Best Pocket Knife Under 100

Best Pocket Knife Under 100 Bucks

We’ve looked at 2 products and set a $100 budget. As per our article here on How To Choose The Best Pocket Knife Brands, we went for known brands. So the first is the SOG Folding Pocket Knife AE04-CP, the other is CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife.

CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife

 Best Pocket Knife Under 100

CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife


Product Description

The M16-14SFG special forces knife with black G10 handle, designed by Kit Carson. Designed for special forces, this is a popular product. This tactical SF model also features two Carson Flippers, resulting in a true hilt when the blade is opened. Coming with AutoLAWKS Knife Safety An automatic safety mechanism for folding knives. 
AutoLAWKS was invented by Columbia River Knife & Tool as an enhancement to Ron Lake and Michael Walker’s design to prevent the locking liner from accidentally releasing when the knife is open and locked. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to accidentally release the liner lock when the AutoLAWKS lever is activated and if the blade pivot is properly adjusted.


Blade Material & Finish 8Cr14MoV stainless steel, finished with titanium nitride Blade Style & Edge Combo Tanto with Veff serrations Handle Material G10 Lock Mechanism AutoLAWKS, dual-thumb studs for ambidextrous opening. This Columbia River Knife & Tools model is sleek.


Open length — 9.25 inches Closed length — 5.375 inches Blade length — 3.99 inches Weight 5.9 ounces About Columbia River Knife & Tool Founded by Rod Bremer in 1994 and based in Oregon, Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose driven designs. This is why this is in the mix to be Best Pocket Knife Under 100 dollars.

About CRKT:

Columbia River Knife and Tool to give the full name are renowned knife specialists. With a list of designers that reads like Who’s Who, including the late Kit Carson. Kit retired as a ranking Master Sergeant. Ken Onion, the youngest ever inductee into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008.

What’s in the Box:

M16-14SFG Special Forces Big Dog Combo Edge Folding Knife at a glance. Modified Tanto AUS 8 stainless steel blade with G10 handle in either black or desert camo. Combined razor-sharp edge and Veff serrations. Patented AutoLAWKS safety system for quick and smooth one-handed opening and closing. Designed by Kit Carson Backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Four-position clip offers multi positioning options.


  • Blade Style: Tanto, Hollow Grind, Veff Serrations
  • Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV, 58-59 HRC, Titanium Nitride Finish
  • Handle Material: G10 with 2Cr13 Liner
  • Safety System: Auto LAWKS
  • Overall Length: 9.25 inch
  • Veff serration
  • 8Cr14 stainless steel blade
  • Tanto blade
  • Auto Lawks
  • Dual flippers


SOG Folding Pocket Knife AE04-CP

SOG Folding Pocket Knife AE04-CP

SOG Folding Pocket Knife AE04-CP

Product Description

Showcasing top-end opening and locking technology from SOG, the AE-04 Aegis Folding Knife is a sleek, versatile, and easy-to-handle tool that can stand up to tough use. Featuring a half-serrated 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with a black Tanto TiNi finish, a well-balanced body, and SOG’s trademarked DigiGrip handle, this knife makes quick work of a wide variety of tasks–whether you expected to come across them or not.

At a Glance:

A  3.5-inch half-serrated AUS8 steel blade with Black TiNi finish patented SOG Assisted Technology for fast, easy opening. Blade lock with red-means-ready safety indicator. Tough, lightweight Zytel handle with rubber anti-slip inserts. Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. SOG’s trademarked bayonet clip allows the knife to ride securely and unobtrusively in your pocket when not in use. High-tension coil springs open the blade fully for quick, one-handed access.


DigiGrip handle offers a secure hold and is designed to feel comfortable in either hand. An Ambitious Name for an Ambitious Knife; Aegis means “shield” or “protection” in Greek, and it is also the code name for both the world’s premier integrated air defense system and the sea-based element of the United States Ballistic Missile Defense System.  Thanks to SOG’s thoughtful design features, this versatile knife lives up to its illustrious name. The knife opens to a full length of 8.25 inches, and its 3.5-inch half-serrated Tanto blade is crafted from AUS-8 stainless steel for improved strength and edge retention. You get the best of both straight and serrated blades with this design. Also the Tanto shape of the blade offers an extra strong tip, while the black TiNi finish on this blade offers improved durability along with anti-reflective good looks.

