Best Metal Detector For Gold – Garrett Vs Minelab

Best Metal Detector For Gold Uncovered

If you are in the market for a metal detector to find gold, then this article will help you make an informed decision. We compare two of the top models on the market: Garrett and Minelab. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that we explore below. Read on!

When it comes to finding gold, there are many factors that need to be considered. Which metal detector is the best? What type of terrain will you be hunting in most often? Do you want a machine that is lightweight or one with better depth capabilities? The answers to these questions can help narrow down your choices for the perfect metal detector. This blog post will review two popular models, make comparisons and outline which features might work best for your needs.

Garrett is a company that has been around for decades and holds the title of oldest metal detector manufacturer in North America. They produce lightweight, easy-to-use models with price points starting from $199 to higher end detectors priced at over $800+. Garrett’s entry level machine, the AT Max or GTI 2500 are both great choices.

best metal detector for gold

Garrett 1140680 AT Gold 

The Garrett 1140680 AT Gold Metal Detector is a great entry level machine for people who are just starting out. The detector weighs only two pounds and has an easy to use interface that makes it very popular with beginners of all ages.

There are three modes on this metal detector, including the scan mode which can identify targets by reading them from left-to-right as well as being able to search for specific items by scanning. There is also a pinpoint mode that uses the detector’s integrated speaker and vibrates when an object has been found, along with Auto-Notch feature that eliminates interference from unwanted sources such as pipes or metal cables.

The Garrett 1140680 can be used in two different modes. These are the All Metal mode which is good for finding all metal targets and the Discriminate mode that will only find specific types of metals. Click Here To Buy On Amazon

The Garrett 1140680 Gold AT Metal Detector also has a pinpoint feature, Auto-Notch features to eliminate unwanted sources of interference such as pipes or metal cables, and three modes. These are Scan Mode functions which help to find specific items by scanning, All Metal Mode that is good for finding all metal targets and Discriminate mode which will only detect certain types of metals.

Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector with EQX

We also look at the Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector which has a waterproof coil. This metal detector with an EQX mode isn’t cheap but it’s awesome. The Max Depth for this tool is 45 inches and the VDI or Visual Discrimination Index ranges from 0-50. This metal detector also has two modes that are available to use, one of them being All Metal Mode while the other is the very useful Discriminate Mode.

The Minelab is a popular brand in the metal detector industry and is a great option for those looking to find gold. This device has some advanced features that are not available on other devices like the ability to adjust settings such as ground balance, threshold sensitivity or discrimination controls which helps with finding items of interest at different depths.

The Equinox 800 Metal Detector also has 8 custom search profiles. Each with their own settings and a lot of useful information on how to find items using each one. The ability to search at 3metres / 10feet in lakes, rivers etc is great but we especially like the wireless audio option too. Click Here To Buy On Amazon



There are few metal detectors that can compete in the gold hunting world like Garrett which produces some great quality devices for this purpose. But if you’re looking for an all around solid detector then we recommend the Minelab Equinox 800 Metal, even though the price is slightly more. We feel that it’s worth the investment. Ideal for the beach, in the field, your garden or even in the woods.

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Best Metal Detector For Gold – Garrett Vs Minelab

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