Best Latex Waist Trainer Yianna vs. Lady Slim ?

Which Is The Best Latex Waist Trainer?

Yianna vs. Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Waist Trainer

Most women love the way celebs look. They desire to have the same hourglass figure actresses and models have. Many ladies can do anything to shed weight and gain that figure. They observe strict diets and hit the gym. Yet, it takes so long to get to their ideal weight. That’s where a latex waist trainer comes in!

Waist training is one of the most effective and fastest ways to shed weight. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have increased its popularity by using waist cinchers while exercising.

Made of durable materials like latex, a waist trainer increases your body temperature and helps to shed excess fat. Its primary function is to work on your abdominal area. The result will be strengthened muscles, which cause a smaller waistline and a flatter stomach.

People use corsets for wellness and cosmetic purposes because they want to lose weight or desire an hourglass figure. Because of their popularity, there are several body cinchers available in the market. However, only a few are effective without posing any form of risk.


Benefits of Using a Waist Trainer

#1 Instant slimming and enhancement of figure

A waist trainer has an immediate effect. Slims and enhances your figure as soon as you put it on. It cinches your waist and redistributes fat from your midsection. Plus, it presses your waistline in, reducing it by a few inches.

These body shapers lift and support your breasts. They leave your bust open, allowing you to wear your bra and get the custom lift you desire. A vest-styled waist trainer will provide extra support for your bust and coverage over your bra line. It will effectively eliminate any appearance of bra bulge and back fat.

Wearing the best waist cincher will allow your clothes to glide effortlessly on a smooth and firm body, giving you a more attractive shape.


#2 Enhances workout

Have you noticed that some people like to wear waist trainers while exercising?

Aside from making you look great while working out, body cinchers help you get quicker results in your abs. They have a core that stimulates sweating around the midsection. So, wearing a waist training girdle while working out will generate more “burn.” You will sweat more.

You can use this shapewear during exercises that don’t require excessive bending or twisting of your waistline. Examples are HIIT, strength training, cardio, or even while cleaning your house.


#3 Supports posture

If you live a sedentary life, you’re probably used to slouching. You might sit improperly on a couch, at a desk, or behind a counter. Poor posture can cause low energy, poor circulation, back pain, and diminished confidence or mood.

A good posture, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It reduces the likelihood of back pain. It also helps you to take in more oxygen into your system, thereby improving your productivity and mood.

You can use a waist trainer to support your torso and improve your posture while standing or sitting. Because of its solid build, the cincher will keep your back straight while you wear it.


#4 Compliments a healthy lifestyle

I wouldn’t advise you to use a body shaper alone to slim down. That’s not healthy.

But if you’ve got good eating and exercise habits, this shapewear will boost your healthy lifestyle. If you compliment your exercise and diet plan with waist training, you’ll have better results.


#5 Weight loss in stubborn areas

Trying to lose stubborn belly fat can be discouraging. Sometimes, it seems that the fat pouch won’t go away.

Wearing a body shaper enhances weight loss around your midsection. The framing of the corset puts pressure on your stomach. The place becomes warmer. Then, you sweat more and burn more calories through thermogenesis.


#6 Eases menstrual cramps

Some women say that their shapewear helps in easing their period cramps!

Waist trainers put pressure on your peritoneal organs, which in turn ease uterine contractions. Since your uterine muscle fibers are not tightening and shortening, you won’t feel pain while menstruating.


Reviewing the Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana and the Yianna Waist Trainer

Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Waist Trainer

I got an instant curvy shape after wearing the Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana body cincher.

This latex waist trainer is high compression shapewear that can smooth the silhouette. It reduces your abdomen and waist by about five inches, after constant use, through compression. The product features three rows of hook and eye closure that makes size adjustment a breeze. It supports the spine to correct posture and reduces back pain.

Lady Slim allows me to wear my favorite bra as it rests just below my breasts. It’s a beautiful piece that compresses without giving up comfort.

If you’re wearing it for the first time, you may have lie down on a flat surface. Then, you’ll need to start closing it up from the bottom. You can also ask your partner or friend to help you put pressure on both sides of the cincher while you close up the clips.

Thermogenic Effect

The Lady Slim waist trainer provides a thermogenic effect, also called a “Sauna Effect.” It boosts the metabolism while working out and helps to burn fat in your midsection.


The shapewear is safe to wear throughout the day. Yes, it’s comfortable for people with a short or long torso. It starts right under your chest and ends at the hip bone. Also, it doesn’t move about but firmly stays on your waist.

It’s so comfortable that you can wear it while exercising, enabling you to achieve your ab slimming goals faster. Lady Slim is an excellent corset for weight loss.

High-Quality Build

The Lady Slim Colombiana waist trainer can induce the thermogenic effect because its core material is latex. That’s what causes you to sweat. But the inner layer absorbs sweat. You won’t feel unpleasant after working out or wearing it all day.