Cryogenic Heat Treatment for a Sharp, Dependable Blade: SOG’s unique cryogenic heat treatment process increases the toughness and wear resistance of the blade. The blade’s temperature is slowly taken down to less than -300 degrees Fahrenheit and then slowly brought back up to room temperature. This stress relieves the material on an atomic level and increases overall strength and edge retention. This means the knife edge stays sharp longer with significantly less micro-fracturing and edge-chipping.

SOG Assisted Technology Increases Speed, Safety, and Usability: When you start to open the AE-04’s blade, SOG’s patented S.A.T (SOG Assisted Technology) takes over and high-tension coil springs propel the blade the rest of the way open. This means fast, easy, one-handed access to the AE-04’s blade whenever you need it.

Additionally, the unique design of S.A.T. offers security and peace of mind by incorporating locking mechanisms that are stronger, more reliable, and easier to access than other mechanisms. For Aegis Series knives, this means a safety on the side of the handle that delivers extra protection against accidental openings. When the safety is protecting you, its button shows green to confirm that you’re ready to slip the knife in your pocket. When you switch the safety off, this button turns red to signal that your blade is ready for deployment.

Ergonomic, Slip-Free Grip Ensures Accurate Handling: This Aegis knife is designed to sit comfortably in either hand, and it’s well-balanced for a natural feel that inspires confident cuts. SOG’s trademarked, checkered DigiGrip handle provides a sure grip for safe, accurate positioning, while tacky rubber inserts in the handle offer extra anti-slip security. Plus this handle is crafted from tough, glass-reinforced Zytel–a compound that’s lightweight, abrasion resistant, and impact resistant.

The knife weighs in at just 3.1 ounces, and it includes SOG’s trademarked bayonet clip, which allows the folded knife to ride securely and unobtrusively in your pocket when not in use. This clip is reversible, which means it can be positioned on whichever side of the knife is most convenient for you.  SOG AE-04 Aegis Folding Knives are backed by a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and materials.


About SOG: Strong, Innovative Specialty Tools.  SOG originally stood for Studies and Observation Group, an elite joint services military group designed to handle covert operations during the Vietnam War. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools was founded in the spirit of this elite group and became the first knife manufacturer to offer an expanded line that included fixed blades, folding knives, and multipurpose tools. Each SOG product is created by company Founder and Chief Engineer, Spencer Frazer. Known for their uncompromising style and performance, these knives and tools showcase innovation, dependability, and a unique, futuristic style that has garnered awards and recognition worldwide. SOG products have also won favor among law enforcement, military, and industrial customers that rely on their tools to perform flawlessly in the toughest, most adverse conditions.


What’s in the Box: AE-04 Aegis Folding Knife with Half-Serrated Tanto Blade and Black TiNi Finish. The AE-04 gives you the best of both straight and serrated blades.


  • Known for their uncompromising style and performance, these knives and tools showcase innovation, dependability and a unique, futuristic style
  • Ergonomically contoured and well balanced handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy-to-handle knife that stands up to tough use, while showcasing top-end opening and locking technology
  • Partially serrated edge, 3.5-inch AUS-8 steel folding blade has a tanto shape with a hardcase black TiNi finish
  • SOG Assisted Technology provides one hand blade opening and a Piston lock provides safety when in the open position
  • Handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a black finish and includes checkered Digi-Grip for extra anti-slip security
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Conclusion To Which Is The Best Pocket Knife Under 100 Dollars.

We cheated here, it’s sad to say. We really could not tell which we thought was the better product. So we have decided this time around that the title for Best Pocket Knife Under 100 Bucks is a DRAW!

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Best Pocket Knife Under 100

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