Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna – Before Vs.Pingbingding

Best Outdoor HDTV Antennas

If you are tired of cable or just need an affordable way to enjoy the shows and movies that you love, investing in an HDTV antenna is a great place to start. We’ve looked at 3 different requirements and 2 well known brands; Before Vs.Pingbingding. First, we want to check out the Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna ( 150-200 mile range ). Next is the Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna & finally Best Outdoor Antenna for Rural Areas.

Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

We all love to come home after a long day of work and enjoy a few episodes of our favorite TV series from time to time, but paying a high monthly cable bill is getting more and more challenging to maintain. There are a few ways to go around this, such as replacing it with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that are significantly less, but still not ideal.


Luckily, there are products out there that go around the system entirely. The use of antennas is becoming more and more popular with all of the new technology and innovation that are being done to make them better. The main reason that most don’t opt for this type of service is because of how unreliable the older models are, but that is no longer the case.


It is possible to get all of your favorite channels that you’d have with any basic cable service, all with high definition and excellent quality. The majority can be installed inside or outside of your house, with at least a hundred miles of range to get the best connection possible. With easy installation and affordable pricing, it is a great way to replace your cable plan.


In today’s guide, we will be discussing three of the top products in the market to help you decide which Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna is better suited for your needs. A lot comes into play when it comes to antennas, like whether they are rotational, remote controlled, or if they perform better inside or outside. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

BEFORE 2019 Version Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • Comes with free high-definition channels
  • Upgraded Amplifier Signal Booster to pick up better signals and frequencies
  • Crystal Clear Filter Technology for a clearer picture and better sound quality
  • Equipped with 33 ft. coaxial cable to reach your TV no matter the location in your house
  • 150-mile range
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty


If you stay farther away from the city or want to make sure that you will get the best connection possible, you’ll need the best long-range outdoor TV antenna from BEFORE. It has a range of 150 miles, giving you access to hundreds of channels no matter where you are situated.


Since the antenna has a 360-degree rotation, you can get the range in any direction that works best instead of having one that is fixed, as they aren’t adjustable. It comes with an infrared remote control that controls the rotor within the antenna to make adjusting it easy; having to go up on your rooftop or attic every time it needs a change in direction would be a nightmare!


Along with its long-range abilities comes the need to ensure that all the incoming channels are high quality. The brand BEFORE has implemented the Amplifier Signal Booster within their products to guarantee that they deliver high definition programs through your screen. With the 2019 version, they upgraded this to be even better.


With the inclusion of a built-in smart IC chip and crystal clear filter technology, the signals are stronger. This technology filters out FM and cellular signals to get crystal clear pictures and get rid of any unnecessary noise or static that may come through when using antennas.


If you live somewhere that has a bit of troublesome weather, the range that this antenna provides won’t be compromised. You will still get a great signal whether it is snowy, rainy, or windy outside without a problem if you decide to place it on the outside of your house.


The long range coupled with the advanced signal setup allows you to get a lot of channel options. While it depends on your exact location, you can get the weather and news channels, the CW, PBS, NBC, ABC, and more.


This particular antenna is also well-received by other customers that have tried it, with most getting 40 to 60 channels right off the bat and got amazing quality with a little bit of adjusting. It is also effortless to set up with clear instructions, parts that snapped together, and a sturdy build that ensured longevity and durability over time.



Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna –

Pingbingding Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • Able to pick up signals within a 150-mile radius
  • Simple and straightforward installation process
  • Built-in 360 degree rotor
  • Weather resistant for outdoor installation
  • Equipped with two TV outputs to work on two TVs at once
  • One-year warranty


Next up on our list is the amplified digital outdoor antenna by pingbingding. It is the best omnidirectional tv antenna on the market, meaning that it can pick up and register signals in all directions with ease.

To get the most out of this feature, the antenna needs to be placed in a high place, like the attic or roof to give it enough leeway to pick up on the signals and frequencies. There is a remote control that is used to make it easy to adjust.

Another feature that we love with this antenna is that it is weather resistant, a crucial component that is needed to get the programs that you want along with decent quality at all times. If it is placed outdoors, you will want to make sure that it is resistant to storms, snow, rain, wind, and intense UV rays.

Besides its outdoor use, there are other aspects that make it stand out among other brands, and the ability to support two TVs at once is one of them. You can get all the channels within the 150-mile range that it provides on two TVs without needing to use a splitter like with other systems.