Moreover, this corset has been manufactured in Colombia for more than twenty years. It’s still a popular model because of the expert design and top-quality standard.

Unfortunately, the latex smells. Depending on the time of the year you order the cincher, it can take a day or more for the rubbery smell to go away. You might have to hand wash and dry it before wearing it the first time.

Posture Support

Lady Slim Fajas is not fragile and skinny. It is thick and can support any kind of pressure, including large, busty women.

This corset is boned. It will dramatically cinch your waist while supporting your back and core. As a result, you’ll sit straight and improve your posture.


The body cincher does not bulge under clothing. It is so smooth that people won’t know you’re wearing a waist trainer.

However, after the girdle redistributes the fat in your midsection, some back fat will peek out at the top. People won’t notice it because the corset won’t show through your clothes.

Despite that, its visibility depends on the color you purchase. Black Lady Slims are visible under light clothing, like white, baby pink, and light blue shirts. But they’re not visible when you’re wearing loose-fitting or dark-colored clothing.

You can purchase a color closer to your skin tone, like cream, to solve this issue.


  • Its core fabric is top-quality, 100% natural latex.
  • It is affordable.
  • Instantly reduces about three inches from your waistline.
  • Has three rows of hooks that allow all-day use.
  • Can expand up to five inches to give you extra comfort, even during menstruation.
  • It has been manufactured from Colombia for over twenty years.


  • The latex smell can be overwhelming.
  • It leaves back fat at the top of the corset.
  • It doesn’t fit very long torsos.
  • I don’t recommend it for women that are taller than 5 feet, 8 inches.
  • The color can be visible under some clothing.
  • It requires handwashing.

Yianna Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

The Yianna Waist Trainer Corset could be the best waist trainer for weight loss available in the market.

The girdle gives my underbust a gentle lift, including my chest area. It pushes my breasts up more and flattens out my stomach, resulting in an hourglass figure; an appearance most of us want to achieve.

Four-row hook

It can be embarrassing if your corset unhooks itself underneath your clothing. But with the Yianna, that won’t happen.

The waist cincher features four rows of hook and eye enclosure that allows optimum adjustment of size. The enclosure enables the garment to fit tightly and securely.  It ensures that the corset doesn’t get loose even when you move around. It blends to fit your body.

Posture Support

The girdle has nine flexible thin steel boning, which offer optimum support and enables a better posture. Not only do you get an elegant physique, but you can also wear it to support your back at the gym.

The boning can adjust and bend with ease when moving. It is so flexible that you can even use it for yoga.

Fabric Layer

Designed with fabric layers, the core of the Yianna is a hundred percent natural compression latex. The material cinches your waist and midsection while enhancing your natural curves. It also increases sweat to burn more fat.

The breathable mesh design ensures that you have enough ventilation to sweat while working out.

The inner layer is lined with soft cotton-spandex to absorb sweat and prevent it from dripping beneath your shirt.

Durable latex

The body shaper’s latex is durable and offers high resistance to any unwanted fat. As soon as you wear the corset, it can instantly drop up to three inches from your waistline. It comes with a size guide that will help you identify what will best fit you.

Non-slip design

Yianna is ideal for working out and exercising. When I use it for this purpose, it warms up my waist area and allows me to burn more calories and sweat more.

The waist trainer has a non-slip design that prevents it from slipping off while you’re sweating. With its soft and flexible fabric, you’ll enjoy a safe work out.


This latex waist trainer is comfortable. It fits snugly on the body and isn’t visible under clothing. Unfortunately, it might get itchy if you’re sensitive to it.

The corset is more suitable for women with a longer torso. If your torso is short, it might cut into your legs when you sit.


  • It is affordable.
  • The material is high-quality natural latex and fiber.
  • The nine-steel boning offers extra support.
  • It is ideal for long torsos, which is great for tall ladies.
  • Its lightweight material helps to prevent any form of heatstroke.
  • It has four rows of hook and eye closures. This is one more row than standard waist trainers.


  • If you wear it to exercise, you may need to wash it after each use because of the sweat residue.
  • It can get itchy and uncomfortable.
  • It’s not suitable for ladies with short torsos.

Final Verdict

There are several brands of waist cinchers in the market, but they are usually expensive. The Yianna Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss and the Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Waist Trainer prove that body shapers can be affordable without compromising on quality. They are excellent investments for any woman who is serious about getting a smaller waist and needs to see effective results.

But which would you prefer?

It mostly depends on your size. If you’re a tall woman with a long torso, consider choosing Yianna. On the other hand, if you have a shorter torso, Lady Slim might be the right choice.

If you’re sensitive to smell, you may need to skip wearing Lady Slim with its overwhelming rubbery smell. But if you’ve got skin allergies or could react to what you wear, be careful about buying Yianna Waist Corset for Weight Loss.

I prefer the Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Waist Trainer. Positive customer reviews display outstanding results. And that’s the kind of effect I’m looking for.



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Best Latex Waist Trainer Yianna vs. Lady Slim ?

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