Best Coffee For Cold Brew – Battle Of The Beans

The Best Coffee for Cold Brew Bizzy Organic Vs Stone Street Brand.

A good cup of cold brew coffee is as refreshing as it is energizing. This smooth drink can bring out even the subtlest of flavors in a coffee bean and is characterized by low acidity. It is important to note that the taste of a cold brew drink will be heavily influenced by the type and nature of the beans used.

You probably know how much we love coffee, we have a bean to cup coffee machine in the kitchen and also a 4 cup coffee maker in the home office.

Cold brew is prepared by steeping ground coffee beans in cold water for around 8 to 24hrs. Finding the right beans and grinding them for a cold brew drink can present a challenge. Luckily, some brands specialize in seeking quality beans and grinding them to the right size for you. Your part is to walk into a store and pick a packet of ground cold brew coffee from the shelf. You can also order a packet online, which is easier.

The best coffee brands for your Cold Brew are;

I. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve, and
II. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Smooth and Sweet Blend.
Before you make your pick, here is a shortlist of factors that determine the quality of your cold brew drink, and how each of the above brands weighs against them.

Best Coffee for Cold Brew
1. Grind Size

When it comes to cold brewing, a course ground is always preferred. This is because fine grounds are over-extracted during brewing and tend to produce harsher flavors when compared to course grounds. Both the Stone Street Coffee and Bizzy Organic brands are available in course ground, making them perfect for making cold brew.

2. Dark or Light Roast

Experts don’t quite agree when it comes to the extent of roast best for cold brewing, so it boils down to your preference. Some cold brewers recommend dark roasts because they have a darker, richer flavor.
Others prefer medium roasts, which are more acidic since cold brewing eliminates most of the beans’ acidity. Nonetheless, lighter roasts require a longer extraction time due to a more compact cellular structure than darker roasts.
Stone Street Coffee is of dark roast while Bizzy Organic is of medium roast.

3. Blend or Single-Origin

Single-origin beans are sourced from the same country or region and are the best for cold brewing. Single-origin beans have a unique taste and let one enjoy the subtle notes of a bean.

Blend beans involve mixing beans from different regions. Although they result in a more vibrant aroma, they are not as good for cold-brewing as single-origin beans.


Stone Street Coffee

This brand is of single-origin and is made from Arabica beans grown in Columbia.

Bizzy Organic Coffee

This one is made from a blend of Arabica beans from Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua.

Choosing between the two brands is not easy and will lean on preference. If you prefer a darker flavor, Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee is the choice. If you prefer a lighter taste, Bizzy Organic Cold Brew is the way. For those caught in the middle in terms of flavor, experimenting is the best option.

Overall, Stone Street Coffee has the edge over Bizzy Organic due to its single-origin nature.


Price & Availability

We find there’s very little difference. A Dime maybe is the price difference in most cases. So the  1 LB of Stone Street Reserve retails at around the same price range as 1 LB of Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Smooth and Sweet blend. However, the prices may vary depending on where you get your choice from. We order online for quick delivery.

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Best Coffee For Cold Brew – Battle Of The Beans

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