AT2020 VS AT2035 Which Is Music To Your Ears?

AT2020 VS AT2035 Microphones compared

You know when you see 2 great products, but just cannot decide which to choose? Both look sexy, pricing is attractive but which one do you go for?

It is an undeniable fact that Audio-Technica makes impeccable sound gear. They have a ton of what you’d have to put together a big recording studio from spending starter mics to world-class checking earphones.

In this AT2020 versus AT2035 correlation, we’ll delve into a portion of the data encompassing two of their notable mics.

We’ll see things like the responses, frequencies, specifications, polar patterns, pros, and cons of each mic, and some sound examples to measure the way they perform.

In case you’re hoping to get one of these, this information is essential and will help you make an educated choice that meets your requirements.



Audio-Technica AT2020 is the organization’s first production. Therefore, in comparison to other developed models in this arrangement, Audio-Technica AT2020 is described as fundamental. Truthfully, the highlights in newer models like the AT2035 incorporated criticisms from this AT2020.


Audio-Technica AT2020 makes a huge run for your money and proves ideal for people hoping to add a mic to their home without spending so much.

The frequency of AudioTechnica AT2020 is reasonably stable and balanced.

It utilizes a cardioid polar example to diminish getting sounds from the sides and backgrounds. Subsequently, its noise isolation pattern is pretty commendable. The sound clarity is better than what other comparative models accommodate at a lot more significant expense tag.

The AT2020 is a condenser mic, so it isn’t perfect for a spot that makes a great deal of regular sound. If your working environment will, in general, produce a considerable amount of regular sounds, you should go for a more dynamic mic.


Overall, the AT2020 is a great workhouse mic in light. This is because it works well with the various applications in your studio. It works extraordinary for;




Recording on YouTube


Telephone calls, particularly those significant ones at work, etc.



Audio Technica AT2035 is considered an older sibling of AT2020. Also. It has a couple of extra features and highlights that make it quite useful to you. Our reviews of the AT2020 vs AT2035 found very few issues, it has to be said.

A distinguishing feature and highlight of Audio Technica AT2035 is that it has a switchable 80Hz high-pass channel and a 10dB cushion.

This allows you to chop down low-end frequencies. This highlight is especially useful when you’re trying to record vocals or different sounds.

Some argue that switch proves irrelevant and somewhat unnecessary since you can do it yourself. They believe it does not necessarily require a unique component, as it is something that most experts are accustomed to doing at this point.

While this is true to a reasonable extent, AT2035 displays excellent usefulness in situations where you need to record an assortment of sounds. You can indeed record without the switch, but it is quite a lot more work to record the sounds by yourself.

A little assistance from the gadget can significantly facilitate this remaining task at hand for you. In this sense, the switch may be a useful and helpful component to have, especially if you record often.

Other than the switch, AT2035 is an adaptable mic that gives you a considerable amount of adaptability, paying less attention to what you need to record.

So both mics are similarly acceptable and flexible. If the switch is significant for you, go for AT2035.




THE AT2020 

Extraordinary Build quality

High SPL dealing with and powerful wide range give most extreme adaptability

a cardioid polar pattern which decreases the general clamor got

144 dB SPL Handling


THE AT2035 

Tough Build

– 10dB PAD

High-Pass Filter

No misleading diminished low-end.




While we carried a practical test on both mics, we tried to spin the mic slowly as we spoke into it to determine what the actual polar was. We noticed that while we spun the AT2020 and spoke into it, there was obstruction and alteration in its output. The alteration and obstruction were less when we did the same for the AT2035.

We went a little further to be more practical. We banged on a computer keyboard and spoke directly to both AT2020 and AT2035, respectively, to determine how much of our voice versus the sound on the keyboard the mics will pick up.

They both picked the sound of my voice quite well; however, the AT2035 had a significant focus on the sound of my voice against the keyboard tap sound. The AT2020 attempted to pick both, which it did, but the sound of one affected the quality of the other sound.

This test proved they could be both quite useful in different situations. The AT2035 can prove quite helpful when you want the main focus to be the sound of your voice.

at2020 vs at2035 compared

Of course, speaking into a mic in such a situation means that you want your voice to be the primary focus at the time. Still, there are times where you might want a specific detail form the background to creep in. And that’s where the AT2020 comes in handy.

I took a second practice test, where I stood about two feet away from the AT2020 and AT2035 mic, respectively. They both picked up my voice from a distance, but AT2035 accounted for more clarity.

There is a need for an external interface when using the AT2020. This alone accounts for it being more expensive. If you already have an interface, then the AT2020 is a perfect fit. If you don’t have an interface, however, you should go for the AT2035.




AT2020 vs AT2035 WHICH IS THE BEST? 

All things considered, the best is what you say it is. They are both incredible mics, so concluding which is best depends on your preference.


The AT2020 and the AT2035 share numerous regular highlights, even though the 2035 version has better storage, switch controls, adaptability, and unique settings.

On the last note, the AT2020 is more affordable and can give you near equivalent incentive in item execution. While the AT2035 is an extraordinary item with numerous excellent highlights for someone who greatly pursues professional sound, the AT2020 is our decision as giving the best an incentive at a reasonable cost.

Also, on account of you setting up and assembling your gear for the first time, I’ll suggest you settle for the AT2020 because it is has a pop channel and an XLR link of good length.

You can search for a modest interface, for example, Scarlet 2i2 to begin. As you progress and get some more cash, you can consider changing to better-quality mics models.

Then again, if you are one of those individuals who record a lot of sounds, you should go for the Audio Technica AT2035 because they have the switch included.

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AT2020 VS AT2035 Which Is Music To Your Ears?

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