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Cuisinart DCC-3200 vs Ninja CE251 – Which Is The Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine That Brews The Best Cuppa?

Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world? Or that more than 350 billion cups of coffee are consumed per year? So it makes sense to find the best bean to cup coffee machine for your kitchen.


Looking at those stats, it’s easy to understand why coffee makers are so in demand. However, getting your hands on the best bean to cup coffee machine isn’t exactly easy. With so many brands competing in the market, there’s a lot of confusion among buyers.


We have some good news for you, though. We’re about to pit two of the best coffee makers in the market against each other to see who comes out on top. Then, all you’ll have to do is go out there and invest in the winner.


So, let’s get started with the match between Cuisinart DCC-3200 vs Ninja CE251.

How To Choose The Right Coffee Maker?


As we said, choosing the right coffee maker isn’t uncomplicated. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 3 factors you should keep in mind when looking for a coffee maker.


This way, you’ll have a better chance of landing the coffee maker of your dreams, and you’ll get value for your money. It’s a win-win situation. So what do we look for in the best bean to cup coffee machine requirements?


Functions And Features

Technology and innovation have affected pretty much all aspects of our lives. And, coffee makers are no different. That’s why when you’re on the hunt for a coffee maker, be sure to pay attention to the kind of programming features it offers.


Some coffee machines come with built-in timers and can be programmed to turn on and off at your convenience. This feature can be particularly handy for those who love waking up to a fresh pot of coffee. Not to mention, this feature can also make sure you get a hot cup of coffee whenever you feel like it.


Self-clean is another feature that you may appreciate as a buyer. Coffee makers with a self-clean option are easier to maintain and can help save your valuable time.

If you ask us though, the feature we like best is what we like to call ‘the long pause‘. You see, some coffee makers have the ability to stop mid-brew – so you can have instant access to your coffee. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like waiting too long for coffee then this feature should interest you.



Here’s the thing, capacity matters with all appliances. When we talk about capacity in coffee machines – we’re referring to the pot or carafe holding capacity. The bigger the pot is, the more coffee you’ll have to drink.


So it’s important you figure out what your coffee intake is going to be. Are you the kind of person who likes to have multiple cups of coffee? Is there more than one person at home who’s going to make use of the drip coffee machine? Ask yourself these questions and figure out the kind of capacity you need in a coffee machine.


Thermal Carafe

Generally, the carafes (or pots) available in modern coffee makers are of 2 types – glass carafe or thermal carafe. Both types of carafes have certain advantages.


Thermal carafes are steel containers, and they can keep your coffee at temperatures between 195 to 205 for an hour or two. Why is this important? Because thermal carafes operate at optimal brewing temperatures, they don’t affect the taste of your coffee. Oh, and thermal carafes are also more energy-efficient.


Conversely, glass carafes are more economical than thermal ones. But, the problem is that brewers with glass carafes use hot plates to keep your warm and toasty – and this interferes with the taste of your beverage by making it slightly more bitter. Also, coffee makers with glass carafes tend to consume more energy because the warming plate needs to work for longer to keep the coffee warm.


Cuisinart vs Ninja – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Now that we’ve covered what factors truly count when it comes to coffee makers – let’s get down to that comparison review we promised you. Then we’ll reveal the best bean to cup coffee machine winner.


Appearance & Design

Because beauty matters in all things, we’re going to kickstart our comparison review with the element of design.


Cuisinart DCC-3200


Cuisinart’s DCC-3200 looks like a modern coffee machine. Covered from head to toe (except the glass carafe), in shiny stainless steel and black plastic – the DCC 3200 gives off very contemporary vibes.


It isn’t very big in size and weighs a total of 8.75 pounds. We think the 7.7″ x 9″ form works in the 3200’s favor. Additional embellishments exist in the form of blue lights around the stylishly arranged button. Although the elongated look of the coffee machine does add some uniqueness, it may be that it’s 14″ height is a bit too much for some buyers.


Our favorite focal point about the DCC-3200 is the back-lit LCD screen that’s easy to read in the dark. All in all, the Cuisinart coffee machine is a good looking piece of equipment.

Ninja CE-251


Moving on to the Ninja CE-251, this coffee maker is available on one style only – stainless steel.