We also found that installing the antenna was a breeze and many other customers that have tried it agree. The instructions are straightforward to follow, and there is no drilling or dealing with tools required with the basic setup of the antenna. Depending on where you are putting it will determine whether you will need additional tools are not, such as on certain rooftops.

Everything snaps together very easily, and there is a mounting pole that comes included in the package to make the work even easier and cheaper without having to buy your own. With the inclusion of a 40-foot long coaxial cable and power supply, the mounting can be done anywhere.

For the quality and amount of features that you benefit from when trying the antenna for yourself, the value per dollar is unbeatable with the price being around $50. Order this and you’ll not be unhappy.


Best Outdoor Antenna for Rural Areas –

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Digital Antenna


    • Weather resistance for outdoor use
    • Dual TV outputs to use two TVs at the same time
    • 360 rotation for adjustments when needed
    • Capable of picking up signals within a 150-mile radius
    • One-year warranty
    • Snap-on installation to make the process simple and fast


In most situations, living in rural areas away from the general public means that it is harder to get reliable connections and signals with cable and antennas. Pingbingding has come up with a line of antennas that combat this issue no matter how far away you live out of town.

The antenna has a 150-mile radius, giving you access to all the nearby broadcasting stations in your area. You will be able to watch the news, have channels like ABC and the CW without any static or interruption due to poor connection.

This antenna is very similar to the other two mentioned within the article, so it may come as no surprise that there is a rotor in place that allows the antenna to rotate 360 degrees. This is even more essential for rural areas so that you will have room to adjust to get the clarity and connection that you desire.

The rotation is the number one thing that allows for HD picture quality and sound to come through to your screen. Many issues that standard antennas have is that the farther you are from the broadcasting towers, the more static and issues that you will face, and this doesn’t allow for much enjoyment when you are watching TV.

Just like the other antenna from Pingbingding, this one comes with dual TV outputs so that you have the option to connect two TVs to the antenna at once. If you are using antennas to replace cable, knowing that you can account for multiple TVs in the house is both reassuring and convenient and prevents you from having to use other equipment like splitters.

Another essential feature that is needed when you live in more of a rural area is whether or not the antenna you are interested in is resistant to the elements, and this one is perfect for the job. It is capable of handling bad weather from a simple drizzle and light winds to bad thunderstorms. Snow and sunlight are also easily combated by the antenna with no interruptions.

Buying Advice

Ease of Setup

When you get your hands on your new antenna, you’ll want it to be easy enough to set up on your own, provided you’re comfortable with climbing on your roof. However, even if you’re having someone install it, a simpler setup process can save you money as you won’t have to pay them for as much work.

You’ll want to look for an antenna with a relatively simple design so that you won’t have to fiddle around with countless parts that can easily get lost if you drop them from your roof. You should also consider the quality of the instructions that come included with your antenna.


The range of your antenna will determine how many channels you can pick up and whether or not the antenna is powerful enough to deliver a watchable image. Most models will feature a range between 100 and 150 miles, though some of the high-end antennas will be able to reach even further.

Of course, unless you have previously used an antenna, you won’t know the exact range that you need out of your new one. We’d recommend picking a longer-ranged model over a shorter one, as you’re better off having the additional power and not needing it than vice versa.

Image and Sound Quality

Finally, you’ll want to see whether or not the quality of the antenna is good enough to make your show worth watching in the first place. Just because you can tune into a channel, it doesn’t mean that the show will be clear enough to enjoy, as it may be covered in static.

Sound quality is another thing that is typically overlooked, as it can dramatically alter your enjoyment of a show. Being unable to hear dialogue will make it more difficult to enjoy your program, so you’ll need an antenna that can provide you with superior image and audio quality. Don’t forget to read our article on TVs, found here.

Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna


After learning about each product and their different features, you may be wondering which one is the best choice. With how similar each of the products is, you can’t go too wrong with the one that you choose. However,  in our opinion, the pingbingding Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna is the best out of the three.

At the affordable price of $50, it is the perfect antenna to start with to replace your cable bill, especially since it has a dual TV output to allow you to get connected in more than one room in the house. This, coupled with the 360-degree rotation, 150-mile radius, and weather resistance make it the best outdoor antenna on the market.

Even if you choose this one or the other two options and find that you are not completely satisfied, they have warranties so that you have a little bit of freedom to decide on your own which one is the best. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about antennas and how beneficial they are to invest in. Finding the Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna is subjective. Features which are important to you may not be to the guy down the road. Thank you for reading.


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Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna – Before Vs.Pingbingding

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