendly materials.
• There isn’t much negativity to this unit, but I think it would have been much better if the product range has side pockets.

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2. Abreeze Baby Basinet for Bed.
This bassinet from Abreeze is lightweight, portable, and multifunctional. The fabric is 100% cotton, which is soft on the baby’s delicate skin. The inner filling materials are made of breathable material, which is also hypoallergenic, making it safe for use on the baby’s skin.
It is made especially for newborn babies, so it mimics the warm, soft features of the womb. The lounger is perfect for babies who love to sleep on the arms of a parent. It provides a comfortable sleep for the precious babies while keeping them secure.
The bassinet has multifunctional features, which I think is the most significant advantage. It doubles as a travel bed, side sleeper, and pillow for a newborn as well as a changing station. It is spacious and functional so it can also be used around the house during tummy time.
And of course, it is portable. It is lightweight and very effortless to pack for traveling. The handle also adds to its versatility. The covers can be detached and put back together quickly.
Apart from the inner filling material, the whole bassinet and the covers are washable. It can be washed either by hand or the machine using a gentle cycle.

You will love the wide variety of colors and patterns this crib comes in. There are 27 colors to suit everyone. Measuring 35.4 inches in length 21.6 inches in width and 6 inches in height. It also comes with a small pillow which measures 11.8 inches in length and diameter. This item weighs 2.65 lbs.
This crib is best suited for newborn babies and those below 24 months. It also makes an excellent gift for family members as well as friends.
Another great reason to buy this crib and support the brand is they produce products that are easy on the environment. The bedding products are organic, which is great for overall health.
• 100% cotton which is hypoallergenic and safe.
• Secure design for added protection.
• Multifunctional properties.
• Portable and lightweight.
• Wide variety of colors and designs.
• The sides are a bit high, which may be inconvenient for others.
• The covers are a little flimsy.

portable crib Vs. bassinet for baby


Best Portable Crib Conclusion.

There are a few things that you need to consider when looking for a portable crib. Some of these include age range, pen play, size and portability, and set up. Investing a few minutes on reading the customer reviews is also helpful.
These two products that I have discussed above are both an excellent option for home use and traveling. Both have a lot of useful features and are budget friendly. Based on the features, customer reviews, and functionality, both of these two products quality for the best portable crib.
But if I had to pick one, the MiClassic crib is a winner. It is not unique because of its extra features. But it has extra room for larger babies, and you can use it safely for years.

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Best Portable Cribs – Expectations Vs. Reality.

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