The machine is much like the DC-3200 in color schematics because silver and black dominate its appearance.


However, the CE 251 is completely different as far as structure is concerned. It doesn’t look like a regular coffee maker – and we kind of like that. Despite having a somewhat large appearance, the machine doesn’t look inelegant.


Even though the CE-251 is about the same height as the DCC-3200, it’s coffee basket needs to open up topside for a refill. That can be problematic for most users because there’s not too much space left between the machine and a cabinet when you place it on a counter.


The interface is quite interesting – because the 251’s control panel is placed on the side. While the control panel doesn’t have backlit buttons, the overall look of the buttons goes well with the machine. The CE-251 has 9 buttons compared to the 3200’s 5 – but then again the 251 has more features.


If you compare the two machines in looks – the DCC-3200 by Cuisinart works better. Even though there’s nothing extraordinary about the 3200’s looks, it just appeals more to the eye.

best bean to cup coffee machine

Technical Specs & Features

Here’s how the two coffee machines compare on the technical side of things.


Cuisinart Coffee Machine


The DCC-3200 drip coffee machine from Cuisinart has numerous excellent features. The 3200 has a unique shower-head design for its hardware – unlike other drip brewers that release coffee in a stream.


The machine’s water reservoir also has a helpful water level indicator. Not to mention, the reservoir comes along with a carbon water filter that needs to be changed once every two months.


Also, the Cuisinart coffee machine comes along with 2 different types of brew baskets – a cone style plastic basket and a cone style metal (gold tone) basket.


The plastic brew basket requires paper filters and delivers a clean cup of coffee, whereas the metal basket delivers a cup of coffee with more body.


Most users will appreciate the dual-brew strength option that the DCC-3200 offers. Because of this, you have the option of choosing between a regular or bold brew. Keep in mind that a bold brew will take longer to percolate.


Perhaps, the only feature we don’t like about the Cuisinart coffeemaker is the fact that it has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm. Even though the hot plate has 3 different temperature settings, it’s not up to par with coffee machines that have thermal carafes.


Ninja CE-251 Coffee Brewer


The Ninja CE-251 only has one brew basket (unlike the DCC-3200) but it can hold around 12 tablespoons of coffee. The brew basket features a gold mesh filter, however, you can add paper filters to the basket for a cup of filtered coffee.


The carafe capacity of the CE-251 happens to be 60oz. which translates to around 12 cups of coffee. The water reservoir can hold more than 60 oz. of water, but it’s not a good idea to fill it past that limit because it can cause an overflow.


Remember that pause feature we talked about in the beginning – well, the Ninja coffee maker has a manual pause button for when you feel like having a coffee mid-brew.


Another noteworthy feature is the 251’s two-brew option. Choosing the classic brew option yields a standard cup of coffee, whereas the rich brew option gives you a stronger and deeper flavor.


The Ninja CE-251 also has a self-clean option that cleans the unit quickly and allows for better maintenance. Not to mention, it’s extremely convenient and saves you a lot of effort.


But, much like the DCC-3200, the Ninja coffee maker has a glass carafe and a warming plate to keep the coffee warm. As we said earlier, this may be more cost-effective, but it also means you’ll have to compromise on the taste of your coffee.


Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Final Verdict

Writing and researching this review was a lot of fun. We had the rare opportunity to try out two top of the line coffee makers, and sampling the coffee was just as much joy. But, this is where the fun ends.


That’s because the contest between the Cuisinart DCC-3200 and the Ninja CE-125 can only have one winner. Both machines have plenty of features to recommend them, and they also happen to share a few shortcomings.
For instance, the DCC-3200 offers brew-strength control while the CE-125 has the enviable mid-brew pause feature. But, both machines do not have the advantage of thermal carafes. That’s why our final decision depended on one element – value for money.


Even though both coffee machines are reasonably priced, there’s no doubt the Ninja CE-125 offers users more value for money. Not only does it have more features to offer you, but it’s also less expensive than the Cuisinart coffee maker. That’s why the unparalleled champion of the best bean to cup coffee machine showdown is the Ninja CE-125 brewer.


If as a consumer, your priority is investing in a product that has the best quality-price ratio then, you should go for the Ninja CE-125. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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