Best DJ Speakers On The Market Comparing Proreck Vs Rockville

What Are The Best DJ Speakers?

A Look at PRORECK Club 3000 12” 3000-Watt vs. Rockville Pair Dual 15” 2000-Watt Powered DJ Speaker System

As technology evolves, manufacturers are continuously coming up with ways to improve existing products. With new replacements in the market, many devices are becoming obsolete. It is our responsibility as users to continually update our gears so as not to be left behind. As a professional DJ, you might want to start considering what the best DJ speakers in 2020 are.

A DJ powered speaker is an essential item, and it is critical to any DJing ensemble. Whether it is a live outdoor performance or indoor party, a small or large gathering, the speaker is a non-negotiable device.

Before purchasing, you have to look at the different options carefully. You wouldn’t want to spend money purchasing the wrong sound system. Hey, we know about sound systems and soundbars etc.

Buying rightly doesn’t only give you value for money; it is also good for your work reputation. With poor speakers, it wouldn’t matter if you had the best mixer, amplifier, or any other kind of DJ device. Your audience will receive poor sound.

The most vital DJ equipment is the speaker, and they ensure that people hear your music the way you intend. Therefore, you shouldn’t just purchase any cheap DJ speaker you come across. Let’s narrow down what we consider to be the best dj speakers available.

best dj speakers

How to Choose the Best DJ Speaker

#1 High Frequency

As a DJ, you will play high volumes a lot. So, when you go shopping for a speaker, be sure to test the sound coming from it at its highest frequency. The frequency should sound clear, with no negative impact on the quality.

#2 Range

The range of a speaker is the frequencies in which it operates. For instance, the frequency can range from 200 to 3000 Hz.

You could choose a speaker that has a wide range so that it can reproduce all the sounds on your track. It should have both a low-range woofer for the lower frequencies and tweeters for the high frequencies.

#3 Power

We measure a speaker’s power in watts. The frequency response and other statistics, such as the nominal and peak value, determine how loud the sound will be.

The nominal value is the volume the speaker can handle long term without being damaged while the peak value is the maximum volume a speaker can handle in an instant. You can use the nominal value to judge how good a speaker is because it’s the volume you’ll get consistently.

Many manufacturers will indicate both values, but some will only give the highest figure. If there’s only one value and it doesn’t state if it’s nominal or peak, assume that it’s the peak value

#4 Size

You can also consider the dimensions of the spaces you work in and the average number of people your events cater to. If you serve bigger venues, you will require large-sized speakers. For professional DJing, small-sized speakers will not give you substantial volume.

#5 Passive or Active Speakers

Passive speakers need an amplifier to produce a more powerful sound, while active speakers don’t. Passive speakers are an affordable option if you already have an amp. If not, the extra money you’ll spend on an amplifier will equal the cost of an active speaker.

With active speakers, it can be challenging to adjust the controls since they are inside the speakers.

#6 Studio or PA Speakers

You will also need to choose if you need a studio or PA speaker.

Studio speakers are designed mainly for studio or room use and accurate playback at low and moderate volumes. The PA speakers can play at louder volumes over a long period. They are suitable for locations with more massive crowds and for live events.

#7 Bass Quality

Bass helps to define many tunes. Many speakers generate disturbing bass when their subwoofer acts up. A good DJ speaker should accurately project the bass when you play.

#8 Stereo Fold

Look out for a speaker that has a near-perfect stereo fold. The stereo fold will help you identify and differentiate the different sounds in a song. When you are acquainted with every part of the song, you can create a mix and transition smoothly between songs.

#9 Housing material

Speakers have different kinds of housing. Your choice will depend on your goals and budget.

Aluminum housing is durable and known for quality. But the sound that comes out from it is weak, making it unpopular. Plastic housing offers unlimited flexibility, such as customization and cheaper pricing.  This feature makes it the most common housing materials for DJ speakers.

Pure wooden speakers are rare to find. Instead, many come with a medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is useful in absorbing excess vibrations. You should choose wooden DJ speakers since they generally sound better.

#10 Affordability

The more complex and powerful the specification of a speaker is, the higher the price. For instance, active speakers are more expensive than passive speakers.

Choosing your product based on price is an excellent idea. You could ensure that it’s within your specifications and budget.

PRORECK Club 3000 12” 3000-Watt

Comparing the PRORECK Club 3000 12” 3000-Watt and the Rockville Pair Dual 15” 2000-Watt Powered DJ Speaker

Rockville Pair Dual DJ Speaker System


  • Size: 15 inches
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Dimension: 47.5 x 39 x 19.5 inches
  • Model number: RPG225K


  • 500 watts RMS, 1000 watts program, 2000 watts peak value
  • Dual long-throw woofers with 51 oz magnets, 2 inches KSV coils, and non-pressed paper cones
  • Built-in AB amplifier
  • 75 inches compression horn drivers
  • Dual 15 inches powered speaker with trolley handles, wheels, and a microphone
  • SpeakOn output to connect the master or active speaker to the passive speaker
  • Amplifier clipping LED indicator
  • Built-in 60-feet-range Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • High-quality controls with master volume, five-band master equalizer, master bass and treble, input volume, MP3 volume, and mic volume
  • Wireless remote control

The Rockville Dual 15” 2000 Watt is a PA system with two speakers – an active and a passive speaker. The powered speaker has a built-in amplifier and connects to the satellite speaker to transmit sound.

At 15 inches, Rockwell is portable and compact. It is also pretty and well-designed.

Sound quality

The Rockville Pair Dual is quite loud. Designed with a large 1.75-inch compression horn driver, the speaker has a clean sound at high and medium frequencies. To get a clear sound, you would have to turn down the main knob to low and turn up the line-in knob to high.

Unfortunately, the bass is not so good for DJing. It sounds muddy and sometimes appears nonexistent. As a result, the quality fluctuates at low frequencies, and the sound lacks a full-range.

This only becomes a problem if you’re using the speaker outdoors or in a very large venue. If you set it up indoors, for small gigs, or as a quick PA system, Rockville has a powerful sound. It’s a good DJ speaker for house parties.

Sometimes the sound distorts when you turn up the volume. But you can change that by adjusting the equalizer setting and supplementing the sound with a subwoofer or a bass bin.

You also get a robust and full sound from the microphone. Although the mic looks cheap, it doesn’t give feedback even when you’re close to the speakers. So, you don’t have to worry about echo or sound interruption.


Rockville DJ Speaker System’s peak value is 2000 watts while its Root Mean Square (RMS) or nominal value is 500 watts. This continuous system output ensures that its loud sound can fill a room of twenty thousand square feet.


    • Sound is loud
    • Affordable
    • Has a cooling fan
    • Robust and full sound from the microphone
    • Portable, light, and compact
    • Has trolley wheel
    • Easy to setup
    • Easy to link with Bluetooth
    • Comes with a microphone
    • Excellent quality for the price; good value for money spent
    • The mic doesn’t give feedback, even when you are close to the speakers


  • For better bass quality, it requires extra subs
  • Wire basket dents easily; the fuse can blow
  • Sound quality doesn’t appear to be a full range
  • Sometimes, the microphone and remote don’t work right out of the box
  • Sometimes, equalizer seems not to work
  • Cheap microphone
  • The system doesn’t appear to have stereo sound
  • Short connecting cables for DJing
  • On arrival, the packaging could look beat up. But this doesn’t usually cause physical damage to the speakers.
  • Sound can be muddy

PRORECK Club DJ Speaker System


  • Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 121 pounds
  • Dimension: 38 x 21 x 18 inches
  • ASIN: B077QMN89L
  • Model Number: CLUB 3000


  • 750 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts peak value
  • Built-in 3000 watts amplifier
  • 5-band graphic equalizer
  • 12-inch active bass reflex subwoofers with 50 oz magnet and 12-inch passive subwoofer
  • Two 4×4 inch array speakers, totaling eight speakers
  • USB input, SD card input, three kinds of line input: stereo RCA input, stereo 6.35mm input, and mono XLR input. RCA output.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and wireless remote control
  • Individual bass and treble controls and echo effect
  • Large LCD
  • Eight mid tweeters in array speakers
  • Individual volume controls

The PRORECK Club 3000 12” 3000 Watt is a PA DJ powered speaker that has one active subwoofer, one passive subwoofer, two speaker stands, and two 4×4 inch array speakers, totaling eight speakers. The active subwoofer has a 12-inch amplifier that streams sound to the passive subwoofer and line array speakers.

This CLUB 3000 speaker is portable and easy to set up or tear down. The Bluetooth, USB, and micro SD card slots are also easy to setup.

Although the DJ system is more expensive than Rockville, it gives you good value for the money spent.

Sound quality

PRORECK has the right sound quality. It is loud, crisp, and clear at medium and high frequencies. When put at maximum volume, there is little noise or distortion. The high-frequency sound is also a true compression drive.

But at very low frequencies, the bass can get a bit muddy. The bass sound also seems not to be enough. If you’re DJing in small or medium venues, you might not notice any difference in quality. But in larger venues, you would need to augment the bass by getting another subwoofer or a bass bin.

The speaker system gives off an authentic stereo sound. Its wide frequency of 40-20KHz ensures you can amplify any sound, whether vocals or music.

Despite that, the equalizer needs a little getting used to. You need to tinker with it for a long while before you get an adequate sound that will be suitable. If you change the music genre, you might have to repeat the process to make the bass and treble combination fit the song playing.


CLUB 3000 has a peak value of 3000 watts and a nominal value of 750 RMS. It can reach five hundred people and three thousand square feet outdoors.


  • Good sound quality
  • Hardly any noise and distortion at maximum volume
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • Very loud
  • It’s a real stereo
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity and capability
  • Inexpensive
  • Clean and crisp high and medium frequency sound.
  • Enough bass for small and medium-sized venues


  • Fuse can blow
  • At very low frequencies, the bass can get muddy
  • You might need to augment the bass in large venues
  • Need to take your time to adjust the equalizer before getting the crisp sound that suits your taste
  • Subwoofers are sometimes not good enough
  • Has plastic array speakers and cheap coating on the woofers

Rockville Pair Dual vs. PRORECK Club 3000 – The Final Verdict

Rockville and CLUB 3000 are affordable systems. But we’re searching for the best DJ speakers to use.

If you’re on a budget or you’re looking for a speaker to use indoors, choose Rockville. It has a high-quality sound that is suitable for indoor DJing. If, on the other hand, you’re going to cater to larger venues outside, choose the PRORECK. Its sound quality is better. It has a higher peak value of 3000 watts and a better continuous system output of 750 watts.


If I want to pick a speaker for DJing, I’ll go for PRORECK. This DJ Speaker system is more versatile, and its bass quality is higher. You can be sure of the same sound quality indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, it will last longer because as I progress in my career, I can use it for larger venues. The stereo sound also makes the music that comes out of it richer. I’d rather pay more and get a much better return on my investment.



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